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Bray Wyatt invades The Miz’s home, The Revival,
Shorty G and Ali have a great match, and Roman Reigns dogpiles on King Corbin. Do you get
it, I said dogpiles. Because he’s a dog. Give us a like and a subscribe, and press
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from Smacknificent, Smacktastic, Smack Bang in the Middle, SmackDowner, and a Smack in
the Face. This is the Dec 13, 2019 episode of Friday
Night SmackDown, in about 4 minutes. The show opened with a video recap of Roman
Reigns getting dog food put over his head from last week, which lead into King Corbin
making his entrance to the ring, with Ziggler waiting there for him. They cut a promo about
the “smelly, disgusting people” and they said at the start of the promo it would be
a quick one. They were liars. Roman Reigns has been “unchained” this week, but Corbin
and Ziggler have made sure he won’t make into the arena, because they have every window
and entrance covered. Yes I’m sure your security guards will keep him out. They eventually were interrupted by The New
Day, who ran down Corbin, before Corbin called out Kingston losing the WWE Championship in
7 seconds. Ah, finally, a chance for Kingston to acknowledge what happened, get his feelings
out and justify his motivations after the match. “Actually, it was 8 seconds. I’m
still a champion of the people”. Ugh. That was lame. The main event was set up as King
Corbin vs Kofi Kingston. Ziggler and Corbin are then backstage with
some guards knocked out, with them absolutely clueless as to who could have possibly done
this. We get a quick video recap of Mandy Rose vs
Alexa Bliss from last week, with everyone reacting as if Mandy actually pulled out Alexa’s
real eyelashes. While Alexa and Nikki are being interviewed in Gorilla position, Sonya
and Mandy attack them, but their subsequent match goes about a minute, before Nikki wins
with a neckbreaker. Backstage, Otis and Tucker attempt to give
Sami Zayn his secret santa gift, which is a ham. Sami is a vegan and is disgusted by
this, which sets up Heavy Machinery vs Cesaro & Nakamura later in show. Otis is still great
though. Next was probably the best match on the show
between the team of Shorty G & Mustafa Ali vs The Revival. This was a short match, but
had a bunch of fun spots and nearfalls, getting a “this is awesome” chant from the crowd.
The Revival picked up the win by countering Ali’s Tornado DDT into a Shatter Machine. Bayley is being interviewed backstage next
before Elias cuts her off with a song. Dana Brooke finds this hilarious, so Bayley challenges
her to a match. The match goes about two minutes before Bayley
hits her new finisher for the win, which the commentary team absolutely no-sold. Sheamus is still in a dark, dark corridor,
before we get an interview with Renee Young at The Miz’s house. This was wonderfully
shot, and made it feel entirely different than any other kind of promo. The interview
itself was quite interesting, before at one point Maryse off camera starts shouting at
The Miz. He rushes upstairs, and on their baby monitor, suddenly it’s Bray Wyatt,
but it cuts back to the feed of their baby who now has an Abby The Witch next to her. They rush upstairs and fetch her, and they
find a creepy doll with The Fiend mask painted on it, and they tell the camera crew to get
out. This was a wonderful segment, capped off with a Firefly Funhouse back in the arena
in which Bray says he taught himself not to feel pain, and he can teach Miz how to not
love. Great stuff. What was also great was Heavy Machinery vs
Cesaro & Nakamura, with Otis being the most over thing on the show. After a big Otis hot
tag, Zayn ran interference, allowing Nakamura to hit the Kinshasa on Tucker for the win. Then it was time for the main event of Kingston
vs Corbin, and after…a match, it looks like Kingston is winding up for the Trouble in
Paradise, before Ziggler grabs Kingston’s ankle, in plain view of the ref, which should
have been a DQ, instead the ref ejects Ziggler, but he refuses to go and instead beats up
Big E. Kingston then beats up Ziggler, Corbin takes out Kingston, and that’s when the
ref decides to throw out the match. Big E then says they should have a tag match,
and have a tag match they do, which was…just as uneventful as the singles match that preceded
it. The finish came when WHO AM I KIDDING OF COURSE THERE WASN’T A FINISH. Ziggler
got out some handcuffs and Corbin put them on Kingston, so the ref threw out the match
again. Kingston gets caught on the turnbuckle like Roman last week, and The Revival come
from out of nowhere to hit a Shatter Machine on Big E. But what’s this? Roman Reigns is here? But
how did he get past all the security? He comes down and beats up literally everyone, including
The Revival and Ziggler. Everyone except Corbin that is. He chokeslams Ziggler off a small
ladder through the announce table to end the show. For as bad as this story is, Reigns
is getting some monster reactions from the crowd. This show had some really great stuff in the
middle of the show, with the Bray Wyatt/Miz angle, The Revival/Shorty G & Ali tag match,
and the Heavy Machiney/Cesaro & Nakamura tag match, but the rest of the show was bogged
down by the Reigns and Corbin feud, mainly Corbin though, and the frankly disrespectfully
little time the women’s division is being given. This show gets a Smack Bang in the
Middle. And now let’s get into some news, and something
very interesting has transpired on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s WWE Network show, Steve Austin’s
Broken Skull Sessions. His guest was WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg, and the pair decided to
play a little game of word association. Stone Cold said “Vince McMahon”, careful
Austin, you’re not allowed to say his name, remember?, Goldberg responded with “thank
you”, Austin said “Sting”, Goldberg said “mentor”. But interestingly when
Austin said “Undertaker”, Goldberg responded with “I owe him a receipt”. This, of course, plays off their match they
had at Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia in June, where the pair had a…well let’s just got
call it, a not great match. The intense heat really hampered the match, with both competitors
struggling to battle it and get in their spots. Goldberg came out of that match with a bloody
face, a concussion, and a loss to the Deadman, courtesy of a botched Tombstone and a small
chokeslam that was more like a gentle put-down. Goldberg has said for a while that he didn’t
want that match against Undertaker to be his last, and he rectified that wrong at SummerSlam,
with his match against Dolph Ziggler, which was about 100x better. So now, it seems Goldberg wants another go
at The Phenom, hoping to right the wrong that was their Super Showdown botch-fest. While
it might be good to have the match that should have been between the two icons of the industry,
the time may also have passed on that, and it may be better for both of their reputations
to just leave it in the past. It’s also worth noting that this took place
on the WWE Network, and it’s come to light in recent times that Vince McMahon doesn’t
like matches being built if they’re not going to pay off, so one would assume, there
is either a very angry Vince McMahon right now, or this was something that was pre-approved
to say on the show as it’s something that they plan on building to, maybe for their
next Saudi Arabia show where they can do it all over again. The tease on Steve Austin’s show had a fair
amount of reaction from the wrestling world, including that one who always likes to include
himself in anything related to Goldberg, Matt Riddle. After the WrestleTalk Twitter account
tweeted out the article relating to this story, saying “Goldberg has said he owes The Undertaker
a receipt following their disastrous match earlier this year” WrestleTalk superfan Matt Riddle quote tweeted
the tweet, saying: “You spelled apology wrong, you owe Undertaker
an apology bro”. This is most certainly not the first time
Riddle has tweeted something disparaging against Goldberg, though to play Devil’s Advocate,
it wasn’t entirely Goldberg’s fault their Super Showdown match was that bad. Would you like to see Goldberg face The Undertaker
again? And where would you like to see that happen? Reply in the comments because I’ll
be responding to people, on my laptop, for the first 30 minutes after this video goes
live! Personally, I think it should take place at the most important show of the year, Fastlane. One of the more interesting talking points
of the wrestling world right now is the Wednesday Night War between NXT and AEW, especially
since both show drew exactly the same number in ratings this week of 778,000. Considering everyone has decided to call it
the Wednesday Night War, and with people often voicing their biased opinions about each show
every week, it’s quite the tribal atmosphere on Wednesday nights. However a certain Executive Vice President
from All Elite Wrestling thinks it’s about time everyone stopped being so bloody tribal. Appearing on Busted Open Sirius Radio, Cody
said: “If you look at everything that is happening
our fan base needs to make better efforts to get along in a way. That starts at the
top. I can go ahead and say that a lot of things get screwed up with what was done with
me in WWE. If I was to be in a room with Triple H at this moment, I’d shake his hand and
probably give him a hug. I’ve learned a lot from him and he’s on the absolute opposite
side of the fence in the same role I am with AEW but has more experience with it. It’s
fun but we can’t eat our own.” He continued to say why he thinks it became
so vitriolic in the first place. “There’s a logic to both sides of this
big deep divided argument. Whether there’s a little bit of fear from longtime WWE fans
or a dislike of the bold personalities because we’ve done some really bold things like
the breaking of the throne, or jabs like Jericho did in his promo. On the other side, there
are defenders of AEW that are overly protective and sometimes are too generous to us. Obviously,
we’re going to slip and make mistakes too.” I don’t think AEW can make any mistakes
at all. I’ll take my pay by cheque please Tony Khan. In all fairness, I don’t think
it’s necessarily been helped along with certain jabs like Cody mentioned, like breaking
the throne, or shots in the Jericho promo, however it would behoove certain people to
take those things as playful jabs rather than an all-out war with anger behind them. In all seriousness, I agree wholeheartedly
with Cody. Hell, we on WrestleTalk have done a video about this very thing, so let’s
all just enjoy Wednesday Nights for the great night of professional wrestling that it is. Have the Royal Rumble winners been leaked?
Click the video to the right to find out more, and click the video below that to find out
more about an ex-WWE star appearing on AEW! A special thank you to our pledgehammers on
Patreon, some of whom you can see scrolling below me right now! I’ve been Chopper Pete
Quinnell, and that, was wrestling.

61 thoughts on “Goldberg Wants Undertaker REMATCH! WWE SmackDown Review! | WrestleTalk News Dec 2019

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    0:09 – SmackDown Review / 5:08 – Goldberg Wants Undertaker Rematch / 7:54 – Cody Wants AEW & NXT Fans To Get Along

  2. Not just no……Hell no! Taker and Goldberg both need someone to carry the match nowadays. Just wrestle Riddle already, bro!

  3. Let's be honest and fair, LAURIE. People are hyping Wednesday night as "The Wednesday Night Wars" because you boys started it, when at the time, at least Cody wasn't thinking of it like that. Devil's Advocate

  4. Interesting that Cody says there needs to be peace as soon as AEW and NXT start plateauing and are on level, but not when they are out drawing them. Then, he’s destroying thrones and taking jabs

  5. As a life long die hard Undertaker fan, who watched him debut at Survivor Series 30 years ago, I think Undertaker should go out on his own terms ending his career however he wants to…That being said, Personally I want to see THE FIEND & The Undertaker have an epic feud, culminating with The Fiend Retiring The Undertaker.

  6. Goldberg needs to stay retired and never ever come back. People don’t want to waste their hard earned money on a 10 sec match from no talented hack who thinks he is better then everyone. When the last time he put someone over?

  7. Have Goldberg eliminate taker from the royal rumble.
    There is the "receipt". We don't have to suffer a potentially bad match, no one has to go over 2 minutes and then everyone can move on.

  8. Let them have the rematch at Wrestlemania. Both have proven that they can prepare and deliver when it comes to mania. Their match in Saudi never felt right to begin with because it wasn't intended to have these 2 collide, it was just to make money in Saudi. If (and i really fuckin doubt) they build this up and make it matter itll be way better than having mattvsgoldberg or undertakervsmidcard/someone he cant work with. Dont have anything against matt just rather see our legends right that wrong because we know they can.

  9. Say what you want about Miz's in ring work, but you can't deny he's really good at being involved in serious angles.

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  11. This is why I love Cody. He is right, and we should enjoy the show than starting a war, followmore I don't want to see Goldberg vs Undertaker Rematch. They are too old and should not get in the ring, and I think Matt need to stop picking a fight with old people. He start to be a annoying person now.

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    Seriously though they kinda thanosed away out of no where.

  13. He wants a rematch because once the match starts he spears taker and ends the mach. There the rematch was just spoiled.
    Ohh and a couple of old legends botching moves. Much respect but they should know when to retire.

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    Other than that, great content as usual.

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