CM Punk Wrestling Event ANNOUNCED! Eric Bischoff REAL WWE Role REVEALED? WrestleTalk News July 2019

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What franchise property do you want to see WWE crossover with next? And we had a crossover
of our own this past Tuesday, when Steve Here from Going in Raw dropped by to review this
week’s episode of Raw. And make sure you stick around until the end of the episode,
where we’ll have a clip from ScreenStalker’s latest video where we played WWE2K19 with
Steve! Here’s a short teaser to whet your appetite. We’ve got a packed show of news
for you today – including CM Punk being announced for a wrestling event, WWE going head to head
with AEW on TV, and Eric Bischoff’s real WWE role has possibly been revealed. But first.
It was reported last month that WWE were again pushing Raw to get an Emmy nomination in the
category for “Outstanding Structured Reality Program”. Outstanding, eh? The company’s
pitch to get the nomination was that with over 25 years of shows, it has the, “distinct
honor of being the longest running episodic television show in history”. The Simpsons
would like a word. And that, “Raw boasts an ongoing legacy of controversial moments
and incredible battles that make it the premier destination for the WWE Universe.”
Somehow that didn’t convince the awards folks to give them an Emmy nomination for
the second year running, instead choosing Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Netflix’s Queer
Eye – GET IN THERE ANTONI! – Shark Tank, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, Who Do You Think You
Are, and The Antiques Roadshow. Oh, so they did get a nomination for Super ShowDown in
Saudi Arabia at least. But while WWE couldn’t get an Emmy nomination,
they have managed to cross the streams with Ghostbusters. Yes, you heard that correctly.
It was announced at a Ghostbusters fan fest last month that Mattel were working on a series
of action figures that would combine the world of WWE with classic 80s movie and my favourite
film of all-time Ghostbusters to celebrate its 35th anniversary. And at Mattel’s booth
at San Diego Comic Con booth we got our first look at The Rock, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin,
Shawn Michaels and John Cena wearing the iconic colours and logo, taking on the Ghost of Wrestling’s
Past, The Undertaker. There is no Taker, only Zuul. What a lovely singing voice, you must
have. Unsurprisingly, considering they’re action
figures made my Mattel, they’re cheap and creepy. They might actually be creepier than
that new Cats movie. It’s actually difficult to work out if these figures are more rubbish
and creepy looking than Rapheal with Winston Zeddemore’s moustache in the Ghostbusters/TMNT
crossover. I mean who would buy these, he asks while wearing a Ghostbusters t-shirt
while presenting a YouTube video about wrestling? Add to basket using my phone with a Ghostbusters
cover. Maybe Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins can tell
us all about them on their podcast. Speaking of podcasts! BRAXTON SEGUE STYLE!
Colt Cabana announced yesterday that after nine years, he is bringing an end to his awesome
Art of Wrestling podcast series. The Art of Wrestling was not only among the first of
its kind, it’s still the benchmark for what good wrestling audio content should be. Without
Cabana, the wrestling podcast scene would be very different and probably not as good
– which was reflected in several wrestling names coming out to show their support for
Cabana and mourn the end of the podcast. Matt Jackson of Young Bucks tweeted that Being
The Elite was inspired by The Art of Wrestling, Tomasso Ciampa said that fans still bring
up the episode he recorded six years ago, as did Killian Dain, and William Regal sent
his best wishes to Cabana. We here at WrestleTalk also mourn the end
of Art of Wrestling, but wish Colt the best with what he does next. Thanksssss.
And speaking of what’s next, what’s next for Bray Wyatt?! BAXTON SEGUE!
On the Raw and Smackdown After Mania this year, we got our first teases of a new direction
for Bray Wyatt – with the debut of Bird Raptor, which was followed by the character we’d
later know as Abby The Witch. That direction turned out to be Firefly Funhouse, one of
the most uniquly creative and invetive things WWE has put out on in years. After weeks of
the children’s TV inspired segments, Bray began to bleed into our own reality by showing
up backstage behind wrestlers walking to the ring. And while some feel that he should have
debuted earlier than he did, Wyatt’s new character of The Fiend made his in-ring debut
this past week on Raw attacking Finn Balor. It was easily the best thing on the show.
This has led to a lot of speculation about Wyatt’s Summerslam plans. Many members of
the SWAFT Nation pitched in their super chats that they’d like to see Wyatt take on Finn
Balor’s Demon – with The Fiend picking up the win, giving The Demon his first loss on
the main roster. And that would tie into the news that Balor has requested two months off
from WWE following Summerslam – allowing for Steve from Going In Raw’s pitch of Balor
coming back as a heel and joining The Club on Raw with AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl
Anderson. However according to the Wrestling Observer,
that’s not the plan. At least not entirely. It’s being reported that Wyatt is set to
face Balor at the Biggest Party of the Summer, but he won’t be in his demon personna.
If the reports are to be believed, Balor won’t be back in WWE until October, which will be
the launch time for Smackdown on Fox. But that’s not the only big wrestling thing
happening in October, as it will also see TNT get back into the wrestling game with
t-shirt company All Elite Wrestling – with AEW airing their new weekly show at the start
of the month with the latest reports suggesting it will air on Wednesdays. With Smackdown
set to move to Wednesdays on Fox, that can’t go head to head with AEW, but NXT can.
It’s been heavily reported since the Fox deal was announced that NXT could move off
the WWE Network and over to FS1 instead. And with AEW gaining a lot of popularity and mainstream
attention since Double or Nothing in May – with August’s All Out having bigger ticket demand
than any WrestleMania in history – WWE are reportedly now pushing forward with their
NXT on FS1 plans. Dave Meltzer is reporting that Fox are negotiating
with WWE to get NXT on their networks in what Meltzer calls a “no-lose situation” for
Vince McMahon. If NXT pulls in similar viewers to AEW, then WWE’s developmental brand will
be competing against them on a station with way less viewers. But the key however is not
to beat them, but to “siphon viewers from AEW”. If they’re watching NXT on FS1,
they’re not watching AEW on TNT. And speaking of All Out, there was some big
news coming from Starrcast III, the fan event that will be held the day before AEW’s big
III has already announced a bunch of big names – including Jon Moxley who will be doing a
no holds barred sit down interview with Jim Ross – and yesterday they announced that Chicago’s
own CM Punk will also be attendence. CM Punk to AEW confirmed!
Punk was at last year’s Starrcast with Pro Wrestling Tees, but this time he’ll be there
on behalf of Starrcast. There’s no details yet on whether Punk will be doing meet and
greets or any form of interviews, but it certainly ramps up the speculation that he could be
joining All Elite Wrestling – which has been teased since All In last year.
Of course, there is no evidence that Punk will be appearing at All Out or joining the
company to push their TV debut on TNT, but we’re wrestling fans. So you know what that
means. CM PUNK TO AEW CONFIRMED! But enough about Punk, what about Eric Bischoff
and WWE? Last month the shocking news was announced
that former ECW head honcho Paul Heyman would be taking over the creative of Raw, while
former WCW and TNA head honcho Eric Bischoff would be taking on the same role for Smackdown.
The job title given to both men was announced as Executive Directors, with several reports
talking up how much more clout Heyman has had on Raw in recent weeks – spearheading
the feud between Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman, as well as calling up NXT Tag Team Champions
Street Profits, and the Mike and Maria Kannellis pregnancy angle. They can’t all be winners.
It’s however been noted that Bischoff hasn’t had the same level of involvement on Smackdown.
He hasn’t been to any TV tapings since the announcement of his hiring, and despite this
past Tuesday reportedly set to be his first show, Bischoff wasn’t backstage again. It
had also been reported that Bischoff not coming to work had already given him some heat backstage
in WWE – noting that every week he’s not there is another week he’s behind in implementing
new ideas and changes. In a bit of surprising news from the Observer,
however, Bischoff’s role of Executive Director seeing over creative was a bit of an exageration. Meltzer claims that Bischoff won’t actually
have creative powers on Smackdown at all. He writes that, “right now those in creative
were told that he will most likely not be involved with the creative process and that
it looks like his job will be to interface with all of the departments in the company
as well as with FOX.” While he will be the “leader” of Smackdown in terms being a
figurehead, creative ideas will instead still be pitched by former NXT head writer Ryan
Ward. This backs up a previous report that Heyman
and Bischoff’s hirings were only done to appease worried investors.
On a previous investors call when the question was asked about falling house show attendance
and TV ratings – not to mention merch sales being down – Vince McMahon said that it was
due top stars like Roman Reigns being out of the company dealing with his leukemia.
However, Roman is now back and house show attendence is still down as our the ratings
for both Raw and Smackdown. The report claims that Vince bringing in Heyman and Bischoff
was a way to delay giving reasons for a lack of improvements – instead being able to tell
investors that he’s hired two of his most famous rivals from the 90s: the man who spearheaded
the revolutionary ECW which, while not that profitable, put on shows that changed the
wrestling landscape and influenced WWF’s Attitude Era, and the man who was in charge
of WCW which not only competeted with WWF in terms of ratings, but beat it for 83 weeks
straight. So while Heyman will be reporting to Vince
McMahon and pitching creative ideas, this new report suggests that Bischoff will just
be there to oversee the running of the brand. And now for something completely different!
This week we had Steve from Going In Raw drop by to do an episode of WrestleRamble, but
we also had a bit of a session on WWE2K19 for our sister channel ScreenStalker! Here’s
a clip of that footage now, and you can watch the full version over on ScreenStalker by
clicking the ‘i’ above my head or the link at the end of this video. And we recorded
other matches with Steve which will air on ScreenStalker throughout next week. Here’s
the clip. Watch the full version by clicking the video
on screen right now! And Oli and I will be on ScreenStalker this coming Monday to go
through all the news and trailers from San Diego Comic Con, so subscribe to ScreenStalker
to get notifications for when that goes live! I’ve been Luke Owen, and that was Mecha

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