Comedy Knockout – How we Wasted Our Time in 2016

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Let’s look at all the dumb things we wasted our year on. Who remembers
Ryan Lochte’s Olympic debacle? Seriously. I mean, I guess blondes
don’t have more fun. [ Laughter ] He just looks like Johnny
from “Karate Kid,” but a bigger dick. -You think he has a bigger dick? -With a bigger dick! Okay. Oh [bleep] I forgot where I was. Yeah. I think that this whole thing was an uglier
Brazilian experience than what Megan has
in her jeans. Ooh. [ Laughter ] Do you get it? I’m talking about her [bleep] I get it.
I get it. And you guys
all remember the hype about Harambe the gorilla. R.I.P. Sean? I love how the gorilla
got the same memorial as the guy who got shot outside
the bodega by my house. [ Laughter ] Damn. Isn’t that [bleep] up? It’s missing a candle. I just — I feel
like people forgot that actual humans died this year. Like, grandparents
and teachers and… -Oh, my God, white tears!
-Yeah, yeah. Oh. Right. I just want to say this ’cause that was just
Harambe doing Harambe, do you know what I mean? Like, if I left a half-sandwich at my chair and went away, came back, and, like, Sean had eaten it, that would just be
Sean doing Sean. I don’t get to shoot him,
you know what I mean? Lemon: It’s nature. I just want to say that
sitting in between these two, I definitely understand
how the baby felt. [ Laughter ]

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