Equipment for a Boxing Corner Man : Using Corner Tote Bags for Boxing Equipment

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Not only is it important to have all the proper
equipment ready, but to have it in a more organized type fashion. So the first thing
we’re going to look at is having a good corner tote. When you go to the ring with your assistant,
you want to make sure that you have everything readily available in a nice compact package.
What I like to use is a corner tote with two sections. One of the sections we’re going
to be reserving for actually the boxer can spit out the excess water and anytime we do
any rinsing, we can rinse in this side. So we’ve wrote spit in there and we try to keep
everything out of there and keep everything else in the other side dry. So the corner
tote is going to be able to hold your water, your ice packs, Vaseline, a lot of things.
And the way this one is designed, you can actually set it right down on to the rope
of the ring and that way when your assistant is there, the coach that’s in the ring actually
has more readily available to him. He doesn’t have to be looking for everything. Its sitting
right there where he can get at it pretty easily. There you have it, the corner tote.

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