Conor McGregor comes from a country that doesn’t have wrestling, and Khabib Nurmagomedov does…

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So interesting that, for me as a fan, one
of the things that has kept me in the sport as long as it has is I always fall for the
promotion. In pro wrestling terms, I’m what’s called
a mark, but I love being a mark. People never want to be a mark. I love being a mark. It lets me have fun every single week. I buy into the promotion. I buy into the hype. I listen to the two guys go back and forth. I watch them, their training footage. Who’s working harder than who? You start to build a story around it and then
you can go out and enjoy the contest. However, I will tell you something that’s
very interesting and this goes back to when Till fought Woodley. I was all on board for this and Darren Till’s
this younger guy and he’s got this unique style. And it dawns on me right as they’re walking
to the ring—and I always thought Tyron was going to win that fight, I just thought we
were going to see a really good, long drawn-out fight. It dawns on me as Tyron is walking to the
ring—Till’s already in the ring, Tyron’s walking—I go, “Wait a minute, I just saw
this story.” I just saw this story four months ago. It was called Ngannou versus Stipe. We had a great standup fighter but now he’s
taking on a guy who can stand up but who can also wrestle, and as long as they’ve been
setting that cage up from 1993 the sport has changed but a few things have not, and being
able to control when you want where that fight is, standing or on the ground, since 1993
they have never taken away the fact that that is a dominant and helpful tool to have. So it dawns on—okay, Woodley’s walking
into the fight. Till comes from a country that doesn’t have
wrestling and he’s taking on a couple-time All-American. It just dawns on me what we’re going to see
and that we’ve already seen it before. Okay, I’m not going to fall for this again. I’m not going to fall for this again. I am now in the same spot—I’ve already fallen
for it again—because Conor McGregor comes from a country that does not have wrestling. Ireland is not contested every four years
in the Olympic games as a country for freestyle or Greco-Roman wrestling—they simply don’t
have it—and he is going to take on a gentleman in Khabib who comes from the single greatest
and most decorated region of Planet Earth for wrestling, which is Dagestan. I don’t come to you as a homer for wrestling. I am a homer for wrestling and I do love wrestling,
but I am coming to you in partial and I’m just saying, no matter how many times we’ve
seen this already this year—Ngannou versus Stipe, Till versus Woodley—no matter how
many times we have seen this same story, we tend to be drawn back in and I’m guilty of
it, too. Because as I tell you this and as I’m confronted
with the evidence that I just saw on Saturday night in Dallas, I still come to you believing
Conor can win this fight, and I find myself going back to the same arguments that got
made for Till and they got made for Ngannou and they’re two examples where we said, “Man,
we got sold a bill of goods here.” But you do look at the preconceived notions
of Conor, you do look at the speed of Conor, the ability to control the distance that Conor
has, the southpaw which creates a problem for everybody—all things favoring Conor—you’re
still left with the narrative that you have a guy that comes from a country that does
not contest the sport of wrestling versus a guy who comes from the most contested region
on Earth for the sport of wrestling. Same story, but the narrative just continues
and I can’t get around it either. I can’t beat it either. I also think that Khabib can beat Conor. I think Khabib can go on and could be the
Stipe or he could be the Tyron Woodley. I think that can happen, but I’m not ready
to write Conor off. I’m just not. I think that it matters. Can Khabib take him down? Yes. Can Khabib keep him there? That becomes one of the better questions for
me. I think it’s amazing how Conor can get off
the bottom, and if you need any evidence just go see the Chad Mendes fight. But what I’m more impressed with in Khabib
as a ground-and-pound fighter is his ability to keep a guy down, his ability to control
the hips to move from one side to the next, to go to a knee ride, to pass guard, to lock
legs down, techniques that I’ve never seen a guy do before, techniques that I have stolen
from watching Khabib, that I’ve been in conversation with world champions like Joe Warren recently,
saying, “My coaches and I and my teammates are watching Khabib fights and here’s what
we’re doing and here’s what Khabib does.” I was at a wedding with Joe Warren. We were literally in our tuxedos and in the
back practicing some of these Khabib holds because they’re unique. But they come from keeping a guy down. We’ve seen how he gets guys down. We’ve seen other guys do that. He’s really good at it, but we’ve seen other
guys do it. His ability to keep a guy down, Conor’s
ability to not be kept down, I think that some of that is a bigger story in this fight
when you break them down stylistically than everybody going to the old adage of, “A
takedown versus the straight left of Conor.” I think that that’s a little bit played. I think it’s a little bit boring. I think it’s easy. I think those are very easy conversations
to have and I think that this fight is a little bit more complex. I think that when you talk about the conditioning
there is a false narrative going around that Conor has conditioning issues. That is a false narrative. He’s gotten tired twice in his life, once
as he was up two weight classes and the other time he was in a sport that wasn’t his. Those kind of stresses and those kind of situations
are going to fatigue a human being, which as super as Conor is he’s a human being. So I don’t buy into that narrative. I talked to Chad Mendes. Chad Mendes said, “I couldn’t believe the
pace that Conor kept on me.” Chad Mendes is known for his pace, okay? Dustin Poirier has talked about the pace. Eddie Alvarez has talked about the pace. Pace is something that Khabib has also weaponized. We can see that through our televisions. I don’t have to talk to Khabib’s old opponents. You can see him being a step ahead of his
opponents with that pace. One guy is going to win that battle. I don’t know who it is, but I think that that
is more of an intangible and I think that the ground—can Khabib take him down? Yeah, sure he can. Conor would probably concede to that right
now. Can Khabib keep him there? And I will tell you as a wrestler, when I
take somebody down the energy that it takes to get him there, I need to keep him there
for a little bit. Ten seconds would do, anything above that
would be better because I got to be able to catch my breath. The wrestlers who you’ve seen break in the
past, who you’ve seen fatigue and be exhausted, were able to go out and execute the wrestling. They were able to get the takedown, but they
weren’t able to keep it. You have to keep it for a moment to recharge
your battery. We’ve seen Carlos Condit, by example, who’s
the best—I’ve never seen anybody in this sport as good at getting up off the bottom
as Carlos Condit, but we have seen him break guys defensively from standing up after they
took him down. We’ve seen them take him down again and he
stands up again and we’ve seen them take him down again, he stands up again and now they’re
exhausted. It is an ultimate time to rope-a-dope a guy
and that’s a weakness, and I share that with you as a guy who likes to use that skill set,
too, but I am aware of the kryptonite in it. And I think that those are stronger talking
points than this whole left hand of Conor and the single leg of Khabib. I just think that that’s a naïve and a little
bit of a dull analysis for what we’re going to see.

55 thoughts on “Conor McGregor comes from a country that doesn’t have wrestling, and Khabib Nurmagomedov does…

  1. The question is also, can he take Conor down after being hit by Conor? Khabib goes through punches on most people to get his takedown. Let's see if he can even get inside without taking hits from someone that's harder and more precise than anyone he's ever been against. Plus Conor has been up against Nate, way bigger, that can eat punches and keep coming forward better than anyone, and knocked him down. Conor also can take a punch, and get pounded and get up, which very few talk about. The only chance Khabib has to take him down is to slip under a punch. Same as Chad did. But now Conor will be aware of that and most likely planning on using knees and uppercuts. I think there's a good chance Khabib won't be able to a takedown other than against the cage. Well, see. My prediction is Conor knocks him out or TKO's him.

  2. Greetings All- just started Insta and Twitter accounts for a comedic twist on all MMA-related news, people, events, etc. Follow me at @mmariffraff on both accounts. Will be putting up more and more content by the day…enjoy! UFC229 is going to be nuts…

  3. If this pans out the way it should, with McGregor's face smashed to pulp and Mr. Leg dominating the division, it will be really boring. If by some miracle the Irish anger should wipe out the Russian Muslim bogey bear, the roar of the crowd will be hear throughout the world, and UFC fanbase will grow to be humongous. Bearing that in mind, surely Dana has paid Khabib to fall. "Hers 50 million. Take a fall. You can retire."

  4. These aren’t comparable examples though. Till and Ngannou aren’t even remotely as gifted as Conor in the stand up game. Till is unique, Ngannou hits like a Mack truck, but neither have the innate understanding and God given talent Conor is equipped with regarding distance control.

  5. i don't buy you. i believe the UFC has called you and said either you make another video and clean up the mess you made by saying what you said before or we're gonna …. you and you are correcting what you said which was true. habib will do to connor what connor has never experienced and that is humiliation.

  6. Conor has better striking and ground game than Johnson.
    Johnson lasted 3 rounds.
    Khabib had problems trying to take Al Iaquinta down in the 3rd 4th and 5th rounds.
    Its hard to see how Khabib is just gonna crush Conor.

    Its just an observation people , please relax and just take it easy.
    I am simply analyzing 2 styles of martial arts in competition. I do not personally know these fine gentleman nor am I favoring their countries , religions , families , philosophies or any portion of their identities over the other. I do not pretend to be sure of the outcome of this fight nor am I denying any persons absolute belief of the outcome. This is simply a question that I personally cannot envision, I am aware this may be because of lack of intelligence , natural IQ, any genetic defect that I may have or a sexual orientation and/or a combination of all.
    I would like to apologize in advance for those whom replied to me in the negative without fully reading my comment.
    This is a failure on my part and the lack of the command of the English language that I possess , I have tried to shorten this comment to avoid such misunderstandings but it seems like I cannot find the proper words for such a configuration.

    I would like to give a shout out to RaeRae and Shammeka for always bein' my bitches.

    Once again , I am sorry for my thoughts and Thank You for your patience.

  7. Chael was right with his tip….!
    Khabib not only beated conor, he mauled, ate, annihilated him!!!! That was a feast for all my senses! He fuu….gt ^^ that little wisky stinking raaaaat (kidding^^)
    Respect to conor for losing like a man!
    Like it or stfu 😀

  8. You got it wrong again Chael for someone who's supposedly knowledgeable in this sport you seem to awfully pick the wrong fighter to win. I made a prediction khabib will win by submission due to exhaustion LMAO.

  9. What does your title have to do with anything such a pathetic comparison how about one man got easy fights to become a poster boy for ufc because he knows how to trash talk and the other real champion worked his way up from the bottom against the hardest guys and never got the recognition he deserved or the money he deserves if anything one is a lion and the other is a dog its like satan vs the devil yeah and the devil always gets recognition when the angels the true winner!

  10. Hehe. Connor humbled, humiliated and mauled. Boy v man. Connor showed he's all mouth no action. Tapped out. A complete fake, a junkie and a fraud. Time for the monkey to retire from life.

  11. how much did you bet on your opinion? just curious not trying to criticise you 😉 I saw odds prematch to be Khabib 1,53 and Connor 2,48

  12. Well, Conor gassed again. By the end of the second. Is it STILL a false narrative? Maybe a little confirmation bias up till now? Ironically, the left hand was useless.

  13. Hard not to like this guy. Super honest, straight up and knowledgable. Khabib did dominate McGregor. Unfortunately, he lost his cool at the end.

  14. From the octagon to the office. When is this man gonna run for president???? Make the middleweight division great again!

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