Coolest assisted finishing moves: WWE Top 10, Aug. 24, 2019

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[MUSIC] [SOUND] Xavier Woods can barely stand.>>And now lined up for the running knee. [SOUND] And look at this, Ryder, man. And he stunned Daniel Bryan momentarily. And look at- [SOUND]
>>Wait a second. I believe Billy Gunn is calling
world famous elevation and with the help of Chuck I think
that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that the Famouser from
a prone upside down position.>>Number one Billy Gunn. [MUSIC]>>How heinous can they be? They respect no one or nothing. [NOISE] Come on, look at this! He doesn’t even,
he doesn’t know where he is! The pedigree!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Xavier Woods. And Woods coming in to help out Kofi.>>Kofi Kingston was defenseless. He was-
>>Ooh! And Woods coming to help his buddy. Woods looking for
a little payback as well. Wait a minute.
KO.>>With the assist from the Revival.>>Cory, Beth. Look at this, the skyscraper.>>This is unbelievable.>>Twisted bliss from the top of Strowman. Hash tag team little big with the win.>>No, no, not again. Kevin Owens,
the power bomb into the apron. [SOUND] Look out here.>>That’s a surprised poor attacker.>>And DX. Very, very impressive here. [MUSIC] [SOUND]
What?>>Wait a minute, tombstone a spot yes.>>No.
God almighty, that’s not tombstone, Kane’s career may have just ended [SOUND]. Cody Rhodes back in. And the rookie, team work.>>Unbelievable.>>The team work, good Lord. [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “Coolest assisted finishing moves: WWE Top 10, Aug. 24, 2019

  1. The Shield's 3 man powerbomb isn't mentioned, but Zayn putting his hand out for the apron powerbomb is?
    Ambrose did you raw, huh?

  2. The only assisted finishers of all time will be no other than The Legion of Doom's own The Dooms Day Device, that will take you're head clean off by Hawk and Animal.

  3. I knew it's based on script…but I used to enjoy wwe.. nowadays these wresters are so boring… that's why I don't watch it anymore…

  4. the RKO without Cena was huge, the Tombstone was vicious. the rest shouldn't have even been considered. sorry, but the best assist finisher of all time was the Crippler Crossface/Liontamer submission.

  5. This top sucks. That's not the "coolest" assisted moves. Only less than 40% are cool moves, and not the coolest…

  6. Alexa was talking about when she did Twisted Bliss off of Strowman during Table For 3, and said she was so nervous because of how thin his shirt was.

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