Granby Rolls in MMA – Wrestling Takedown Defence

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The Granby roll is an excellent
wrestling reversal named after Granby high school in Virginia where it was
popularized by coach Billy Martin senior and forms part of a much larger Granby
wrestling system. As Matt Lindland demonstrates here it’s a roll over the
shoulder blades or as he slows it down you can see he places his elbow, shoulder,
other shoulder blade, other elbow and knees all in a straight line. Now in folk
style wrestling your standard Granby roll will be performed by the bottom
wrestler in referees position and used to look for an escape or a reversal. In
mixed martial arts this will more likely be hit from side back or turtle position
and will be used to initiate a scramble or to get back onto the feet to continue
striking or just regain a superior position. The standing Granby roll is
also another common variation where the move can be used. Here the move will be
performed from the belly to back or rear clinch position where the defending
wrestler will dive towards the mat to initiate the roll across the shoulder
blades. While it is preferable to break the lock of the attackers’ hands before
executing the roll, the roll itself can break the grip if the attacker doesn’t
continue with the opponent. The Granby roll can also be used as a counter to a
slam or a suplex where it uses the momentum of the throw to initiate the
roll. It’s what Abel Trujillo was successful with three times when he
faced Khabib. Now not every roll is a Granby roll, many times in MMA we will see
the use of somersaults or shoulder rolls that go forwards over the back and not
along the shoulder blades like a Granby. But they can still be equally effective
in initiating a scramble for the defensive wrestler. Additionally, there’s
also rolls like the Peterson roll and wrist roll that can be used for wrestling
defense. The principle that gets these rolls to work along with the Granby
rolls can make it an essential takedown defense technique for the modern mixed
martial arts fighter. And as well as takedown defense
additional transitional uses for the Granby role exist. Brazilian jiu-jitsu
fighters may use it more frequently as a roll back to full guard from turtle or
side control as well as it opening up the avenue to various leg locking
opportunities of which Fiiras Zahabi has a great video breaking down one such
instance. And possibly the most high-profile use of the Granby roll was
when Fabricio Werdum used it against Fedor to put him into a triangle /
armbar combination. And that concludes this breakdown of the Granby roll and
its application in mixed martial arts as a defensive wrestling technique. Please
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35 thoughts on “Granby Rolls in MMA – Wrestling Takedown Defence

  1. Bravo sonny. What a fantastic video of the application of a wrestling technique in mma. Your best yet.

  2. guys are using this a lot now dealing with wrestlers fedor did to chael and in the same week jacare did it when weidman had his hips from behind

  3. U should have a lot more subscribes …. nice Video like the way
    U explain… much better then the Germans do 👍🏽 keep going bro …. can a some how Support your Chanel very big ? Maybe I make Chanel and put u inside. Take some time but will be ready soon

  4. These vids are always great, keep it up bruv.

    You got any tips to modify wrestling for the streets? I'm in South Africa and all the Zulu guys love trips sweeps and slams.

  5. Great great upload. I know this technique from bjj rolling sessions, but you gave a simple full detail form guide, and then showed it in endless positions. First video of yours ive ever seen or heard of but will be subbed now.

  6. I didn't know this had an actual name 😂 I use it a lot in judo, but I have to be careful with it because sometimes I get caught in the middle when I'm on my shoulders

  7. I was just watching a video on crocop's channel and then suddenly I thought hey Sonny Brown hasn't posted in ages. Little did I know that for some reason youtube wasn't notifying me of new videos ! Oh well I have a nice set of videos waiting for me to watch. Thanks for the informative video on the Granby roll too !

  8. hey sonny just realized nobody has any jake shields breakdowns jake was one of my fav guys to watch mixing his wrestling with jiu jitsu and was one of the top 170s for over a decade and was a grappling purist was able to beat maia and tyron woodley and lots of other greats id like to see you break him down hes the first guy i saw using the triangle leg mount vs mayhem in strikeforce a decade ago khabib just made it popular

  9. @2:18, Even though Matt Sera got his AZZ kicked in the rematch with GSP, Sera did an excellent GRANBY ROLL from his turtle position to regain guard position.

  10. Commentary: "Brazilian jiu jitsu fighters use Granby roll as an avenue to open up various leg locking opportunities"

    Video: Shows a Catch wrestler leg locking BJJ black belt.

  11. I grew up wrestling for coaches who wrestled for Billy Martin Sr. at Granby high school in Norfolk, VA. The move didn't really have a name until the high school students went on to wrestle at colleges across the country. During the tournaments the announcers didn't know how or what to call the move so they simply said that the "boys from Granby are doing that roll." It became known as the Granby roll. The original movement was mostly a forward roll but it soon evolved into the arm being thrown cross body during the roll. It works best when the opponent on top applies downward and forward pressure on you (trying to break you down into the mat). If there is no pressure being applied then it makes it difficult for the move to be successful. Great video!

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