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Noah: Prior to joining Brotherhood Boxn I didn’t feel like I belonged to
any community Brotherhood is just something that I
think everyone should be part of Keefe: We transform,
a lot of lives here The main thing is everybody’s
welcome to this amazing club Grab a station Noah: Brotherhood Boxn is a lot
different to other gyms Everyone that comes out of here they are 100% a champion I’ve won State Titles twice I won the Southern Regional Title which was a big thing for me When I came here,
I started realising what boxing was and a couple of months later,
I was in the ring fighting My first fight was against
a state champion and a few fights later I was fighting Australian champions Regardless of your
ethnic background regardless of your religion whether you’re 200 kilos or you’re 50 kilos this place is always here
to support as best we can Being a champion is that
you must work for it and if you don’t work for it then you never become a champion Aamin: Having that discipline,
it drives people to improve It drives people to become
stronger, faster, better Noah: Getting up at 5 a.m.
in the morning Aamin: Waking up early going for runs Noah: Not eating the foods that you love Aamin: No matter if you’re tired
or not tired you’re gonna have to push yourself Noah: But it’s all worth it Aamin: It’s addictive feeling winning Once you get that winning feeling you want to get it again and
again and again Keefe: So you set your mind that this is what I got to do this is what I need to achieve And once you do that and once you have that
program set then you will become a champion Aamin: It’s through the mentality
that Keefe has I think I’m more confident now and I’m more disciplined, more mature Now I don’t get into fights
outside of the gym I don’t have the need to impress anyone Keefe: To transform these kids
into something that they never expected to be is amazing

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