Every WWE Wrestler Appearance in Marvel Movies

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– [Zach] There are two things
in life that are awesome, wrestling and superheroes and when they come together
that’s pretty sweet. As Marvel started putting
out more and more movies, we began seeing wrestlers
popping up in them. Let’s look at every appearance by a member of the squared circle and
see what they’re like. This first one is a favorite of mine and it’s found in the
2002 “Spider-Man” film. Towards the beginning of the movie, Peter Parker becomes
familiar with his powers and decides to enter
a wrestling tournament to make some money. The wrestler he goes up
against is Bonesaw McGraw played by Macho Man Randy Savage. Some of the best parts are just seeing him
performing wrestling moves and of course hearing his famous line. – Bonesaw is ready!
(audience cheering) – Oh yeah, woo! – [Zach] Finally, Spider-Man
gets into the ring and to his surprise, it’s
gonna be a cage match. This movie was ahead of
its time because Spider-Man starts doing high spots
as soon as the bell rings. Bonesaw gets the upper hand when he grabs ahold of a steel chair and slams the superhero
into the sides of the cage. The matchup comes to an end when Spider-Man gives
the Macho Man’s character a few kicks and flips him into the ropes. Interesting way to finish a match. Being a wrestling fan,
there’s a lot I could nit pick but at the end not only does Spider-Man not cover Bonesaw but Bonesaw’s shoulders aren’t even on touch the mat. I’m just messing around. Overall, this is an awesome appearance by an awesome wrestler
in an awesome movie! This next appearance is by a wrestler you may not be familiar with. In the first “X-Men”
movie, Wolverine and Rogue are driving through Canada
when they get ambushed by Sabretooth, who’s played
by WCW wrestler Big Sky. Sabretooth destroys Wolverine
in their first encounter and it ends up being Storm
and Cyclops who make the save. Big Sky’s character
appears throughout the film but his final scene comes
when he and Wolverine have a rematch on top of
the Statue of Liberty. Sabertooth puts up a good fight but he ultimately gets blasted by Cyclops which causes him to fall
and crash through a boat. Now, here’s a wrestler you’re
probably more familiar with. In the third entry in the “Blade” series, “Blade: Trinity”, Triple H plays a vampire named Jarko Grimwood. Kinda like with Sabretooth,
The Game’s character is mainly a henchman for the
main villains of the film. Now, don’t take that the wrong way. Triple H is amazing in this movie! There’s a scene in the
early portion of the film where he’s in a police station and he chokes out Ryan Reynolds and starts shooting up the place. At the end, when the heroes are escaping, Triple H starts chasing
them and just take a look. ♪ Die for what you got ♪ ♪ Got a crew of killers ♪ – Abby.
♪ Behind me, I’m grimey ♪ (Jarko shouting)
♪ I’m one of the big body ♪ ♪ Blowin’ cushions where you can find me ♪ (Jarko grunts) – I am so turning running
vampire Triple H into a gif after this is done. He also just has some great lines in this film. Keep in mind this is
the man who is currently one of the Executive Vice Presidents of a publicly-traded,
multi-billion-dollar company. – Hey (bleeps) face. You seen my dog? They pretty much (bleeping) raped us. And when the (bleep) did
you see my (bleeping) face. (kick thudding) (Hannibal grunting) – But probably
(dramatic music) Triple H’s best moment in this movie is towards the end when
he once again faces off against Ryan Reynolds. Do you wanna know what
makes this scene awesome? Triple H hits two wrestling moves. The first is a running powerslam and the second is his
signature knee facebreaker. I would have loved it if they got a pedigree in there but I’ll take what I can get. It eventually looks like
the Cerebral Assassin is about to finish off the
future Detective Pikachu. Just at the last second,
Ryan Reynolds’ character, who’s named Hannibal King, by the way, sneaks a light bomb into the
vampire’s teeth and kills him. Cool little behind-the-scenes
fact for you, the producers of the
movie were so impressed by Triple H’s work ethic that
they added extra lines for him just so you’d have a larger role and I’m so glad they did. 2004 was just the year of
wrestlers in Marvel films as another one shows up in “The Punisher”. The movie’s villain wants
to kill Frank Castle aka the Punisher, so he hires the Russian to get the job done and he’s played by Kevin Nash! The Russian really beats
the crud out of the Punisher and as they continue to
fight, it starts to feel like a hardcore match straight
out of the Attitude Era. One of my favorite parts is when Punisher chucks a grenade at the
Russian while shielding himself inside the bathroom and Nash’s character just bats the grenade back inside. The fight finally comes to
an end when the Punisher chucks boiling water at the Russian and breaks his neck while
they fall down some stairs. It’s definitely not the
best appearance on this list but it’s still a cool action scene. Also, while filming, Kevin
Nash was accidentally stabbed with a real knife but
the WWE Hall of Famer was so excited, he didn’t
notice he was bleeding until the scene was over. Now that’s taking no selling
to a whole new level. Appearance probably isn’t the right term for this next one but we’ll roll with it. In 2014, Batista was cast as Drax in “Guardians of the Galaxy”. The heroes first encounter him when they are imprisoned in the Kyln. They get off to a rough start but Drax eventually joins up with them to form the Guardians of the Galaxy. Batista has by far gotten
the greatest exposure out of all the wrestlers to have appeared in the Marvel films. To put it in prospective,
The Animal has shown up in the same amount of Marvel movies as all the previous wrestlers combined. On top of that, Drax just
has some of the best lines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. – There are two types of
beings in the universe. Those who dance and those who do not. (emotional music) (Mantis grunts)
(fire ball thuds) Mantis, look out! – It’s beautiful.
(gentle music) – And so are you on the inside. – Probably my favorite
(dynamic music) Drax moment is this one from “Infinity War”. – But my movement is so slow that’s it’s imperceptible. – No. – [Zach] I guess he graduated from the John Cena School of Invisibility. Now that the Marvel
Universe has been covered, check out all the wrestler
appearances in DC’s Arrowverse. I’m Zach from Tap Out
Corner and have a good day.

100 thoughts on “Every WWE Wrestler Appearance in Marvel Movies

  1. I've been a wrestling fan since 98-99 and I've NEVER heard of this Big Sky character… Did he ever go by any other names while wrestling that I might be familiar with?

  2. Also, did you say that HHH's character was named 'Drako' Grimwood?… bc I believe it's Jarko Grimwood. You have it surely correctly if you turn on your captions but I don't believe you said it right… unless I'm just heading it incorrectly.

    Also also, at 3:11 into the video, it kinda sounds like you said 'light bulb' instead of 'light bomb' like, again, it says in the captions if you have them turned on.

    … and finally, was Macho Man the first WWE wrestler to appear in a Marvel movie?… bc the original Spider-man came out in '02 n Blade Trinity came out in '04. That Big Sky dude that played Sabertooth in the original X-Men movie, which came out in 2000, was a WCW wrestler. (or he was at least in the lil shot you showed in this video)
    … and yes, I know I'm 2000 the Macho Man was wrestling in WCW but at least he used to be in the WWE, back when it was called WWF but it's still the same thing… am I right about this or had another wrestler snuck underneath my 👃 nose??? lol

  3. Maybe if Sony reboots Spider man after taking him back will we see wrestlers like Luke Gallows or Daniel Bryan??

  4. Back in a day, I watched Blade trinity only because of Triple H. I was so disappointed to see him reduced to playing a henchman. The main villian comparatively looked so weak and just didn't have that presence. Wish Triple H played the main villian. Kind of hated third instalment of Blade mainly because of that

  5. Rey mysterio also appeared as Freddy Krueger in freddy vs Jason but he only appeared on the stunts
    He was the stunt double

  6. No mention of Shad Gaspard (Cryme Tyme) in Black Panther? He played the leader of T'challa's rival tribe (forgot his actual name)

  7. The First wrestler to appear in a Marvel work was Tosh Togo AKA Oddjob who appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man (TV Series)
    from 1978,
    just a fun fact 😊

  8. You should do TV and general Movies next! The Rock and Jeff Hardy came out in That 70’s show and let’s not forget how stacked The Longest Yard cast was with wrestlers!

  9. I mean, Drax was standing there for an hour and they didn't notice him until he was munching on his snack. I'm impressed lol

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