How Thailand keep making boxing world champions

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Hi everybody, here we’re going to talk
about the boxing moment in Thailand their tradition, who are the big
names but I’ll make 2 videos because
I need a better research to talk about those fighters, the
past and the current champions so on this 1st video let’s
discuss about the current ones who are they and how are
they going at their careers and the 2nd part talk about
the great boxing names in Thailand for start the 3 current
Thai boxing world champions if we compare the population, Thailand have 70mi against 200mi in Brazil, Thailand got around 48
world champions I mean 48 MAJOR world champions,
like WBO, WBC, WBA and IBF against 5 world champions from Brazil from that 48 major belts,
plus another 22-23 from minor associations with
lots of letters on it and from those champions
there’s names like Khaosai Galaxy that was the
biggest boxer in Thai history not only in Thailand, but one of
the world best ever boxers he was above average and
now is part of Boxing Hall of Fame before we talk about them,
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more people to support it back to topic The current world champions are: Knockout CPFreshmart, WBA
105lb champion it’s around 47kg and that’s the
minimumweight, the lightest category Knockout at WBA and
Wanheng at WBC Wanheng fought last week
and defended his title for 9th time and tied Floyd
Mayweather’s record he also broke Rocky
Marciano’s streak win of 49-0 Marciano that was the best
heavyweight of all time he was italians-american from
late 40’s and 50’s and his record was just broke
last year by Floyd Mayweather he was 49-0 (not sure how
many KO’s) and was better than Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier talking about HW he was
the main fighter he also inspired
Rocky Balboa he was an amazing fighter and with a impressive record,
on a time that was hard to break Rocky Marciano In the 2000’s we got Floyd
Mayweather He fought untill he tied
Marciano’s record after his 49-0 he had that show for
his 50-0 fight against Conor McGregor where he picked an easy opponent
and make some good money too and stand as the best ever
boxing win streak then, the “dwaf giant”,
Wanheng, came up and equals Floyd Mayweather’s
record at 31 years old and for sure he’s going to
surpass that record Of course he didn’t have the same
level of opponents as Mayweather people can claim it, but in Thailand
(actually everywhere) promoters like to bulk fighters record bringing
filipinos, indonesians… fighters with negative records
like 1 win and 70 losses it’s to boost, but Wanheng
is good for real he didn’t get there only by getting
easy fights and supported by promoters For his last defense he faced the 23
years old panamanian Leroy Estrada that wasn’t a bad fighter. He was
the #1 at WBC rankings he was the best available choice Wanheng did this, treated him
as an easy fight 5 knockdowns in 5 rounds, and
in the last one referee stopped the fight Thais are not happy and are
complaining about only bring easy fights “Thai fighters only get tomato cans” Sometimes yes, but that wasn’t
Wanheng’s case He got a proper opponent that couldn’t
land any punch on him Besides his amazing record on boxing
he was as great muaythai champion too Wanheng was Lumpinee and Thai
champion 105lb, also Toyota Tournament being also a great muaythai champion
and that’s not the rule to be succesfull usually they can punch, but not
all are stadium champions but both of our guys today, Wanheng
and “Mini-Pacquiao” or Knockout CPFreshmart, the
WBA champion 105lb, did well at muaythai From the 4 major titles, we have
one Thai at WBC, anothter at WBA WBO is vacant because Kosei
Tanaka went up in weight he was 105lb champ, moved to
108lb and now is at 112lb because he’s young, around
21 years old and the only real challenge
for Wanheng or Knockout is the 24 years old japanese
IBF champion Hiroto Kyogushi that is going to make his 3rd title
defense in a few weeks in Japan but I don’t think he’s gonna
survive against both of the Thai they’re good and have no good
opponents to threat them Knockout was also Lumpinee
and Thailand champion I read somewhere that he was
Rajadamnern champion but I could’t double check the information As he used to fight for Petchyindee
he was mainly a Lumpinee fighter and to be able to fight for Rajadamnern
title would be harder… can be true but I didn’t find a
second source for it but Lumpinee and Thai for sure.
His muaythai name used to be Newlukrak Excidicomgym they were really top level
muaythai fighters and now are proving to be
top level at boxing too Newlukrak now got a
perfect 17-0 he’s 27, against 31 years
old from Wanheng and to day they’re the best
2 boxers in the world at 105lb division both are listed as best lb for lb under the 50 best in the word And the last, and best name, from the
current Thai world champions The 3rd from our list, and
one of the best in the world is Srisaket Sor Rungvisai now with 50 fights he’s not that young, he’s 31 WBC superflyweight champion – 115lb his record now is 50 fights with
45 wins, 4 losses and 1 draw Last year he did a miracle beating
#1 lb for lb Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzales that nobody believed that could
be possible to win (including myself) I said he would be outclassed and
I missed that SO BAD, “How someone fighting those no
name opponents is going to face the #1?” “Only facing tomato cans with negative
records and goind to face Gonzales?’ Roman Gonzales by the time was
considered one of the best lb for lb along with Canelo, Pacquiao… Srisaket went to USA and
got a majority decision they organized a rematch and this
time was worse and he knocked him out Srisaket Sor Ruangvisai is the
biggest boxing star in Thailand 115lb The Ring and WBC finalist for
fighter of the year 115lb is around 52kg and that’s how is the
lb 4 lb list nowadays #1 Saul Canelo Alvares (160lb)
#2 Terence Crowford (140lb) #3 Vasil Lomachenko (130lb) #4 Gennady Golovkin (160lb) #5 Srisaket Sor Ruangvisai
(or Wisaksil Wangek, his real name) That’s a bit about the current boxing
scene in Thailand Let me know what you guys
think (point the mistakes too) and drop me a message
that we can talk about boxing too because all those guys were
former muaythai fighters and reached impressive goals
on their careers Gonna talk later about about
those 40-50 world champions gold, silver and bronze
olympic medals building many names
on that sport besides the great history on
muaythai, many fighters did a good transition
to boxing Thanks for watching and
see you later

11 thoughts on “How Thailand keep making boxing world champions

  1. Muito bom Leo! Eu tava dando uma olhada nesse mano depois que você postou que ele igualou o Record do Maywether. O pequenininho é sinistro 👌🏽

  2. Parabéns Léo, matéria excelente! Surgiu uma curiosidade, qual é o recorde de vitórias no Muay Thai, e quem o detem?

  3. caraca que matéria top msno, Leo me diz ai acho q mais gente deve ter essa duvida a maioria era campeões no mauy thai por que migraram pro boxe?

  4. Ótimo vídeo! Espero que chegue aos ouvidos daqueles que gostam de dizer que "os tailandeses" são ruins de boxe – e fingem que não entendem quando se diz que "os tailandeses" já produziram dezenas de campeões de boxe nas principais federações. Neste link tem uma lista com todos eles –

    Aliás se você puder explica aí se são os mesmos camps de muay thai que produzem lutadores de boxe, se é o mesmo treino, ou se os boxeadores vão todos pra Petchyindee e fazem um treino específico…

    Um que migrou a pouco tempo foi o Satanmuanglek, e já ganhou um título asiático qualquer. Ele tem cartaz na Tailândia como lutador de boxe? E o Palangpon? Ele lutou ano passado contra esse Tanaka que você falou e deu um knockdown no início da luta, mas depois ficou de graçinha e foi nocauteado. Mas me pareceu ser bom de boxe.

  5. Bom dia Léo. Coloca o nome das academias na Tailândia especialistas em boxe por favor. E fala mais do boxe tailandês você é muito bom.

  6. Sobre o recorde de lutas, tem o Júlio Cézar Chávez que foi perder a invencibilidade lá pela 90° luta.

  7. I am English speaker 😀 Also the 50-0 record is for retired fighters, and is only significant because most fighters lose before they retire. But its actually not even just without losing, its without having a loss or a draw, because a little Mexican guy was 51-0-1 when he retired.

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