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oho… what’s this shit… who left these noodles here :-)) where?? I didn’t ate these noodles instead I had eaten that Chinese chilly noodles… So often some fellows forget to Flush out and this is a Bad Habit and our today’s video is related to it Good habit vs Bad habit watch this video till the very end as you’ll have lot of fun and if you so then hit LIKE and get this video to 2,00,000 Likes Also do Subscribe to our channel as I’ve a bigger surprise for you on reaching 5M why we talked so much!! lets start the video now… isn’t something left Yes a bit … ok lets flush it once more I am hungry lets have something to eat ok keeping it aside who has broken the glass… you did this ? I don’t know anything.. I was eating chips lying here wipe it well so that no one get slipped over here Mumma stop don’t go there you may get slipped… water spilled out there where to throw this? isn’t someone seeing me??? let it be.. lets throw it Mumma gives me so many task… people are sitting down there.. water might spill over them.. so lets make these clothes dry Anantya… again you dropped sweet here wet waste is in Green Dustbin and the dry one is in Blue oh.. who threw this over here its ok…I remove it got tired ok now going to change clothes this one.. no.. this one.. no way… I think this is ok first let keep this bag at its place ok now lets select the clothes I am getting late leave it lets turn on AC so that will get the chilled room on returning oh.. I forgot to off the light leave it … and come fast will you twirl the fan from your hands in future if we ain’t save the power today.. Have you enjoyed today’s video so share this video with your friends, relatives & others to spread this message about good & bad habits

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