[ENGSUB] TharnType The Series | EP.5 [4/4]

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You guys seem close lately. It’s just your imagination. I’m not imagining things. Take Tharn, for example. His faculty is far off but he chose to have lunch here. Is that strange? Can’t I eat here? No, it’s not strange.
You guys seem close, that’s all. By the way, Type. Don’t you hate gays anymore? Let’s pretend I didn’t say that. It’s the matter between you two anyway. I still do. But I don’t hate Tharn. What do you mean? Lately, you’ve been… curiously nosy, No. Well. I’m just curious. By the way, you two. Are you hiding something from me? I’d better go.
Don’t want to be late for class. Type, are you finished? Let me put your dish away. Just hurry up.
Yesterday, you were late, too. I was late because of you. I’m off. What? Why was he late because of you? He set an alarm clock. And the sound was very annoying. So, I turned it off and he woke up late. That’s it. Hey, guys. What are you eating?
Why didn’t you invite me? All you care about is food, Champ. Come on. There are not many important things in my life. Are you skipping class? I’m too lazy for morning class.
And I still have my absence quotas. Awesome. Then, I’m skipping, too. Count me out. I’m out of quotas. Listening to prof’s complaint is better than skipping. – I’m off.
– Okay. Wait. Do you have plans for this evening?
Let’s have dinner. At a new restaurant behind campus.
I’ve heard the foods are great. All you really care about is food, Champ. How about this? If you treat us… – We’ll go.
– Yeah. – You know me.
– Big spender, of course. – Split the bill only.
– Dang it! So, are you in? Sure. I’ll call you after class. – I’m off.
– See you. What? My plan works, No. What plan? My friend wants to meet Type. Is your friend… a girl or a guy? A girl, of course! Why would a guy want to meet him? You’re so weird. Good for him, though.
He’s been through a lot lately. Introducing him a girl sounds good. I’ll go buy some food. Be right back. P’ Tharn. P’ Tharn in the flesh! You are my idol. I really worship you. Well… Thank you so much. You’re quite good. So? What else do you have for us? Show your idol some awesome skills. Sure, I will show you. Come on. Hey, No! Type! Over here. Okay. They are my high school friends. Mai and Puifai. I met them by chance.
So, I asked to sit with them. You guys don’t mind, right? Too late to ask that. Well. The table is set up. And you already ordered the foods, too. Well, I ordered them for you. Oh, my name is Techno. You can call me No for short. And this is Type. Are you guys from the same faculty? Same faculty but different majors. Oh. That means you are all taking science classes. So smart. That’s not true. Look at me. I’m stupid. Yeah, he is right. You are an exception. Even though I don’t study science, I am observant. Do you like yellow curry, Type? It’s actually called “sour curry” in my hometown. Southern people call this dish sour curry? Yes, but I prefer fish kidney curry. Come on, time to eat. Let’s eat. Okay. Woah. Isn’t it spicy, Type? He is from the South. He used to tell me… his mom always cooks curry with a handful of chilis. Wow. More like a basketful. I want to try it. Do you have the recipe? Fai, you like to cook, don’t you? Why don’t you exchange LINE IDs?
Type might have tasty recipes. Do it now. Go on. Come on. Can I have your LINE ID, then? My family loves Southern food. Added. Thank you. Do we still have class today? Yes. Whose class is it? I haven’t checked. Have you finished the assignment? Who do you think I am? We’re leaving. Okay, take care. See you later. Okay. Bye bye. Bye bye. Bye bye. Puifai likes you. I know. Man, you’re so confident. Of course, I am. He should be, though. She asked for his LINE ID. So, does my friend have a chance? I should be the one to ask you that question. Does she have a boyfriend? She’s so cute. No, she is totally single. She just broke up with her ex boyfriend.MaiWhat’s up?Hello, Champ. What are you doing?Boxing.Again?Yeah. You need something?Nothing. I just want to talk to someone.You sure have a lot of free time.Oh right, let’s hang out again when you have time.Sure, just tell me when.Really?Huh? Why do I have to lie? Who else is going?Why do you bring up other people?You want to hang out, don’t you? Who else did you invite?Gosh, when will you get the idea?Why are you mad? Huh? What’s wrong with her? Oh, Type. Where have you been? You came back late. I ate out with Champ and No. And you? What are you doing? Hanging your clothes. Hanging my clothes? I just finished doing my laundry. So, I took your clothes to wash, too. If you mind… you can rewash them. If I minded, I wouldn’t have come back to sleep here. Want to do more than just sleeping? Prick. One minute you speak nicely, and the next you talk dirty. Instead of scolding me, you should be thanking me. Thanks. What? I’m going to take a shower.What are you doing, Type?I’m about to sleep. But I couldn’t.Why? Are you not feeling well?No, I’ve been thinking of you.Are you saying… Type is hooked on a girl? Is this your condo? Looks nice. Do you want to come up? You have someone else, right? You and I are just sex friends. I can have sex with anybody. And it’s none of your business. I guess it’s easier this way. When I’m horny… I just fuck you.

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  1. Although sub its a little messed up but totally this bring us the feeling of the thought within it….thanks for the effort 🥰

  2. thanks for the English sub…although is messed up..but I preferred this than nothing.. atleast I know what they say….god bless

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