Custom Teen Workouts at YMCA NSW

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Hi I’m Marilyn. I’m the health and
fitness coordinator at Mount Annan Leisure Centre; one of the YMCAs. One of the programs we run here is teen gym. Basically that’s for kids aged 11 to 15.
We help them through quite a variety of exercises. So we want to teach them the
foundations of exercise: how to exercise safely and how to socialise with other
teenagers and talking about body image and things like that. Just trying to make
teenagers feel more confident to be able to come in the gym and live healthy and
happy lives. We also do small group classes. So just a small group of
teenagers coming together. Then we take them through different activities,
whether that’s body weight start, functional movements, all the different
type of exercises you can do. It’s just a great environment for them to come
through and have a bit of a fun time and as well get fit and healthy. When you
start exercising at a young age it will become a habit and then you’ll enjoy it
more, you’ll learn, you’ll meet new people you learn new things and then you’ll
just keep doing it because you enjoy it. Everyone is so warm and so lovely and
they always talk to you when you walk past. The group atmosphere and a good
motivation stuff that everyone gives. I’ve probably been coming here, for like, a few months or so. It’s nice to, like, meet new people and, like, feel good about yourself
after you come here and had a work out with some other people and
interacted with them.

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