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My name’s Mark,
I’m an alcoholic Dorothy T.,
and I am an alcoholic. [Justin]
For so long alcohol had
sort of been there for me to sort of see me
through social situations. [Victoria]
Drinking was more important
than anything else. [Dorothy]
My journey in A.A.
started years ago when I reached the outside
limits of my desperation. [Victoria]
I really wanted
to quit drinking I just couldn’t stop on my own. And you know. I remember when I woke up on the day that I got sober I felt something inside of me tell me that I could go to A.A. [Justin]
These people, you know, just gathered around me; that was the Fellowship
in action in my life. [Danielle]
The moral of my
story today is that A.A. has never let me down. Ever. [Victoria]
If I carry any
sort of message with my story it’s that, you know,
keep coming back and that
this thing does work. [male announcer]
If you have
a problem with alcohol contact A.A. It works.

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