By Stevie Adams /

My name’s Adam Colberg. I’m New York City’s elite boxing trainer. I’ve got two high-end brands serving Manhattan,
New York City, and Greenwich, Connecticut. Adam Colberg is my fitness brand and where
I serve private clients and Box Like a Pro is my pro boxing brand. What got me into boxing is when I was in the
Marines, I was always intrigued with fitness and I was always a martial artist, from when
I was yea big, and boxing was something that I found more interesting because it’s the
oldest martial art. Most of my clients are Wall Street types,
and then I have various other private clients that train with me for fitness reasons and
to develop certain skill sets, and then a smaller percentage are the elite athletes. To work with an elite athlete, I really have
to connect with that somebody and I really have to see something in them that I perceive
as being great. People can get in touch with me at
or Enjoy going through both of them, check out
the videos, but, this Howcast series is serious. You’re going to learn a lot of stuff and I
gave a lot of good information away. And, I hope you take full advantage and I
want this to be one of the most successful boxing series ever. Howcast.

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