Coaching a Boxer’s Corner : Using Vaseline on a Boxer

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Okay, the use of Vaseline in amateur boxing.
We have just been able to start using it again. There was a few years period there where we
were not able to use it. The first time you put the Vaseline on should be in the dressing
room where you are putting on a little bit on the eye lashes. Some put a little bit on
the nose, on their cheeks, and just a little dab on their lips. Just enough so that the
boxer can wet his lips and also feel that Vaseline on there at the sometime. And maybe
a little dab up the nose just to keep the nose lubricated; that the nose channel be
less of a chance of bleeding later. And if it does bleed there will be more of a chance
of it actually healing up a little bit quicker. So we are going to show you in between rounds
how to maybe reapply that Vaseline because in the boxing ring itself some of that Vaseline
is going to get lost. You are going to be wiping the boxer’s face down and we are going
to be replacing that Vaseline now. Okay Nick, round is over! Come on Nick! Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Go ahead and sit down, Son. You are doing fine.
Put your head back for me, Brother. Very good. Let me see your face. How does it feel, Okay?
I am going to apply some more Vaseline for you. As you can see Shane has the Vaseline
up on top of his glove so it is readily available to him. He don’t have to be looking for the
Vaseline container, we don’t have to be ripping the container off. He has got just enough
up there to be able to replenish the Vaseline on Nick. He is putting a little bit on the
eye brows, putting a little bit on the bridge of the nose. We want to keep it away from
the boxer’s eyes. Just a little bit above the lip and then maybe some on the cheeks.
You want to try to keep it off the head gear. And then you can wipe off any of the excess.
Then after a good drink of water that boxer is ready to go back out into the ring. Thank

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  1. One thing I learned about Vaseline is to make sure you rub it into the eye brow. If someone has thicker eye brows and you only go one way it slides right out. If you work it into the brows it makes contact with skin and holds a lot longer.

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