Finn Bálor vs. Dolph Ziggler: SmackDown LIVE, July 30, 2019

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Who can get the momentum tonight for
the utmost importance?>>Yeah, Finn Balor faces The Fiend,
Bray Wyatt, at SummerSlam. First time ever we’ll see The Fiend,
Bray Wyatt, in action at a WWE event. Meanwhile, Ziggler faces, The Miz,
after what happened last week on Miz TV.>>Just the short glimpses we have been
able to see of The Fiend since returning have been nothing short of terrifying. It’s a bit of a miracle in itself
that Finn Balor is even able to fully concentrate on Dolph Ziggler
knowing that The Fiend awaits.>>Finn Balor again trying
to move forward after losing the Intercontinental Championship. Kick right to the face. Down goes Ziggler. Big opportunity for Balor,
can he capitalize, has Ziggler hooked!>>Elbow across the throat.>>He may do it here.>>This could put away Ziggler!>>And kick-out at two and a half.>>Come on!
>>[INAUDIBLE]>>Come on!>>[APPLAUSE]>>And now tuning up the band, thinking about sweet chin music,
Shawn Mchael’s finishing move, but the sling blade from Balor.
>>Change of plans.>>Stomp right to the chest.>>And now Balor sending Ziggler on the outside.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>And Balor thinking about.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>My god, The Fiend is here in the arena. [SOUND] My god. [NOISE]
[SOUND] He was just here. The Fiend was just here.>>And Finn Balor has no idea. Sweet chin music from Ziggler.>>One, two, three.>>All right, Ziggler brings Balor
thanks to the appearance of The Fiend!>>Here is your winner, Dolph Ziggler!>>Guys, I mean, the important thing to
realize is that The Fiend was physically here just a minute ago. And we saw it,
Finn Balor obviously saw it.>>I don’t know, I don’t know
how Finn Balor overcomes this. I honestly don’t. [MUSIC]

17 thoughts on “Finn Bálor vs. Dolph Ziggler: SmackDown LIVE, July 30, 2019

  1. hahahaaha fin balllllllorrrr does. Not expecta bray wyatt da fiend and big. Show is still dead because of. BRAY wyattttttt

  2. The Fiend is going to be unstoppable just look at the talent oozing out of him and he has a terrifying presence too

  3. Not to take anything away from Dolph, but I think the fiend should have attacked him after he won and was making his way out. A statement of "im not helping anyone, I hate all" and leaving carnage in his wake. I think that would have been a stronger message then just costing Finn the match. Just my 2 cents 🙂

  4. I think they should just turn Balor heel. The whole reason Bullet Club exists is because Devitt turned heel and he needed more than one heater.

  5. This is so painful as a Finn Balor fan. He's such a great talent heck created the bullet club. And the crowd can't get behind him. I think he needs to leave so he can regroup. Maybe SummerSlam will be his last match before a break.

  6. So we're calling Delphi's Superkick Sweet Chin Music now huh? How about a real passing of the torch type thing between them?

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