89 thoughts on “From wrestling to politics: Former WWE star ‘Kane’ is now a mayor

  1. Good for him now I hope he works with the president to help start cleaning up this country not just Tennessee by getting rid of illegal immigrants. And working with ice to benefit our country.

  2. Could you imagine dwayne johnson and this guy on opposite sides of the ballot? Thatd be too funny. I like how the chick said the pile driver was classic. She wants the pile driver

  3. Its time to chokeslams all those libtard democraps. From the low IQ maxine to the dementia duo schummer and pelosi.

  4. "Okay we have a wrestler that wants to be mayor what do we talk about?"
    "Im googling generic wrestling moves"
    "Uhh… BODYSLAM!"
    Glen looks uncomfortable and confused

  5. Shit, I remember seeing the fox segment with kane saying he's running for office way back when. I completely forgot about it. Glad he won, although I was hoping the position would have been bigger.

  6. As you do well for the people, people will call you as a "Real Life superstar". Then people will call you a "White Knight" instead of calling Red Monster… Good luck dear Kane…. I sorry Glenn Jacobs. Wishes from Kerala,India.

  7. wait trump TRUMP ayyy i dont like trump but kane my boiii and the undertaker sooo idc if he goes for trump or not

  8. Kane is the most humble guy i have ever seen. I have never seen a kind guy like him. Then why wwe potrayed him as a 'monster'.

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