EDDIE HEARN on Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz Jr. | Boxing at William Hill

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I’ve had to make some… Some decisions myself like, almost personal decisions. When you’ve got a guy who’ll fight anyone it’s almost up to me to go out there and say “ok, so who’s real?” So we quickly found out Luis Ortiz was a waste of time. We quickly found out that other people were a waste of time. Quickly found out that others weren’t really ready but would take it for the money. We quickly found out others that I didn’t personally feel were good enough to be in the ring that night. And Speaking to people personally and individually I found a guy who has a tonne of spunk, who has very fast hands, who has operated at a high level, who arguable should already be world champion. And although aesthetically he may not be the best looking heavyweight in the world I believe in terms of the fighters that are genuinely available this is the one that’ll give AJ the toughest test. And this is the one that’ll give us the most
entertaining fight. And that was important for me. If you… Theoretically had a hit list of six. Where was Ruiz at the start? At the start? Two… Or three. After who? Ortiz? Yeah, Ortiz. Ortiz was always the first shot. But who would you have had instead of Ruiz if you could have had…? Probably no one. All the feedback I’m getting from the boxing community is this is a much tougher fight that Jarrell Miller. Because he’s similar in many respects, but Ruiz has much faster hands, and he’s better on the inside. So really it was Ortiz, Ruiz, Hunter, and then we talk about the other guys Kabayel, Bryan, Charr. Hunter was well in it for a while. I just didn’t feel that that fight would have been that great a fight. Hunter’s a brilliant fighter. But I just think coming up to heavyweight, he’s gonna move a lot and I want a guy who’s gonna come and have a tear up, he’s gonna come light up
Madison Square Gardens on June 1. And of course, Andy Ruiz does have the added carrot of he would become Mexico’s first ever world champion
if he could win this.

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  1. A ton of spunk and fast hands? Sounds like my typical night in……………. God I'm lonely, somebody love me?

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