Hagler vs Leonard – Who Really Won?

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This is Rummy’s Corner. Over the last 20 years I’ve spent a lot of time participating in online boxing forums dating back to the late 1990s. One thing I’ve noticed is when it comes to
boxing history, is a lot of the same topics frequently surface. Whether it’s debating who’s the best P4P boxer
of all time, or whether it’s arguing over the top 10 boxers from a given weight class,
or even speculation over rematches that never happened. What would have happened if George Foreman
got an immediate rematch with Muhammad Ali, or if Mike Tyson got an immediate rematch
with Buster Douglas, or more recently, what would have happened if Lennox Lewis had a
return bout against Vitali Klitschko. And of course, there are other varieties of
hypothetical match-ups, a popular one being who would have won between prime versions
of Ali and Tyson. Another common debate involves the who really
won variety. This topic often arises when we have historically
significant match-ups that resulted in close and somewhat controversial decisions. The textbook example of this is the classic
middleweight showdown between Marvelous Marvin Hagler and Sugar Ray Leonard. During all my time participating on online
boxing forums – the debate over whether Hagler deserved to win against Leonard is one subject
that continues to produce spirited debate to this very day – more than 30 years later. So did Hagler deserve the victory against
Leonard? I myself haven’t taken the time to score the
fight in a number of years, so let’s take a quick look back at the action on round-by-round
basis. It was April 6, 1987, at Caesar’s Palace in
Las Vegas, Nevada – reigning WBC middleweight world champion Marvelous Marvin Hagler put
his championship on the line against former two-division world champion Sugar Ray Leonard. The action began with both boxers exhibiting
mutual respect, as Hagler began things out of an orthodox stance. Ray was using a lot of lateral movement, and
he clearly wanted to keep Hagler on the outside. Leonard was the busier fighter, and he was
landing some quick jabs and short fast combinations. Leonard tied Hagler up when he got too close,
and Hagler was having difficulty getting into punching range. This was a clear round for Leonard, and all
3 of the official judges scored it as such. In round 2, Hagler was again fighting orthodox,
and Leonard resumed using outstanding lateral movement. Hagler landed a nice left hook, but Marvin
was still having problems discovering his range. Hagler was busier this round, but Leonard
was still outworking him. Leonard was also still effectively smothering
Hagler on the inside. Leonard was also landing some isolated looping
shots and he continued landing some nice short speedy combinations. This was a closer round, and you can make
a case for Hagler in this round, but I think it’s a stretch. I scored the 2nd round for Leonard, and all
3 of the official judges agreed. Hagler began the 3rd fighting southpaw, and
he immediately began closing the distance better than he had been. But Sugar Ray’s superior hand speed and quicker
feet were serving him well. Ray was still doing a great job smothering
Hagler when he got too close, and Leonard was also starting to land some sneaky rights
as he continued putting his punches together well in short combinations. I scored round 3 for Leonard, as did Dave
Morretti and Jose Guerra. Lou Filippo scored this round for Hagler,
but in my opinion – if Hagler won any rounds to this point, I think his best case was round
2. Hagler was closing the gap more effectively
in round 4, and this enabled him to be more active on offense. Through the first 2 minutes of the round,
Marvin was doing the better work, and Leonard was mostly fighting defensively while throwing
far fewer punches than he had been. But later in the round, Leonard landed a nice
flashy bolo punch to the body, and Leonard also put together a really nice combination
as the 4th was drawing towards its end. This was a very close round, where Ray did
the flashier work in the final minute, but I thought Hagler did the better work throughout
the round. I scored round 4 for Marvelous Marvin Hagler. Lou Filippo also scored the round for Hagler,
but Moretti and Guerra both had it for Leonard. In round 5 Leonard was starting to find ways
to land more right hands, and Hagler was using his jab more effectively to work inside to
mid range or closer. Leonard was landing sharper punches this round
than in the previous round, and he was also more active. But Hagler was landing a lot of nice clubbing
shots, and Marvin was roughing Leonard up a couple of times during the final minute
of the round. This was another very close round, but on
the whole I thought Hagler was more effective. All 3 judges also scored this round for Hagler,
but I think you could make a case for Ray in round 5. Leonard started becoming a bit more stationary
in round 6, and Hagler wisely began investing more energy on attacking the body. Even though Leonard seemed less mobile, he
was sitting on his punches more and started landing harder shots with more consistency. Leonard was also making Hagler miss more even
though he was using less lateral movement. Sugar Ray ended the round with a sweet combination. I scored round 6 for Sugar Ray Leonard, and
all 3 of the official judges did so as well. So at the halfway point in the contest, Filippo
had it dead even at 57 apiece, whereas judges Morretti and Guerra both had it 59-55 for
Leonard. I myself had it 58-56 for Leonard, but on
the official scorecards, Hagler had dug himself into a deep hole at the midway point. Hagler opened the 7th with a nice hook, and
Leonard tied him up. Ray had a nice combination early, and then
Hagler started finding more ways to work on the inside. Leonard was fighting more flat-footed, but
he still kept his cool while putting together some fast flurries. Hagler was operating with mean intensity,
and he was landing some very solid blows. This was another fairly close round, but I
scored this one for Marvin Hagler, as did judges Filippo and Moretti. Guerra scored the round for Leonard. Hagler came out for the 8th jabbing with authority,
as Ray continued firing off some speedy combinations whenever he could. Hagler continued working behind a solid jab,
and this helped create openings where Hagler was landing some fierce short combinations
of his own. Leonard adjusted by making more use of the
ring space, as he resumed using lateral movement the way he had earlier. The 8th round saw some good back and forth
action, with both boxers having some moments. I scored the 8th round for Hagler, as did
judges Moretti and Filippo, with Guerra once again being the lone judge awarding the round
to Leonard. Leonard landed a flashy combination early
in round 9, but before long, Hagler really started working Ray over against the ropes
as he landed one big clubbing shot after another. It was a vicious assault from Marvelous Marvin,
but Sugar Ray was taking the punches well. Leonard absorbed the punishment, and in the
midst of the attack, Leonard started firing back with a stellar display of speed and quickness. The 9th round had a lot of intense exchanges
where the two prizefighters were frequently trading toe-to-toe. It was an awesome exhibit of heart and determination
from both boxers, but Hagler was the one consistently landing the more damaging blows. I scored round 9 for Hagler, as did judges
Moretti and Filippo, whereas Guerra scored the round for Leonard. Ray came out for the 10th dancing on his toes
while sticking and moving. Hagler landed some chopping shots to the body,
and was doing a good job catching up to Leonard. But any time Hagler started working effectively,
Leonard almost always came back with some flashy firepower of his own. The 10th round was extremely competitive and
at times scrappy. Hagler was still landing the more hurtful
shots, but Leonard was taking them well and unleashing some blistering shots of his own. The 10th round was extremely close, but I
thought Hagler edged it. Fillipo also scored the round for Hagler,
while Moretti and Guerra both scored it for Leonard. Leonard continued boxing well in round 11,
and Hagler resumed pressing forward while landing the more taxing shots. Hagler began landing some short punishing
shots, and Leonard retaliated well. Hagler and Leonard both continued exhibiting
admirable heart and determination, but Leonard was in command of the action and consistently
outboxing the champions. I scored the 11th round for Sugar Ray Leonard,
as did all 3 of the official judges. So going into the 12th and final round, Guerra
had it a blowout for Leonard, Moretti had Leonard up 3 points, and Filippo had Hagler
up 3 points. So unbeknownst to the two combatants inside
the squared circle, as well as the millions watching around the world – Hagler would have
needed a knockout, or at least a couple of knockdowns, to secure a victory in the eyes
of the judges. In the 12th and final round, Ray’s strategy
was clear – box and move! And Hagler was chasing after him and doing
everything he could to try and find his punching range. Ray was showboating a lot this round, and
he showed a lot of flash with a dazzling display of speed and finesse, but I thought Hagler
edged it with better overall work. But Ray did had his moments, and Leonard kind
of stole the show, even if I thought Hagler was doing the better work. Leonard had succeeded in overcoming the odds
and defying expectations. I thought Hagler edged it – JUST – but you
can make a case either way in this round, the same as so many rounds before this. In a bit of a twist, Filippo scored this round
for Leonard, whereas Moretti and Guerra both scored it for Hagler. So as far as the official judges scoring the
fight were concerned, Lou Filippo had it 115-113 for Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Dave Moretti
had it 115-113 for Sugar Ray Leonard, and Jose Guerra had it 118-110 for Leonard. I myself had the same final score as Filippo,
although it’s interesting to note we came about the score differently. The only scorecard here that I have issue
with is Guerra. 118-110 for Leonard – for me, that scorecard
in no way, shape, or form is reflective of the action that unfolded inside the ring on
the fateful night in Vegas. I thought Hagler edged it, but I can’t say
he was robbed. Leonard fought an outstanding fight. Sugar Ray had the perfect strategy going in
to give himself his best chance to win, and he executed it in sensational fashion. This was no robbery. Let me throw all of my cards on the table
here in the name of full disclosure. I first became interested in boxing after
seeing Rocky III as a kid, and I remember asking my father who the heavyweight champion
was at that time, and he informed me that it was Larry Holmes – The Easton Assassin! My father, however, explained to me that even
though Holmes was the heavyweight champion, that the best boxer at that time was actually
a middleweight. I remember being fascinated as a young child
when my Dad explained the concept of P4P for the first time. To be sure, my father was a Hagler fan, and
like my love for the New York Yankees, I too became a Hagler fan just like my old man. The first boxing match I ever remember watching
was Hagler vs Hearns, and the excitement that fight provided is what ultimately started
a love for boxing that led to the creation of this channel. And my love for boxing to this day always
reminds me of my formative years as a boxing fan with my Dad – whom I miss dearly since
he passed over 8 years ago now. Here at Rummy’s Corner, I strive to objective
when it comes to analyzing fights – but I confess, try as I might, Hagler was my first
favorite boxer ever. So as much as I try to be unbiased in my analysis
here – deep down, my inner child self wants to scream at the top of my lungs – HAGLER
WAS ROBBED! But if I’m being honest now, even though I
maintain this bout was a judging nightmare to score, with so many super close competitive
rounds – I admit, it’s probably easier for me to find 2 rounds to flip Leonard’s way,
than it is for me to flip 2 rounds in Hagler’s favor. So the possibility certainly exists where
perhaps I’m subconsciously giving Hagler every benefit of the doubt here. At the end of the day, this was no robbery. What Sugar Ray Leonard did on this night was
something very special – and even if the decision didn’t go his way, it was still a sublime
effort from the great Sugar Ray. The fact that boxing fans are still debating
this result more than 30 years after the match-up is one of the things I love most about boxing
forums – a place where we can find like-minded individuals to discuss a shared love of the
sweet science! And so the debate continues! How did you score the epic middleweight championship
contest between Marvelous Marvin Hagler and Sugar Ray Leonard? Please share your thoughts in the comments
section. Thanks for watching everyone, hope you enjoyed,
and have a wonderful night! This is Rummy’s Corner.

100 thoughts on “Hagler vs Leonard – Who Really Won?

  1. Regardless of the scorecards, Leonard won the fight, when I watched it live I didn’t think he won, and I was legitimately pissed of the outcome, Haglar was my favorite fighter at the time and I couldn’t believe it until I watched the fight again, ya the little pussy won on points because he was too scared to stand and fight, but Marvin also didn’t fight his fight, he tried to outbox him instead of trying to kill him like he should’ve, Leonard admitted to never wanting to fight Marvin in his prime until he talked to him one day and Marvin said he really didn’t want to fight anymore, and he was well into his 30s, Leonard knew that was his only chance and he jumped on it, the little pussy cokehead fought a smart fight flurrying at the end of each round to steal it, if they had fought when Marvin had just smoked Hearns the results would’ve been the same, but that’s timing I guess.

  2. the ball-o punch was low…this is an example of a true underdog getting all the calls…Leonard also hit after the bell 3x…Leonard was expected to get smashed, and Gil Clancy has the key quote during the call: 'Leonard is winning just by not losing'[you have to TAKE a belt]…In truth, the 118-110 makes the fight meaningless…even the most biased free-basing Leonard fans ain't buying that…10-2 on rounds???

  3. Foreman would have lost to Ali if he had got an immediate rematch! But he might have won after 76 because Ali parkinsons was kicking in!

  4. Well it's matter of taste, if you like Hit and Flee than Leonard won but if you like the more Popular Let's Get It On type of fight than Hagler wins

  5. Slice it however you want. If you outpoint the champion and take his belt you have to actually outpoint him with hard effective punches. There were so many punches that Sugar Ray threw that hit absolutely nothing but air or glove. I was a Sugar Ray fan back then but I didn't like how he avoided actually boxing Hagler for much of the fight or his resistance to an immediate rematch with Hagler. I think the biggest mistake on the judges part was they forgot Hagler was the champion at the time, not Leonard. There is no way any boxing fan can watch that fight and say the contender fought well enough to take the belt from the champ.

  6. Leonard stole that fight by always rallying in the last seconds of the rounds which impressed the judges. Show won over substance.

  7. I’d love to see this kind of breakdown for the two Holmes v Spinks fights, which I think are pretty underrated and underappreciated as fights! I’d love to see you tackle it, Rummy!!! While I don’t think the first fight a robbery I think a case could be made for Holmes. Spinks punches were not really clean and he fought in spurts. The commentary team clearly favoured Spinks I thought. The second fight was a straight out robbery and even though Spinks came back in the later rounds, I felt Holmes won clearly!!!❤️🇸🇪

  8. It is pathetic the way the crowd goes crazy for every move Sugar Ray makes wether he's landing or not. Turn off the sound and watch this. When a championship fight goes the distance and to a decision the Challenger must totally whip the champ, hurt him, knock him down , something ! Leanord did not do that. Decision should go to the champ. It was an off night for Hagler chasing some dude in track shoes, but he still won. Leonard did not earn his shot but was given the chance because he's a big money popular guy. I was glad to see Hagler have a good payday. Hagler came through the ranks and dodged no one. Leanord was catered to a bit more.

  9. I have been into boxing since the Ali days. and it amazes me that anyone actually thinks Hagler won this fight, even Hagler knew he lost. That is why he did that stupid insecure dance at the end of the fight that he had never done before, Sugar Ray totally outclassed him and was in control the entire fight. even when SugarRay was against the ropes, he was just imitating Ali's rope a dope, look at Sugar Ray's face when he is against the ropes, he never looks scared or even like he wants to get off of the ropes, he actually looks comfortable being there, Sugar Ray waited for the perfect time to fight Hagler. and SugarRay got into Haglers head. That is why Hagler fought part of the fight orthodox. witch wasn't smart, but it just wasn't Hagler's Night, I don't even know why this fight is up for debate. yes Hagler is stronger, he is a natural middle weight, but that doesn't mean you give his punches extra points when they land. just in the body language you could see Sugar Ray feeling in control and Hagler never feeling like he had control. Sugar Ray knew he had one, and Hagler knew he had lost. I will say it again, that stupid dance that Hagler did at the end of the fight said it all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7BtibY7cns watch at 102:08

  10. Hagler fought orthodox for some rounds…why not southpaw?!?!? Agreed to 12 rounds even though
    Leonard came up in weight. Agreed to Leonard's request for different ring size AND to fight in Vegas.
    Does a looping punch below the belt and some dancing gain points? Leonard did have a lot of speed
    and flurries compared to hard quality punches from Hagler…..WHY NO RE-MATCH?!?!?!

  11. I gave a close one to leonard. Also no object in the history of the world has ever had as much vaseline applied to it than Hagler's face during that fight. His corner was slathering his face up.

  12. Hagler won the fight and was robbed by the golden boy of American boxing. The proof was Leonard would never sign for a rematch. He knew he lost

  13. lol what debate? The mass majority of boxing fans and experts agree that Leonard won the fight. Just take your L and move on smh

  14. It was a good fight you could have even called it 6-6 in rounds possibly. I had Hagler winning 7-4-1 but there was some close rounds and Leonard I think stole some rounds with his flurries late and with the crowd going crazy everytime he threw a punch I knew it was gonna be hard for Hagler to win a decision especially in Vegas. What I think is really funny is how Ray Leonard gets so much praise for this fight when he danced and held for so much of the fight and Floyd Mayweather receives all kinds of criticism for moving when he's actually standing and fighting way more than Ray ever did. He moved the last 30 sec. Of the fight against Pacquiao and only not to get pinned on the ropes which is smart and Ray dorn near ran the Majority of the fight but yet itd Ray Leonard and it's ok. Boy are people blind.

  15. How does this guy know what are “damaging” blows and what aren’t?

    Leonard landed more punches and won the fight. He wasn’t seriously hurt at any point in this match.

  16. How to win a fight by running away , I always wondered what would have happened if Marvin adopted same running tactics as Ray ? If it was an amateur bout i think ray would have disqualified for not wanting to engage,

  17. Uh….easy….HAGLER…he pressed every round throwing and connecting with more punches and Leonard just threw a small flurry with 5 seconds to go in a round….Hagler made it a fight, Leonard ran and tried to steal rounds with seconds left in them. At least Hearns showed up to fight Hagler.

  18. Pitter pat punches and Leonard being yelled 10 seconds so he can steal a round is cowardly . Hagler pressed and landed the harder punches . Leonard also pulled a Mayweather and scheduled a press conference in the early 80’s and invited Hagler to the press conference ,only to say he was going to retire . He then waited ala Mayweather Pacquiao until Hagler got older and saw Haglers tough fight with Mugabi and saw his skills starting to age and the. Wanted the fight . Don’t get me wrong , Leonard is not Mayweather . He brought us some exciting fights , but he immediately wanted Duran Leonard 2 , because he knew Duran was out drinking and wanted the advantage and I hated the way he fought Duran in the second fight . It wasn’t boxing . It was running .

  19. Leonard stole the early rounds the judges had it right . Hagler was just mad because sugar deprived him of a all out brawl. Like Leonard went through wars with every fighter hes fault. Hagler wanted that last war before he retired. He didn't get it. 7 rounds to 5 period

  20. Excellent breakdown, imo your judgement was fair. I was a Hagler fan at the time and remember watching the bout. Great fight for sure.

  21. Although I’m a Hagler fan I have to congratulate Leonard on the win, insisting on the ring being larger, doing his homework on Hagler yeah he’s a smart cookie and some boxer ! I feel a sensible result would have been a draw with Hagler keeping his title, my understanding is the challenger must do enough to take the belt away from the champion & although Leonard done great , he didn’t do enough.

  22. Hi Rummy . I scored the fight Leonard 7 Hagler 5 The far better quality of Leonard edging out the work rate and constantly moving forward of Hagler. I still think of this classin now some 32 years later. I imagine Sugar Ray Leonard is the finest boxer I have ever seen and possibly the best ever.

  23. Hmm. Back in the day, I watched this bout with an army PT instructor I was in the boxing team with. We each scored the fight after pausing each round. I agreed with Moretti whilst my friend agreed with Rummy. After, we both stood our ground and agreed there should be a rematch. Sadly, one of the biggest potential money spinners in boxing never happened.

    118-110 is preposterous of course but I STILL believe Leonard won.

  24. I watched this fight live in a bar and I thought Leonard just edged it. Hagler was a great champion and dominated the middleweight division at the time and was the bigger, stronger fighter and Leonard was just a blown-up welterweight. I used to think Leonard was a bit overrated after watching Tommy Hearns outbox him before Ray stopped him, but this fight made me a believer that he was a great champion. He showed tremendous heart, speed, footwork and boxing ability in what was a great fight that could have gone either way, but that Guerra scorecard was way off the mark.

  25. Watched this fight many times. Final conclusion is Leonard won on points – but a lot of those were cheap points. Scattering nothing punches at the end of rounds hoping to steal the round etc. Smart but Marvin was the aggressor and his hits were harder.

  26. Watched the fight live. It was a really close fight with two different styles. Neither fighter “lost” the fight, but I think Leonard won by a by a slim margin, however im not sure that it was by enough to take a belt off a champion like Hagler as conventional wisdom at the time held. Either way, 118-110 was ridiculous. Your point about how good Hagler was, i mean really good, is spot on. Hagler is the most underrated and under appreciated champion maybe ever. The man had no weaknesses.

  27. I've never thought Leonard took Hagler's title that night, but I hear ya, Rummy..I was always a big Hagler fan,too, though my boxing days goe back to the mid-50s.

  28. 115-113, 115-113, O.K. 118-110?😨RIDDLE ME THIS BATMAN, DO YOU THINK THAT JUDGE WAS PAID OFF?😉😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😎


  30. Leonard ran away the whole fight and threw flicking punches with little effect. Hagler was robbed. He was right that the fix was in to force a rematch. Leonard's subsequent losses prove Hagler was right.

  31. 118-110 card is a scandal towards Hagler… He would have had the chance to win the fight or, at least, to get a draw and keep his title.

  32. ray leonard was the golden child and sort of new if it went 12 rounds he'd somehow get the decision…..props to hagler for turning his back on boxing cos he knew he'd never get rematch and knew he'd always be in Leonard's shadow…..Leonard ran from the rematch knew he'd struck gold with the decision and also ran away from a fight with don curry….ray leonard the most protected and hand picked opponents in boxing history….2 world titles in one fight against Donny lalonde

  33. Hagler could of and should of had a better showing,but there is no way in hell leanard did enough to take the title.hagler pressed the fight landed harder shots and inflicted more damage in the fight.and how can leanard win the fight going backwards the whole fight.the most disgusting thing is that leanard denied hagler a rematch and fought Donny lalonde instead.absolutely discusting.

  34. Remember watching this live, and several times since then thinking it could go either way. Your analysis went a long way helping me with the official score cards and my thoughts/feelings. Just like Ali, SRL knew that late round flash and a handsome face produced points. I don't want to diminish Ray's skill and power by that statement…I'm just making a comparrison …like between Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Caan.

  35. Hagler was coming forward throughout and without him there would be no fight. He also landed the harder punches and even stunned Ray ore than once. Flashy does not equal effective.

  36. Hagler fan here. Felt so sad that day. Leonard's showboating & speed, no matter how ineffective on Hagler, won him the fight. That time, Sugar Ray was boxing's darling, it's cash cow. Eventho he was the Champ, Hagler needed to knock him out in order to win, as evidenced by Guerra's scoring. But in fairness to Leonard's prime, his speed neutralized Hagler's power. Such a very close fight though. BTW, I still consider Hagler-Hearns the best 3 rounds in boxing… 💪👍👃

  37. I agree. Hagler won. You have to take the title away from the champion. Leonard out smarted Hagler. Leonard had things his own way. Bigger gloves and a few other things. That's where banging on the floor with ten seconds remaining. Because Leonard finished like that didn't mean he won the round. Hagler was robbed. And he was a good champion. He always came in hard shape.

  38. In the US, you must Beat a Champion to get the decision – there was Never any Threat of that happening in favour of the pretty boy ! Although Leonard was a tremendous talent, Hagler was the MAN.

  39. The card wasn't accurate, but Leonard won. He did enough, the point of boxing is to hit and not get hit. Leonard did that better than Hagler

  40. I've scored it many times and I had it 116-114 Leonard. He landed the cleaner shots and won the first four rounds.

  41. Marvin Hagler was the best pound-for-pound middleweight in the 70s and 80s he's a throwback to Sugar Ray Robinson

  42. Some say this fight change boxing forever it’s where for then on the fix was in play.of course having all those celebrities there cheering on sugar Ray sugarcoats any conspiracy theory.hagler for years fought for respect and for chump change and this was his big payday that’s why you never heard him putting up a big argument over its outcome he like manny did mayweather took the money and ran.it also marked the first time boxing fans seen how crooked championship boxing was handled in Las Vegas.still every now and then some referee will throw out a score card in which the public asks what fight where you watching.if this fight were held any other place I truly believe hagler would have busted lenoard up over a period of rounds but hagler knew he was gonna be on the outside looking in.so he got his payday and thanks to the word “rematch”it makes crooked judge scores all the more acceptable still today in boxing.

  43. Hagler won .period . Ray never came close to doing enough to take a champion's title away . The 118 – 110 is criminal .

  44. Stupid dumb people who have no clue to the sport, how it is scored, etc….. The two are my favorite fighters of all time. Hagler gave Leonard ring size and glove size, it cost him. But the bottom line was the scorecard. Leonard outpointed Hagler in punches, ringmanship, etc… I was torn between the two and thought Leonard would have no chance. But when Hagler did score cleanly, he did not knock him out as he should have. Hagler beat himself as much as Leonard beat him. But this is no argument unless you are just dumb about the sport

  45. 1, Leonard has several low blows that Richard Steel the corrupt ref refused to call.

    2. the WBC stooge geuerra was in the tank

    The WBC hated Hagler

  46. For year's I thought sugar Ray won but boy was I wrong after rewatching it. Hagler definitely won that fight

  47. Leonard was the defending champion. He had the "Peoples belt". Hagler couldn't KO him and Leonard kept it close and thats why Leonard won.

  48. Who LANDED more punches throughout the fight? That's the winner for me because neither totally dominated the fight. LEONARD won by a razor's edge.

  49. I had it for Hagler…the body work Leonard felt at the end of that fight. I easn't a Hagler fan but he won that fight.

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