Counter-Punching & Boxing Defense : Keeping the Head Moving for Boxing Defense

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The next area we’re going to talk about is
keeping your head moving, keeping that chin away from the other opponent’s gloves. There’s
a lot of things in the gym that we use just to do that. The wall mounted head target mirrors
is a good way to keep your head moving, keep your head out of the mirrors. We also have
mirrors in back of the speed bags, and what that entails is as you’re punching the speed
bag, you’re switching your head back and forth, you’re helping to that bobbing and weaving.
Also, when we do our foot movement, we’re also dipping, swaying, bobbing, weaving, so
we’re also keeping our head moving at the same time. When we’re working with a rope
stretched across the room and the boxers are dipping underneath the rope back and forth,
they’re also working on head movement. So the key is keep your head moving as a puncher,
as another boxer is trying to hit you, if your head is in the same place all the time,
it’s pretty easy for them to just open up and hit you every time. If your head is moving
up and down and left and right, they’re going to be trying to punch your face, they’re going
to be trying to punch your head, and they’re going to have a lot harder time about it.
Nick is going to demonstrate a little bit on keeping that head moving a little bit.
Nick? Okay, that’s great. Just keep that head moving.

18 thoughts on “Counter-Punching & Boxing Defense : Keeping the Head Moving for Boxing Defense

  1. to novice boxers the nick guy doesnt seem to have his head movement down but you do want to keep your head moving to throw an opponent off balance. make sure your chin is tucked like mrnicguy said and keep your eyes up. but make sure your moving your head more than two inches like is shown. dont go too low either when you bob and weave because an underhook may knock you off balance and you might get a knock down against you.

  2. Rofl. He looks so stupid, like a chicken LOL.
    Fair enough, it's gonna stop him from getting hit, but after a while he's gonna get exhausted after moving like that.

    Unless he practises this shit in his sleep.


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