How Tinkle and World Wildlife Fund used Socialbakers To Drive Impact for Earth Hour

By Stevie Adams / in , , /

When we started working with WWF two years ago, the challenge was to find out about the community they had. That’s why we use Socialbakers, to analyze all of those personas, and see how we can create better content to engage with them. It’s no myth that there are billions of pieces of content created every day, including ads. Brands need to understand that it’s not just enough to broadcast their message. It’s also important to communicate and engage with your audiences. Personas are very important for us to understand what kind of support or what kind of supporters is WWF trying to cultivate. In social media, when creating content, you need to know what the audiences are looking for. It’s not just what you want to talk about, It’s also about what they want to hear. So finding that relevance is key in order to have a successful winning social media strategy. With Socialbakers, what we do is we use the tool in order to find out which content is performing better than the other and then adapt our strategy according to those personas. How do you get millions of people around the world to be connected to their surroundings, to be connected to the nature around them? This year, Earth Hour was celebrated in 188 countries and territories, where millions of people around the world came together and showed their appreciation for nature, and spoke about how they value nature by connecting to Earth. Earth Hour is quite probably the biggest social media event in the world. It happens during 24 hours and this year during the12th edition, we had over 350 posts made in 24 hours, we also had like 30,000 new followers among all the channels, and we reached 15 million people and we had more than 1.8 million reactions. WWF works with big influencers like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Leto, but we are also working with micro-influencers. We define micro-influencers as somebody who has a desire and who really wants to care about the protection of the environment. It’s very important for us that millions of people understand the value of nature and biodiversity and we want as many voices to kind of carry that message. So we look towards micro-influencers to share that message in their own tone within their own network by having an authentic voice. Working with influencers is just one part of the marketing mix that we need to use in the daily communication. So it’s not just working with influencers or with social media or with paid advertising, it’s a combination of all those. So influencers they help you to deliver your message in a closer way, a way that resonates better and more familiar to the audience that you’re trying to target. We all share one planet, we all share one home, WWF’s mission is huge. But we cant do it alone, we need millions of voices from all around the world. From different age groups, sharing the same message that no matter where in the world you are, taking care of nature and valuing biodiversity in nature Is something that is very very important, a fundamental duty for all of us.

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