[ENG]Diet routine | 급찐 살 빼는 다이어트 루틴 5가지

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Hi, Everyone. It’s Youna Jung, from Ulael TV. Today. I’m going to show you guys, my diet routine. In fact, the reason why I recording this is, Recently, I thought that I need to lose my weight.. So, I’m giving you excuses that I need to let you know my diet tips. My special routine for losing weight! Let’s check it out. In the morning, I do the aerobic excercise first. I turned the attic into a mini-gym. Here’s a treadmill, and I put a Yoga mat too. When I wake up, I run on the treadmill for an hour. When I have time, I do squats or light muscle exercises. Or If I’m starving, I just have breakfast after aerobic. (Song selection is important) Aerobic for 60minutes CLEAR! 4 sets of 15 squats light stretches 4 sets of 20 Kick Backs Now I have to eat and go out for schedule. My diet is meat. I usually eat meat as a diet. There is always beef in my refrigerator. I have pork too, but it has grease in it. So if you want pork, I recommend pork neck. Cut it into this size. The meat is ripening deliciously. Finally, sprinkle this parsley. Then, it has a fragrant aroma, like restaurant’s dishes. Sometimes, it’s not a diet tips, but a cooking show. lol The meat is little greasy. I have diet supplements together. Not only for meat, whatever I eat, I take these supplements. (All Clear) (Take supplements after meal) I’d like to introduce my items for losing weight. These guys are called, ‘Pinky’, and ‘Greeny’. They are my favorite items. If you’re interested in diet, you’ve seen it at least once. I’ve tried this and that. I found out about this product late, and I tried it. It definitely works. In the case of pinky, the main ingredient is garcinia. So if you eat before meals, you can cut calories. This green one contains green tea. It prevents body fat from accumulating when you eat fatty foods. and it’s a great help for bowel movements. As you’ve seen earlier, I eat meat and protein the most. Balancing between protein and carbs is also important. As I eat irregularly, I often eat only meat. In that case, I can lose weight, but have problems with bowel moves. This greeny helps me a lot in that sense. Of course, exercise and diet are important but, It certainly works in conjunction with diet supplements. So I always carry them in my bag. (processing the schedule) (Moving by car all day long..) Because of schedule, I’m moving here and there. I can’t have meals during this. So I always carry these substitutes for meals. You can pour water or Soymilk in it and eat it. Really comfie when you eat this in cars. Take the water with this. Put some water in this. (Shake it × 2) Skipping meals brings you an imbalance. When you’re busy, this will be a solution. And it’s a little high in calories at 230..! You can have this when you need sugar urgently. Sometimes I really don’t want to work out alone. I have a weakness for wills.. I visit special place when I need wills. I was looking for activities that several people can do together. I found exciting ‘EDM’ boxing gym! I have been here for about two years. This place looks like dance club. Totally a club. Hello~~ I’m recording it for Youtube.. Drink bar in gym a place for boxing They are taking classes now. Actually, this is my first visit after renovation of this place. Woah. This place is awesome. It’s gym and boxing club at the same time. Everyone is excercising hard.. NOT a dancing club. You don’t need to bring your sportswear separately. You can borrow clothes. This is my gloves and shoes. The dressing room is a secret.. (Exercising hard) Going crazy on punching bag!!!! (Can’t say a word…) (I almost lost my mind) My EDM boxing is over. My EDM boxing is over.
– It was so hard… Anyway, I just showed you my diet routine. When it’s hard for you to work out alone, you can come to a fun place like this. I think it’ll be double effective. I hope my diet routine will help you out a little. Thanks for watching today. Good bye-

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