Flatbush Zombies Reminisce On WWF No Mercy & VeggieTales | Throwback

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– Wow. – I don’t know about these. – The fuck is this? – I don’t know about these. – So these are bootleg Dragon Ball Z toys. – This sucks. (chuckling) This shit sucks. – Nah, this shit is not good. It’s not good. – Vegeta’s hairline is worse than ever. (laughing) – Yo, yo, yo it’s the Flatbush Zombies. – And you’re watching Throwbacks. – In All Def, you already know. (hip-hop music) – Feel kind of bootleg. – Oh no, this bootleg as fuck. – It’s bootleg as fuck bro. – Yeah, that’s crazy. I would’ve been pissed off
if my fucking grandparents– – Completely new to come into the market. – I would’ve been pissed off. – Challenging and fun? What? – Uh uh, uh uh. – Welcome to our world. – I would’ve been embarrassed to even show somebody this shit. – That’s No Mercy. – Yo, close! – [Interviewer] There’s another one, take the other one out. – There’s a few. Oh man, Fighting Force. – Wow. – And Fighting Force, nigga? Goddamn! – We’re gonna do this too, we’re gonna do this too just ’cause. – Oh shit! – So you hold that down,
we’re gonna start with this. – Yo bro, they still in here? – You gonna eat one? – Yeah. – This game is amazing. I can’t play it anymore ’cause
it’s too hard to play now. I don’t how I played it to begin with. – Me either. – I seen you trying not too long ago. I dunno what. You used to block like this
with your chest and shit. – They had the soundbites, the ha! – This game was amazing. – They had the fucking, the roll. – Full, customizable matches,
you can do whatever you want. – The Popeye tasty candy sticks pause. This shit, the Good
Humor man used to come by and it’s like, there’s the ice cream man and there’s the Good Humor man, ’cause the Good Humor man
would sell like, other shit like candy and like pop rocks. – It’s almost like he was a licensed– – Right. – He was a dealer, it’s like, you go to the dispensary nigga
with the official ticks too. (laughing) You go to the nigga in the corner with it. Oh shit. – Captain fucking Underpants. – I ain’t gone lie, this
was one of my favorite books growing up when I was a little kid, right. And they did the movie recently. And I didn’t see it, I don’t
know if I wanna see it. – Like, Scholastic, I remember we used to get these
Scholastic like book sheets at school and at first my
grandparents didn’t really buy them shits for me and I was kinda sad because I really wanted
to be a part of the club, the book club. I was so pissed off. Everyone’s getting them Goosebumps and– – Yup. Was Animorphs in there? – Animorphs. – Animorphs was in it yeah. – Vegimorphs. – Vegimorphs was definitely not in there. Vegimorphs was bootleg. Google Vegimorphs. – [Interviewer] What is that? – Google Vegimorphs. – It’s like Animorphs but you turn– – A veggie. – You turn into a carrot or some shit like that. – We put y’all on to some crazy shit. Y’all niggas don’t know about Vegimorphs. – One time I dressed up as
a veggie tale for church. – Really? – Yeah. – As a vegetable? – Yeah. – Let me guess, you were a tomato? I’ma let Juice talk about onesies. You got onesie experience
like a motherfucker. – So I don’t know what the fuck man but me and Issa Dash or whatever
from The Underachievers, we used to go to Target across the street from the block, building
and we used to steal stuff, I mean we all used to steal
stuff from Target, sorry. We always used to do it but like we went in that bitch, stole some onesies and just started wearing
onesies all around the hood, fucking smoking spliffs, onesies, banging girls in the community room in our onesies and shit man. Me and Issa Dash. – I don’t remember wearing
onesies when I was a kid. – I mean, I got one right now. I got a fucking, the
full Spider-Man outfit right now at home. – For real? – Sick nigga. – Like adult size? – When I get sick, like
really sick, I just put it on and so I don’t have to like wear clothes. Like you know, I just get sick, I’m sick, I just put it on. – What the fuck? – This nigga’s crazy. (laughing) It’s skin tight like Spider-Man? – No it’s not that tight, it’s baggy. – Aight nigga, that’s different. – So sometimes I just– – So like the home, like
the first Spider-Man where he’s getting his shit together? – Yeah. It’s not like– – Okay, okay, okay. – It’s not as tight as it
was when we were younger. Yo, it’s the Flatbush Zombies. – And you’re watching Throwbacks.

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  1. I couldn't stop smiling the whole video. Also me and my friends read all those same books growing up that's crazy cause there's an age and cultural difference but that's cool

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