Dennis Knifchief vs Shadi Shawareb

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Welcome back to the Quantum CBD H2O Rumble
at Remington presented by Sailor Jerry this night, brought to you by HD Boxing and this
is six rounds in the middleweight division. One of our favorites here at HD Boxing is
getting ready to enter the ring, Dennis KnifeChief. He’s taking on Shadi Shawareb in tonight’s
co-featured main event. Joining us ringside, Darrin Humprey. Darrin, what should we expect tonight? Darrin: Goodness, it’s always going to be
a tough exciting fight with Dennis Knifechief. Like you mentioned, he’s an exciting fighter. I’m glad to be back watching him. Once again, he’s always taking a tough fight. Andrew: He is and he’s a fan favorite, so
much fun to watch. I think the fighters are ready. Let’s go up in the ring to Thomas Treiber. Thomas: Ladies and gentlemen, from Weddington
Park in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, this bout is scheduled for six rounds in the junior
middleweight division, brought to you by HD Boxing along with their great sponsor, Sailor
Jerry Rum. Our three judges scoring will be Sarah Atwood,
David Sutherland, and Gerald Ritter. Our referee in charge, third man in the ring
will be Gary Ritter. [bell ring]
Thomas: Introducing to you first, fighting tonight out of the blue corner, he’s wearing
black with red and white and weighed in at 139 pounds. Hailing from right here Oklahoma City, his
professional record consists of nine wins, two defeats, two draws with five of his nine
wins coming by way of knockout. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Shadi
‘The Shotgun’ Shawareb. [bell ring]
Thomas: His opponent across the ring fighting tonight out of the red corner. He’s wearing white with silver and weighed
in at 151 pounds. Hailing front Pawnee, Oklahoma, he is fighting
out of the Western Avenue Boxing Gym and has a professional record consisting of 10 wins,
7 defeats with 5 of his 10 wins coming by way of knockout. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Dennis ‘The
Pawnee’ Knifechief. [applause]
[bell ring] Gary: Okay, gentlemen, we’re going six rounds. You got your instructions earlier. Give us a spirited, clean fight. Protect yourself at all times. Obey my commands. Both your trunks are good. Touch your gloves, bang at the bell. Andrew: Here we go. This is a junior middleweight bout. Dennis Knifechief, a fan favorite here at
Remington Park in Oklahoma City, taking on Shadi Shawareb, who is fighting out of the
blue corner. He’s wearing the black trunks with the red
rim. Darrin, these guys– You look at the records,
they’re pretty evenly matched. What do you think going in? Darrin: Well, yes, they are. I think coming in– Shawareb, obviously, came
up in weight to fight Knifechief, which surprises me. He actually looks like the heavier fighter
to me. Andrew: He does. He does look thicker through the midsection. Darrin: I would agree. He certainly looks like the stronger fighter. With both of these guys coming forward and
Knifechief being a southpaw, there is a potential for a head cut. Andrew: Knifechief working off his southpaw
stance, but Shawareb initiating the action. However, we know from Knifechief, because
we’ve seen him fight several times, that sometimes it takes getting tagged to get his motor going. Darrin: Right. A lot of times it’ll take him a round or two
to get going, like you said, to get hit hard. The way Shawareb’s bringing the fight to him,
that might happen here in this first round. Andrew: Yes. Some of those punches are going to land eventually. They’re coming awfully close. Shawareb, throwing big shots as he works his
way inside, hasn’t landed anything too effective yet, but he’s getting awfully close. You can tell he’s closing the gap and filling
on his range. Knifechief, though, as we mentioned, sometimes,
he needs a wake-up call. Darrin: Yes, perhaps. Shawareb is coming in with his head, leaning
out, coming forward and he better hope that Knifechief don’t set back with a lead uppercut
while he’s coming in. Andrew: Shawareb has landed hard punches. When he manages to land– Knifechief is such
a clever veteran that when Shawareb throws four punches, he thinks he’s going to land
three and only ends up landing one, it’s because Knifechief is using his experience and his
very elusive movement as he did just there slipping that left hook to avoid the punches. Darrin: Right. If you noticed there in that exchange before
this one– Good right hand there by Shawareb. Another right hand. This is that situation that a lot of people
talk about Knifechief needing before he gets going and from the looks of it, I wouldn’t
take too many of those. Andrew: Knifechief might look like he’s in
trouble, but he’s certainly weathered worst storms than this. Darrin: True. Andrew: Shawareb, very effective with that
right hand, but I’ll tell you what I’ve noticed is that Shawareb tends to come lunging in
with his chin up and Knifechief, if he can figure out the counter, he’s bound to tag
him. Darrin: Yes. Knifechief’s landed a good uppercut though
and a right hook. Andrew: Knifechief working in some good body
shots as they fight on the inside. Knifechief really has seen it all and you’re
probably not going to do much to surprise him, but Shawareb, giving a very impressive
showing here in round one. Darrin: Yes, Shawareb landed a good left hook
there at the end of the round, but I think- [silence]
Andrew: Here we go, round two of this junior middleweight fight. Dennis Knifechief– Before I can even introduce
the fighters, they are slugging toe to toe in the center of the ring, Dennis Knifechief
in the silver and white trunks and Shadi Shawareb in the red with the black trim. Shawareb has been pushing the action, Knifechief,
though, clever fighter who tends to come on in the later rounds. Darrin, how did you score round one? Darrin: That was tough round to score. I would maybe give the edge to Shawareb just
because I feel he came forward and landed the harder punches. That’s not uncommon for Knifechief to maybe
lose the first round. Andrew: Yes. He’s always been a slow-starter. I gave Shawareb round number one, the [unintelligible
00:34:06] action landed the greater punches. Darrin: Yes and he’s definitely coming forward. Andrew: He is. From the angle I just had, I can’t quite see
now, but looks like Shawareb has little mouse developing under his left eye. Darrin: Yes. I mentioned this last round, it’s just interesting
to me that Shawareb is coming up from lightweight to fight a junior middleweight or a former
Oklahoma State junior middleweight champion and Shawareb looks like the bigger fighter
to me, the stronger fighter. Andrew: He does. He’s much thicker through the shoulders, although,
Knifechief has the broader shoulders, Shawareb is thicker and has the punching power edge. Knifechief’s only successful round [unintelligible
00:34:50] at this point is, can Shawareb keep up this kind of pace for six rounds? Darrin: That’s a good point because we all
know that Knifechief can and he’s been there, done that. Andrew: Yes. Six rounds is hardly new territory to Knifechief
and though, he went eight rounds with middleweight contender Bo Gibbs, he dropped the decision-
[crosstalk] Darrin: Oh, good body shot there by Knifechief. Andrew: Very spirited fight. I think Knifechief is trying to find his rhythm
and range a little. Darrin: Yes, I would agree with that. I feel like maybe Knifechief is settling in
here. He landed a good body shot on Shawareb. Andrew: What does it do to a fighter, psychologically,
like Shawareb, when you’re landing your best shots and the guy really isn’t budging? Darrin: Right. I think a lot of fighters realize that with
Knifechief. Andrew: Knifechief takes over, dominant punches
to the body and head. Darrin: Oh, great body shot. Andrew: This is the experience that we have
been waiting for him to show all evening. He must have landed eight or nine power shots
throughout that exchange. Shawareb, much to his credit, still on his
toes and firing back gamely. We have high drama here at the end of round
two and round three is coming up. Darrin: Great ending to that round. [bell ring]
Andrew: Round three, junior middleweight action here at the Rumble at Remington Park Casino
in Oklahoma City. Dennis Knifechief in the white and silver
trunks. Shadi Shawareb in the black and red. Knifechief really taking over at the end of
round two, but Shawareb firing back. Darrin, how did you score round two? Darrin: Goodness, I don’t know that I’m prepared
to answer that. [laughs] It was a great round and there was
so much excitement in it. I would maybe give it to Knifechief because
I felt like he came back and landed the bigger, harder punches at the end of the round, but
I don’t want to take anything away from Shawareb. This is a great fight. Andrew: This is a great fight. Darrin: Exactly what we expected when it comes
to HD Boxing and MMA. Andrew: They put together some fantastic fights. This one’s- [crosstalk] now, in the junior
middleweight division. Knifechief very smartly goes to the body again. Darrin: Great body right by Knifechief. Andrew: It’s a question of how much Shawareb
can take these [unintelligible 00:37:28]. He [unintelligible 00:37:31] up against the
ropes near the blue corner, struggles to his feet at the three count. Although, referee Gary Ritter has yet to pick
the count– I’m sorry, I thought it was a knockdown. Gary: He was down. Darrin: I think he’s saying he was down when
he hit him. Wow. Andrew: Referee Gary Ritter calling in the
doctor to take a look at Shawareb, saying that Knifechief-
Dennis Knifechief: He wasn’t down. Gary: One point, fighter was down. One point, fighter was down. One point, the fighter was down. Andrew: Gary Ritter deducting a point for
hitting Shawareb after he was already down. At the same time, I didn’t see Gary Ritter
call that as a knockdown. At this point, it would have to be 10-9 round
for Shawareb. Darrin: 10-9, you’re right. Andrew: A 10-9 round. Knifechief smells blood in the water. He knows he has the momentum and lands another
hard right hand to the body. Darrin: Great left hook. Andrew: Left up top. Those body shorts. Darrin: The differences with these body shots,
Knifechief is pounding the body. Andrew: Shawareb actually turning his back
wincing as Knifechief lands those brutally powerful body shots and this is where you
see the experience of Knifechief’s Andrew: 18 fights-
Humphrey: He landed in [unintelligible 00:39:02] over here now. Andrew: – from past. Huge, huge right hand on Shawareb’s too, but
he’s still standing. Humphrey: Wow. Andrew: Got to give it to Shawareb. I don’t know what’s keeping him up. Now, look who’s turned the tables. [crowd cheers]
Andrew: Now, he is unloading on Knifechief, who needs to take a break. Shawareb, again. Just like Knifechief [unintelligible 00:39:27]
going to the body. I think Shawareb’s nose is broken [crosstalk]
his mouthpiece. The sand might be running out of the hourglass
for Shawareb here in round number three. I think he’s seriously hurt. I think he has a broken nose. He might have to finish off Knifechief in
this round to win this fight. Humphrey: Wow. What a turn of events there in the last few
seconds. Andrew: Holy cow. Both these guys eager to get at it, and this
is what makes a great fight. Both these guys, I think, believe they have
the momentum in this fight. Humphrey: I have to say, Knifechief might
be the most exciting fighter that we have here in the Oklahoma City metro. Andrew: Dennis Knifechief never disappoints. Humphrey: He takes a tough fight every time. Andrew: Always an exciting fighter. Here we have Shawareb initiating the action
with Knifechief against the ropes at the end of round three. Now, Knifechief is [crosstalk]
Humphrey: Two great warriors. [bell]
Andrew: All in a brutal round three. Round four is coming up. Darren, I have to get your take on that round. We have not seen many round threes shape up
like that one. Humphrey: Well, I’m going to need a replay. There was [chuckles] so much excitement. Wow, I think I lost track. Andrew: Very tough to score. Humphrey: I know that Knifechief had turned
the previous round. I felt Knifechief won most of this round,
but as we saw, Shawareb came back and started doing to Knifechief what Knifechief had done
to him. Andrew: Well, I thought Knifechief won the
round and when Shawareb went down, unless I’m mistaken, referee, Gary Ritter never called
it a knockdown. Humphrey: A knockdown. You’re right. Andrew: Which means the one point deducted
from Knifechief would make this [whistle] a worst case scenario, for Shawareb at 9-9
if he lost the round. Humphrey: Right. You’re right, he never did call that a knockdown. That concerns me because–
[bell] Andrew: It was a legitimate knockdown. Humphrey: Right, right. Andrew: Here we go at the beginning of round
four. Let’s see if these two fighters pick up where
they left off. Shawareb fighting with the red trunks. Dennis Knifechief with the silver and black. This has been a very, very tough fight to
score. Brutal action here at Remington Park. [crowd cheers]
Andrew: Another great fight brought to you by HD boxing. Dennis Knifechief has Shawareb in serious,
serious trouble. He is unloading heavy shots upstage into the
body. Humphrey: The difference is Shawareb is coming
back out, stepping back after an exchange and that’s when Knifechief is landing his
big shots. Commentator 1: He is but Shawareb once again
[unintelligible 00:42:17] and comes back when Knifechief needs a breather. Humphrey: Great right hand. Andrew: Shawareb carte blanche with that overhand
right. It lands at will against the
left side of the face of Dennis Knifechief. Knifechief missing there. Shawareb, nice counter, overhand right. Three, four, five, six [crosstalk] overhand
rights. Can Dennis Knifechief keep taking these? We’re barely halfway through round four. Commentator 2: Knifechief landed a great right
hook to the body which spikes Shawareb up. I think that’s a difference maybe. Commentator 1: Yes, I think Knifechief–
Commentator 2: He’s going to the body, while Shawareb is going to the head. Commentator 1: He is and Knifechief shut down
the attack with that right hand by Shawareb. This is the six-round fight. We’re in round number four and these two have
fought toe-to-toe ever since the middle of round number three. Commentator 2: Good body shot there by Shawareb. I was just talking about how he hadn’t been
going to the body. It was just a jab but I think it had an effect
on Knifechief. Commentator 1: I got to say, Shawareb, extremely
impressive as a former Oklahoma State Lightweight Champion. He’s jumping up through weight classes. This is the junior middleweight division. Commentator 2: I think the difference is,
is Knifechief just has a little bit more power from being the bigger fighter. Commentator 1: He does but when have you seen
more ebbs and flows in a fight since this one? It’s Knifechief, then it’s Shawareb, then
it’s Knifechief. It just keeps see-sawing back and forth. [crosstalk] That was a right-hand jab to the
solar plexus. Commentator 2: I would be surprised if Shawareb
gets up from that. That was a beautiful shot to the body. It’s over. I knew. It’s over. [crosstalk]
Commentator 1: It was a body shot. It was a Dennis Knifechief body shot. A right-hand to the center of the solar plexus
of Shawareb that put him down. [unintelligible 00:44:31]We’ll have the official
time coming up. Stay with us. What we just saw was the haggler horns of
Oklahoma Boxing Junior Middleweight fight toe-to-toe action through four solid rounds. Dennis Knifechief pulling off the victory
with a picture-perfect right-hand to the body of Shadi Shawareb.This is one for the ages. Let’s get the official time on the ending. Send it up in the ring to Thomas Treiber. [music]
Thomas Treiber: Ladies and gentlemen, here is the official time. Two minutes, 32 seconds of round number four,
our referee in charge Gary Ritter reaches the count of 10. Your winner by way of knockout, Dennis “the
Pawnee Express” Knifechief. Andrew Speno: Dennis Knifechief, a fan favorite,
knotting his 11th win with a KO over the very tough, very talented Shadi Shawareb who is
coming up three weight classes for this fight. Darren Humphrey, how much did that end surprise
you? Darren Humphrey: Well, I don’t know if anything
ending in a knifechief fights surprises me. He’s a fantastic fighter. He’s very exciting, definitely a fan favorite. I don’t know what more you could ask for coming
out tonight than to see a fight like that. Andrew Speno: Beautiful body punching ends
the show in our co-featured main event this evening. Dennis Knifechief knocking out Shadi Shawareb. Stick around, our main event is still coming
up. Undefeated cruiserweight contenders in the
ring, Marcus Sanchez versus Twon Smith, that’s our main event. Coming up next. Stay with us. [music]

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