Fábio & Nuno 68 Did You Guys Sleep With Briefs? (EN.ES.FR)

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Speak! – Calm down, I’ve got a headache… – Don’t change subject, André! – I’m not doing that! Nothing happened! Especially what you’re thinking! – Do you think I’m stupid? Do you? – Of course not, Rute! I can explain! – You’ve done the worst thing you could have done to me! And then, you decide to lie to my face! – I didn’t do anything! At least, nothing of what you’re thinking. – I caught you sleeping with Fábio! In the bed?!?!? – Oh, pal… Rute. That’s the only thing you saw! Ok? Calm down! I don’t know why you’re like that? I’d never sleep with André! Please?!?! – Oh, yeah… It looks like life can really change, right? – What? – Rute?!?!… Rute, Fábio is telling the truth: We sleep together, but nothing happened! RUTE, WAIT! – André, go after her, please! And lower your voices! I’ve got an headache… Where did she get that idea? Damn it! – Rute, wait! – Leave me alone! – Let me explain! – No, I already got it all! – What happened? – A misunderstanding… – Do you wanna talk? – I’m sorry, but I don’t understand why did you guys sleep on the same bed, neither!… – Pal, because we fell asleep. – We got home so drunk, that I couldn’t even climb to my bunk. – Yeah, we didn’t even notice… I guess… – But, did you guys sleep with briefs? – Sure! What do you mean? – Fábio, sometimes people don’t recall everything… – What? Say something, please! We didn’t do anything, right? Tell me! – Fábio, breathe! If something had happened, we’d remember. – Oh!… Sure… How stupid of me… I think so, too! Spare me! But, there’s a lot of people suspecting, now! – I just asked, Fábio… – We got here and we fell asleep! That’s it! No drama! We slept on the same bed, but nothing happened! Is it understandable? – Ok, ok… But, Rute didn’t make that assumption… – She didn’t even wanna hear me. – Yes, pal… I think it’s very strange! Why would she think that about me? Especially me? Out of the blue? Besides, you guys are the only ones who know about me. – Fábio, you perfectly know that Rute has a lot of insecurities about André’s bisexuality! – That’s it! – And this situation didn’t help! – Oh! Ok… That’s better! Because… If she thought that out of the blue… It’d be a little bit weird… – André, you must have a lot of patience… Rute felt totally hurt and deceived… – And I did nothing wrong, for a change… – Good morning! – Only for you! – Oh… Where are we going? – To out of here! – This is a sign, showing that I really have to talk to Rute. – Go ahead! You just have to speak the truth! – That would be good… – I knew this would happen! I had the feeling that he’d wanna be with a boy again… – Oh, Rute: But, with Fábio? That’s impossible. – Oh… Yeah, sure! – Can we talk? – Isabel, let’s go? – Are you gonna ignore me? – Let’s go? – Rute, I’m sorry to say this… But… I even felt sorry for André. Why don’t you listen to him? – I can’t even look to his face! How could I listen to him? – I understand, but even though, you should listen to him. If you don’t believe him then, or if you decide not to forgive him, that’s another thing. – Yeah… Besides, he’ll have the shooting for the commercial… – Yes, he must be really down… – I’m dead due to this hangover! – Oh, tell me about it. I feel like my head is about to explode and I didn’t take anything for the hangover. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make the commercial, later. – What? André, don’t you even think about that! I mean, after all the work we had? You’re kidding me! You’ll go! Even if I have to force you to go! Got it? By the way, I didn’t understand why didn’t you tell me that you had nothing for the hangover. Take this! It’s gonna be good for you. – Thank you. – By the way… How’s everything with Rute? – Oh, Bad!… She doesn’t even wanna listen to me. She doesn’t believe me. – All I needed now, was to be part on a love triangle! Amazing! – Do you want me to talk to her? – No! No way! – I just don’t understand why does she think that me & you… It has nothing to do! Besides, she doesn’t know that I’m… Anyway. – I’m sorry, Fábio… – “Sorry”?… About what? Look… Did you?… Did you tell her? – It was not my intention… – What??? Are you kidding me? I can’t believe you told her, André!!! – Calm down! – “Calm down”? How can I be calm? Why did you tell her? Explain to me! – I told you: I didn’t mean to… Don’t worry… Rute won’t tell anybody… – Sure! I won’t worry! I also didn’t have to worry about you, right? And look where it led me? – Very well, very well! I liked it a lot! You were all finely tuned! Of course you guys need to work more, but you’ll get there! – Thank you so much, teacher. We’d like to come here tomorrow, to rehearse again. Can you come too? – Yes! – Great! We need all the help we can get. – Then, see you tomorrow! – CIAO, TEACHER! ” You And Your Big Mouth… ” – Rute!… Wait… Can we talk for a little bit? – Mariana, if it’s about André, it’s not worth… – I’m just asking you to listen to me. It’s not that hard to do, is it? – Ok, let’s go… – Let’s go! – Tell, me: What’s wrong now? – Besides this big headache which I’ve got, I guess Mariana is talking to Rute… – Well, maybe she’ll listen to her. – It’d be a start… – I hope she asks her to keep my secret… You and your big mouth… – Seriously… I don’t want you to think that I’m being nosy… – I understand the fact that you’re on his side. – Rute, it’s not a matter of “sides”… André is my friend and I don’t wanna see him sad. – I’d also like things to be different. Actually, if there’s somebody who would like that, that person is me! – Then, you have to see properly what happened! – But, I saw, Mariana! I saw it! Nobody told me!… Oh, I can’t have a good reaction to this… Don’t you see that this is my worst nightmare coming true? – Rute, he didn’t do anything. – You’re defending him without reason, Mariana… – If André had done something wrong, I wouldn’t be here talking to you. I’d be at home giving him a lesson! – I know what I saw! – You saw two friends who happen to fell asleep in the same bed! What’s wrong with that? You didn’t see anything else! – Fortunately, right? – Rute… Seriously: Nothing happened. – How can you be so sure? Tell me! – I know him! And I also know Fábio! And I swear that I believe: If they tell me that nothing happened, then nothing happened! Rute, you should believe more in your boyfriend… – Put yourself on my shoes… – I understand that this is a very delicate issue for you, but you have to believe in André. – I don’t know… I got in shock when I saw them together! – But, you didn’t even let André explain himself!?! He told me that you guys have always spoke! Why is it different now? – Because now we are the ones on this situation! We can’t manage to talk! You see? Each time I look at him I just feel like crying! – Then, cry! Cry and yell! Tell him all you want to! – It’s easy for you to say what to do… – Maybe you’ll be upset with me, but: By now, you should know André better than anyone else… And you should trust him more than anyone else. – I was unfair, wasn’t I? I thought about myself again! Only about myself! – You’re still in time! – Now, I’m sure he’s the one who doesn’t wanna talk to me! – There’s nothing like trying! Besides, today is the commercial shooting… The less problems he has, the better! – That’s right… The commercial shooting is really important for him… – And you don’t wanna feel guilty, if it goes wrong for him, right? – I’m gonna talk to him! I’m really sorry about all of this. I should have listened to you, but I was shocked when I saw you in the bed with Fábio! – Even though, you should have listened to me! – I regret my reaction, that’s why I’m here. – Sure: because Mariana spoke to you! – Yes, she called me to reason and made me see that I was being really unfair. – I see… – She’s right: you’d never do such thing to me! And certainly not with Fábio. Because… Nothing happened, right? – That’s what I’ve tried to tell you! – And I believe you! I do! – You know what hurts me the most? The fact that you need somebody other than me to make you see it! You’re not able to believe me! Unless somebody else tells you exactly what I told you! – I already told you I’m sorry, André… – And you surely have reasons for that! You’re my girlfriend, Rute! You’re my best friend and you don’t even believe in me!?! – It was my insecurities… I believed you, André!… Seriously… I’m sorry. – I’m sorry, but I’m still too much hurt… – Yes, I got it… But, what does that mean? – I’m not a toy, Rute! – I know! – Then, you should also know that I’m sick of trying to prove that I like you! – But, I know that you like me!…. And that’s really comforting… – It doesn’t seem so… You get suspicious by minimal things! – André, I already apologized a thousand times… I was a fool, I let myself be driven by my fears… I believed in something that wasn’t real… – Rute, I know all of that, but I just can’t manage this, right now! Seriously. – Please, André. Please! – Seriously, I need to think… And I guess you should do the same, once you’re full of uncertainties… – But, I’m totally sure… That I adore you!… – It doesn’t look like that. Excuse me, but I better be going. I don’t wanna be late for the commercial shooting. – Hey! What’s up? – I’m such a fool, Isabel!… – Don’t say that! – But, I am! I’ve spoiled it all again! – I told you to listen to him! – Yes, you did…. – But, you didn’t even give him a chance to justify himself… – That’s true… It’s all my fault… – It is, this time. I’m sorry to say this, but it’s the truth. – Look, yesterday I wanted to ask André how was the commercial, but I couldn’t. He got home so late! – Yeah… – Do you think he’s awake already? But, he’s in the bathroom for how long? – I don’t know. I’m not clocking it… – Didn’t he say a word? – No. Nothing about the commercial. Nothing about the fight with Rute… – Weird… – “Weird”? Do you really think so? I don’t find it weird at all! Mariana, I’d be the last person he’d talk about that, don’t you think? – About what? – Rute! – Oh, don’t be a fool! – Mariana, excuse me, but I’m not being “a fool”! I just suddenly became “the other” from this whole story, right? Well, life changes itself in mysterious ways! Damn it! – You’re being a fool again! – Yeah, but I helped him to win that commercial! The least he could do, would be to tell me how was it! I guess… – Do you think he’s upset with you? – I don’t know… Well, I don’t think so. I mean, I guess he didn’t tell me, just because he arrived home very late, yesterday night. – Oh, I’m so curious! He’s taking too long there!…. – Oh, finally, André! – You’re always in a hurry to go to the toilet! – Actually, we were waiting for you to tell us how was it yesterday! – Oh, yes! Tell us! Did they dress you with an outstanding outfit? – You were the best, I’m sure! – I’m sorry… Don’t take it personally, but I’m gonna get dressed… – Everyone is crazy, today! – André is really down with this issue with Rute…

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