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Welcome to Tucker’s Tours of Towny Delights. I’m Tucker, of course. And that there is town. Seen from a different angle than it’s most
usually seen from. Because we’re here at this hidden gem. Fort Amherst. Now we used to call it ‘Tucker Town’. Oh yeah. This place was rotted out with Tuckers one
time. But they were the more, you know, straight-laced,
sanctimonious type of Tucker while we’re the kind of more sneaky, shady, headed straight for the slammer type, right. Yeah. There she is. In all her glory. St. John’s Harbour. And look at them south side hills. Boys oh boys oh boys. You talk about a natural wind break. Protectin’ townies and baymen alike
from the bitter winds flying in off the frigid waters of the north Atlantic. Them winds… they are fierce enough to rip
the features right off your face. And Town. Slyly hid out in there. Behind a curtain of rocks. And fog. I mean, nobody would know we were in there. If they didn’t know. I mean, unless you knew we were there then… If you knew, you’d know. Yeah. Shut up! And then of course there’s the narrows. You’ll notice
they are narrow. The water there is very shallow. And treacherous. So, I mean, us fellows, we’re dartin’ in and
out of the narrows all the time, you know for past-time. Not just fellas, uh, girls too. Yeah, yeah. As if I’d forget them, you know and uh… Let alone the other fifteen types of genders
they have been coming up with the last couple of years. Don’t get me wrong. I loves ’em all, you know. If I could just get a chance to get at ’em
you know but the point is… If you don’t know how to get in here. If you’re not from here, you’re not gettin’ in. Because St. John’s is not like Gander. Oh, come from away! Hop the fuck away.

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