68 thoughts on “Conservatives punched, spray painted in the face on college campuses across America

  1. Some body should ask ICP, ( Insane clown posse ) How they feel about their look got stolen, and how its this popular atm.

  2. The tolerant Left displays their acceptance for all points of view. It just makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over…until they physically and verbally assault you with voracious zeal.

  3. This is REALLY old news. Why is it being focused on so closely now? I thought the Conservative media did not GAF about this "phenomenon" . . . What has changed? Did the Conservative kid of some elitist Conservative become a victim? Is that what has triggered this sudden exposition of old, long-existing norms as "news"? What gives, FOX news?

  4. This is unfortunate! The younger we go, the less tolerant people seem to be getting, 30's is alright, later 20's is alittle scary, 25 and younger is where it starts to get very concerning! In short, our universities are getting less and less tolerant of those who espouse different viewpoints and aren't taught by parents and school teachers on how to relate with those we disagree with, this is the result what we see in this video!

  5. Yes we have higher standards than the left, but you have to prepare to protect yourself in these cases. If they strike you- FIGHT!🤔.

  6. I have no political views whatsoever. I voted twice in my whole life. Once for McCain because I liked him as a person and a POW. Then once for Obama because Romney seemed like a greedy douchebag. I don't get why people are fighting. What are the issues here? Why do people hate Trump? He makes me laugh. He's like a silly child. I like him sometimes. I hated him when he used to tell people "You're Fired!" on The Apprentice. I can't stand rich people who get off on dictating what happens to people's livelihood. I agree that immigration is a serious issue. Anyone with eyes can see that. I'm from the Cleveland, Ohio area. Nearby, Painesville, Ohio is mostly Mexicans. They have brought a lot of crime and have taken over that city. They don't speak English and refuse to adapt to America. Some of them are really cool and work hard. They're good people, but the neighborhood as a whole is dangerous, although not as bad as the black neighborhoods, which is a whole different story altogether. It's not racist. I am a realist. I see things as they are. I believe that the media is highly manipulated by a higher power. I believe the government wants us divided. They get us fighting amongst ourselves to distract us from the real issues. I don't even think Trump has real power. He is a distraction himself. I think it is Illuminati who control what we see. I also think Trump has the country's best intrest at heart. After all, his money is based on the integrity of this country. If the country goes under, so do his billions of dollars. Anyway, I'm just a guy with no real comprehension of how things work and I don't care. Stop recommending this crud to me, YouTube.

  7. Man there is a lot of hate now. If you are a Trump supporter you get attacked, that sucks. If you're a Bernie supporter you get punched. It's all the same no matter what side you're on.

  8. It's time to bring justice. hard and fast! These people now populate positions of power and will not prevent injustice but help to invoke it.

  9. All leftists are fascists. Here's a fun fact they don't teach, Nazis WERE LEFTISTS ; hence German Workers National SOCIALIST Party I.e Nazis, who were once allies with the Communist Soviet Union. National socialism (Nazis) and international Socialism (Soviet Communist Russia) were both fascist as all leftists are, however they're too indoctrinated and stupid to realize it.

  10. According to law, spraying someone in the face with paint is assault with a weapon. Why haven't these people been arrested and dealt with in court?

  11. Democrats like drug trafficking,murders, rapist, pedophiles, serial killers, any person that will do evil the democrats love them!

  12. I would've broke that guys face, facist mother f***er.    That clown with the spray paint should be slapped and dropped

  13. THISISBULLSHIT!!! you are WEAK, hopeless and deserve to be manhandled, like puppies. If it is America, "the Greatest Country on Earth" and CANNOT do a thing against these animals…. America is NOT FREE. You Are already living in a socialist state, controlled by morons, and it is only time that will finally bury 'the Great American Dreams'. These animals are TRAINED, WILD, senseless and controlled! Only bullet can correct their action!

  14. Hate is all they have can't stand toe to toe and have an opinion why you think they are wrong so hate is all they have cannot have a conversation with idiots and happy to say that's all they are mushroom stamped morons

  15. Has anyone explained to these young conservatives it is okay to beat the living crap out of these thugs? Our children don't have to be punching bags to be conservative, passivism doesn't work with bullies, they only understand one thing…. An @$$ whippin!

  16. this is why you don't go conservative, you go reactionary. You go reactionary with baseball bats and pepper sprays.

  17. The Far Left never really wants to debate. They just want to proclaim their superficial ideology with absolutely no scrutiny or explanation. They want a safe space where their opinions can't be challenged. So long as it's unchallenged, it's "valid " and therefore "righteous". This logic makes sense to a Far Leftist because it's convenient, not because it's rational. Cut and running in the middle of a argument is childish, damning, and cowardly, not "brave and stunning" .

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