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I’m Josh Guyan. I’m a wildlife cameraman and I’m here in the Congo Basin the second largest tropical rainforest on the planet My mission? To show you biodiversity in action The Congo Basin is the green heart of Africa it covers over 500 million acres across six different countries and tens of thousands of species call this place home I don’t think I’m going to find all of those but I’m going to try as hard as I can to find as many as possible This huge variety of different species and the places they live is what we call biodiversity and it’s so important We often talk about saving individual species like Gorillas and Elephants but actually they’re just one piece of a huge puzzle Currently, the world’s biodiversity is declining rapidly We’re not just losing cute animals we’re losing reliable sources of food, fresh water and clean air In fact, it’s likely that we won’t know many of the consequences until it’s too late I don’t know about you but I find that quite worrying Ecosystems are complicated and fragile things that rely on interactions between different species to keep them functioning properly and that is what I’m here to explore I’ll be staying with Odzala Discovery Camps during my time here where I’ll be tracking gorillas through the forest we found the silverback he’s massive checking out cool insects getting my feet wet exploring these amazing bais and even trying to catch a glimpse of the elusive forest elephant I really hope that you’re as curious as I am about the Congo Basin so stick around for this adventure by subscribing to this YouTube channel right now and I’ll see you all next week

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