Facts You Never Knew About Heath Ledger’s Joker

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100 thoughts on “Facts You Never Knew About Heath Ledger’s Joker

  1. Sorry but the hospital scene was scripted. Also “the hospital scene was not scripted-it was HEALTH” nice fucking one

  2. Hello!!
    I love your YouTube channel n a big fan too…
    But i see wrong spelling at 6:29
    I has to b 'HEATH' not HEALTH.😋

  3. I’m pretty sure they offered him the batman role and he turned it down because he didn’t want to be in those films.

  4. Heath was really good
    He was my favorite, Jared Leto probably is in second place bescuse he took heaths performance and added his own touch

  5. Christian bale is the worst & horrible Batman! 😏 Heath was the best, he stole the lead!👏👏👏👏👏RIP Heath😪

  6. Heath decision on doing his own makeup was the best decision ever! I mean, look at Jared Letto's make up as Joker, it was so "makeup artist" look.

  7. Madan gowri 😁!?so this was your content !? Periya alu thambi neenga control c control v and voice translation ha ha ha

  8. Am I the only one that imagined people on set watching heath fiddle with the remote thinking "what the hell is he doing?" then three seconds later crapping their pants.

  9. The thing that pisses me off is how people think he overdosed due to declining mental health after he played the Joker because that was NEVER the case. In fact, Joker wasn’t even his last role. His last movie was The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasses. They did a scene in the rain for a few days straight and he got pneumonia. He took a bunch of prescriptions drugs + oxycodone. He mixed them to try and cure his pneumonia and died of cardiac arrest.

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  11. Heath DIDN'T want to play Batman, because he thought he'd make a terrible HERO…. So he chose Joker.

    You dumbass better start doing your homework!!!!

  12. This is sadly the cost it takes to be great. It has to look so real that is actually real because our mind is very complex is not well to Play with it

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