FULL MATCH – Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels – WWE Title Match: Survivor Series 2007

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100 thoughts on “FULL MATCH – Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels – WWE Title Match: Survivor Series 2007

  1. Shawn Michaels Yeeted Randy Orton With That Fake Sweet Chin Music But if U Look At Orton He Is Covering Up His Face Bit Then Shawn Michaels Just Does A Chest Chop.

  2. Why does wwe insist on constantly reminding people they haven't done anything good in well over a decade. The company has turned into your fat 60 year old uncle who still talks about winning states in high school football.

  3. I like how HBK had to resort to using his greatest rivals' finishers – Bret, Benoit, Kurt. Sharpshooter Crossface and Ankle Lock

  4. Anyone else think of Benoit when he did the crossface? I remember as a kid I freaked out when he did it 'cause I always thought we wouldn't see that move again, or at least for a while. I feel like that's why the crowd popped for it too lol

  5. Pretty sure I mentioned this in the past, but where is the aftermath to this WWE title match in which Randy Orton taunted Shawn Michaels before getting a super-kick?!?!?!?!

  6. 20 years i watch smackdown and raw what I have seen 20 years is not described with words it's emotions that leave you with beautiful memories!💜💙❤

  7. Listening to this makes it so obvious that time has made a difference in JR’s performance.

    The is classic Jim Ross, the start of this was great & set up a great story.

  8. wow shawn gotem with that jook for a kicked instead he hit him like i did to my friend at school when he said that the miz is gonna win all the rest of wwe titles 2:46

  9. Shawn Michaels deserved to win the WWE Championship back then no matter how short his title reign should have went!

  10. Not watching or leaving any comments, just letting you know that this is the WORST possible match you could've uploaded, as I'm binging 2007 and the next PPV is Survivor Series 2007. Regret reading the description now because of the superkick ban spoiler 🙁

  11. What a handsome lad randy was 👌
    Grow hair again orton
    And shave off the beard
    We want the orton who fought the undertaker !

  12. Very painful year for HBK fans ^^'. We knew already he never needed a championship belt to steal the show, but still… When he returned in 2007, like Vince said on RAW, he could have been considered "the greatest WWE Champion of all time!" with another run. But hey, he is still the greatest for us of course.

    What made me really mad from 2007 to 2011 actually, that is the fact that he lost every opportunities he had for the title while everyone was cheering for him. He lost several times against Cena and Orton who are 2 of the most overrated guys in the industry who were either champion or challenger n°1 for years at every PPV (so boring). Then there was Jericho but their rivalry was excellent and Jericho is great too.

  13. The WWE universe didn't have the effect it had before. Wrestlers had charisma, attitude, great finishers/moves/signatures and knew how to cut a damn promo.

  14. Ah, the good old days when Randy was actually trying…

    In all seriousness, probably one of my favorites Orton's matches, during my favorite Orton's title reign. Glad to see he got some clean wins like this one despite being a heel.

    Also, HBK using the crossface months after…well you know what, is interesting to say the least.

  15. I like how Shawn Micheal tried a ton of submissions to win the match even tho he didn't win respect to both of these wrestlers/great match

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