Floyd Mayweather Knocks Out Connor McGregor in the 4th Round on August 26, 2017 – Episode 158

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– Floyd Mayweather is going
to knock Conor McGregor straight out. (upbeat rock music) Hey, it’s Anthony Iannarino, The Sales Blog dot com, right here, YouTube dot com
forward slash Iannarino, author of The Only Sales
Guy You’ll Ever Need and The Lost Art of Closing, winning the ten commitments
that drive sales, and sometimes amateur
boxing prognosticator. This is something different
for the Every Day channel but there’s so much news around this and it’s an issue that’s
close to my heart, I like it so much, I wanna talk about it and I
wanna share some ideas with you. On August 26th, Conor McGregor, an MMA Championship fighter, is going to fight 49
and O Floyd Mayweather and I wanna talk to you
about the first lesson that you should take from this. Conor McGregor has no intention
of winning this fight, he does not believe that
he can win this fight but he is a salesman and he is a hype man and what he’s done is he’s
made such an argument that he can beat Floyd Mayweather that he’s started to get attention. And that attention started to turn into a conversation about this, and then it turned into a
negotiation around money, but McGregor asked for more money than Mayweather would give him, and the hype got to be so big that the fight was made for an
undisclosed amount of money but the rumors are McGregor could make up to 100 million and Floyd Mayweather could
make up to 450 million and this hype man has found himself away into a $100 million purse for himself against the greatest boxer
in the history of the sport. So, let’s talk about the
sport for just minute because Floyd Mayweather is
a pure thoroughbred boxer. His father was a boxer,
his uncle was a boxer, they were both championship
prize fighters. He’s had gloves on his
hands his entire life and he grew up in a boxing
gym, in a boxing ring, and he was very carefully
groomed to be a world champion. Progressively more difficult
fights as he went along until he was the
championship and, I believe, six weight classes or something like that starting at 130 and going
straight up from there. This is the best defensive
fighter in history, and let me be clear about this, I’m not a Floyd Mayweather fan, I don’t like him, I never liked him. When he got his HBO
contract, I didn’t like him and that was decades ago when I watched more boxing at that time. But he is the best defensive fighter, he makes Pernell Sweat Pea Whitaker look like the effective
aggressor in every fight, he’s so defensive, he’s never
where you thin he’s gonna be, he’s go this chin tucked
in behind his shoulders so he’s never been hurt in a fight, never been hurt bad. He’s been on the ropes a couple times, Chop Chop Corley, couple fighters early that
gave him a little tough time but other than that, he’s
never been in trouble and he’s been hit by the
best fighters of his time, like, Shane Mosley did nothing. He’s been impossible to
beat for 49 straight fights. So, this is the best fighter
of his time without question. Now, let’s talk about Conor McGregor. Terrific hype man, best
hype man in the business, makes a fight. Tough guy, I’ll take nothing from him, he is a tough man and he’s a tough fighter and you wouldn’t want to
face him on the street. But he’s not on the street, he’s in a boxing ring
where there are rules and where his hands are gonna
taped up inside the big gloves and where he’s gonna
have to stand straight up and he fights like this
with his hands out here and his head in the middle, which means the punch that knocks him out will come straight
through those two gloves and he won’t know what hit him, literally, he won’t know, he won’t see it because even though he’s
tough, here’s the problem: he’s never seen hand
speed like this before and he’s never seen foot
work like this before because those two things
don’t matter in the MMA, it’s a different sport altogether. This is the difference
between marketing and sales, they’re two very different things and boxing is very,
very different than MMA, it’s much more subtle, there’s a very different
discipline applied to this. So, your lesson, you’re gonna have a very
tough time beating someone who’s spent their entire
life studying some art or some craft well enough that they are a master at
the very highest level. If you wanna compete with someone to win, then you have to be able
to have the same skill set that they have and that takes a lifetime and unless you dedicate the lifetime, you won’t have that skill set. The second lesson for you is that there’s a certain
amount of salesmanship that comes with success and Conor McGregor, as a hype man, I mean, the greatest hype
man since Flava Flav, you’ve got a guy who found a way to pick a fight with someone
that’s gonna result in potentially $100 million, I’m so excited by that,
I dropped my pencil. He’s found a way to make a fight out of something where
there was no opportunity and he created that opportunity and now he gets to collect the winnings. If he loses the fight in the first round, he makes the same money as if he loses the fight in the 12th round because he’s a terrific salesman and you gotta take your hat off for that. So, I’m Anthony Iannarino, I’m
calling the fight right now, I have one bet on this
with my older brother. He does not take McGregor
and neither do I, so the bet that we have is I bet it’s a clean knock-out where the punch goes right
between his two gloves and hits him right on the
chin and knocks him out and his bet is that it’s
a technical knock-out and the ref has to stop the fight because McGregor is too beat
up to be able to continue. That’s the only reasonable
bet you can make about this is not who wins but in what round. So, I’m calling it for Floyd Mayweather and if you want me to pick the round, I’m picking the fourth round because that’s where the money’s gonna be is on the fourth round and
Mayweather will deliver that, that’s my opinion on this. I wanna know what your opinion
is, leave it in the comments, unless you’re my brother Jake and I already know your opinion, you don’t need to tell me. You think that McGregor
has a shot of winning and you’re wrong and you know nothing and I will take all your
money that you wanna bet me any time you want to. Hit the subscribe button, this is not always about sales, not always about leadership, not always about coaching, but sometimes about boxing. This is Every Day.

9 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Knocks Out Connor McGregor in the 4th Round on August 26, 2017 – Episode 158

  1. Not a fan of fights usually but Connor McGregor makes me want to watch him. He's fun to watch. Completely different style than I have seen. You, however, have made me curious about his competition.

  2. I completely agree with you except I believe MacGregor completely thinks he can win. That has been his success, he thinks he is unstoppable. Even after the first Diaz fight.

  3. Complete agreement. I thought McGregor would make it to the 7th by tko but then I saw a video of him sparring and that stupid mural. Now I put him ko in the 4th. Hubris.

  4. Love your videos, great book on sales that I actually completed! However, however as a Dubliner I'm compelled to tell you you're underestimating Conor. Freak events do happen. McGregor to win in 4. You're also welcome in a Dublin either result.

  5. Wow !! such bullshit and let me guess on election night you were betting Trump didn't have a chance – and you're still blaming the Russian! You have no clue what you are talking about and should stick to sales advice as a sales person – notice I didn't say sales professional because I wouldn't want to offend. I hope you are a better musician than you are a fight analyst?!

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