Classic Fights: Gennady Golovkin vs. Daniel Jacobs

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[dramatic music]♪ ♪male announcer: The following
is a presentation
of HBO Sports.– Hello, again.
I’m Jim Lampley. On September 16, HBO
Pay-Per-View will take you live to Las Vegas
for the long-awaited showdown between already-legendary
knockout artist Gennady Golovkin of Kazakhstan and consummate
boxer-puncher Canelo Alvarez of Mexico. It’s the most compelling
style matchup in boxing in several years. And to help get you ready
for it, we’re going to look back
at Triple G’s last appearance in the ring, March 18
in Madison Square Garden against Brooklyn-bred,
once-beaten cancer survivor Danny “Miracle Man” Jacobs. There was every reason to
believe that Jacobs would be the most difficult opponent
of Golovkin’s career, and when he developed a plan
to arrive in the ring outweighing Golovkin by as many
as a dozen pounds, it suddenly became apparent
that Golovkin’s 23-fight knockout streak
might be in jeopardy. Let’s go back to that night
in Madison Square Garden to hear how I called the fight
in company with Roy Jones and Max Kellerman.So if you’ve been watching
college basketball all day
and you just know turned on
the fight, welcome.
Your timing is perfect.[bell dings]If somebody got knocked out
of your brackets, don’t worry.
There will be another knockout
coming very soon
in the estimate of most people
as they get ready to watch
this middleweight
championship fight.
Round 1 begins.– Once again, Triple G
comes out very smartly.
Not trying to go in
and just rush to see–
not see what he has
in front of him.
Trying to get close,
use that jab,
find out what Danny Jacobs
has to offer
before he takes any risk.all: Triple G! Triple G!– Crowd begins to chant.And you know the chant:
“Triple G.”
– That tells you something
about the way
the fight world feels
about Triple G.
This is Daniel Jacobs’
He was an amateur star here.He’s fought here for most
of his career.
And they’re chanting
“Triple G.”
– Charisma rules.– And so do knockouts,
and Triple G has left
a string of knockouts
since he first
appeared on American
– A big string of ’em.– Hard jab by Golovkin.They’ve traded jabs
a few times already.
Golovkin threw one left hook
and a right hand
in the early going.
– Jacobs has–
– Now Jacobs with a flurry.– Jacobs has real
punching power,
especially early in fights,and when he hurt Peter Quillin,
“Kid Chocolate,”
a fight that Quillin was
considered the favorite
going in,
he jumped on Quillin
and got him out
in the first round.
– Which could be dangerous
if that happens
in the first round here,
because you can’t
leave yourself as open
when you attack Triple G
like he did when he attacked
Peter Quillin.
All it takes is one shot
from Triple G.
– Both fighters are relatively
cautious in the first round.
Now Triple G begins
to step up
and fire power shots.Right hand over the top misses.Jab landed a couple times.Jacobs just missed
with a right hand.
Firing his jab down the pike.Left hook by Golovkin.Right hand on the shoulder.– A lot on the line
and two big punchers.
They’re feeling each other out.– Neither man taking any big
chances in round number 1.
They want to see what
each other want to do.
– And Jacobs has
to be very careful
how he backs straight back
like he just did,
because he’s open
for a Triple G straight right
if he does that again.Good jab by Jacobs.
– Excellent jab.
Long jab.Got a tiny reach advantage
against Golovkin.
Needs to use it if he can.– Lift your hands up! – Break! No punches!
– Good body shot inside
by Jacobs.– He also–Jacobs has to try
to keep
Triple G in the center
of the ring.
Don’t let Triple G
back him back
and push him back
too frequently.
– ‘Cause Triple G doesn’t just
follow his opponent around.
He cuts off the ring.
– Like he’s doing right now.
– Right, he slides to the spotwhere his opponent will be…
[loud tapping]Forcing a change in direction
of the opponent,
making the ring smaller
and smaller until
his opponent’s back is on
the ropes or in the corner.
[bell dinging]
– Time!– Round 1 seems
relatively even.
If there’s an edge,
it’s that footwork of Triple G
that always makes the opponent
seem to be on the defensive.
– Let’s see a little more
faith in– little more faith in the jab. Even if he touch up here,
it’s okay. Okay? Very, very good. Got that one out of the way. Do not be reaching for him,
but make sure that we get a little feint,
okay? You got rounds.
Just let him– let him walk into something. – Back to the right,
start touching him a little bit with the–yeah. Keep your hands up, though. Don’t play with your defense.
– Okay. – Take a little drink. I want that jab working
up and down. – Okay.
– And look– touch him a little bit
with the right hand downstairs. Roll out of it.
Touch and roll, all right? [whistle blowing]
Stay smart, son.– In round 1, Golovkin seemed
a little wary of Daniel Jacobs.
Not as relaxed
as we’ve seen him
against most of his opponents…
[bell dings]Coming into tonight.Again, Max Kellerman pointed
out before the fight,
almost everybody in boxing
now regards Jacobs
as the best opponent
yet to have been
in the ring with Golovkin.Harold gave the first round,
to Daniel Jacobs.– You know, not much happened,
but Jacobs landed
a few jabs; I can see that.– There you go!
– I think–
– Golovkin doesn’t lose
many rounds.
– I think Triple G is fighting
a very smart fight, Jim.
He’s trying to wait
until he finds out
what Daniel Jacobs has before
he exposes himself.
– Jacobs in
a southpaw stance now,
inviting Golovkin to throw
a straight right hand,
which is the classic tactic
against a southpaw.
– Nice!
Great left hand from Jacobs.
Right down the pike.
– Whoa, break out of there. Don’t hold each other. Let go.
– Golovkin obliged
with the right hand that Jacobs
surely expected to see–
– Break!– Still in the southpaw stance.– Take–
– His last fight against
Kell Brook, guys,Golovkin was seen as vulnerableto a skillful boxer
at a certain level
’cause he got hit a lot,
and the question going into
this fight is if
a blown-up welterweight
hit him like that,
that’s one thing,
but what happens if a big,
skillful middleweight
hits him like that?
And the question is,
can Daniel Jacobs
fight on that level
as a middleweight?
– Well, can he hit him
like that?
‘Cause we haven’t seen
anybody land
a substantial punch yet,so that’s what
we’re looking to see.
– Break it! Hey, hey!– In the second round
in London–
– Don’t hit him in the back
when you tie up like that.– Kell Brook popped Golovkin’s
head up into the air
with a perfect uppercut.And surely, all future Golovkin
opponents were thinking,
“Let me hit him
with that uppercut.
See what happens.”– So far Daniel Jacobs has
neutralized Golovkin
through a round and a half,more than we’ve seen
Triple G neutralized
by any fighter since he’s been
to the States.
– Punch him
with that other hand! There you go! [shouting from crowd]– Golovkin, looking,
wary of Jacobs.– Yup, usually his offense
is starting
to get untracked by now.– There’s his jab.– There you go!
Keep walking!– Right hand over the top
by Golovkin.
Partial contact, not full.– Followed by a counter
left hook by Jacobs.
– Don’t let him low!
– Don’t let him low! Keep up! – I see a two off the step! One-two, one-two off the step!– Crowd is nervous, anxious,
expecting to see more action.
– One-two, baby!
– Jacobs gets away
from a right hand.– That’s good footwork
by Jacobs.
– Golovkin blocking the hook
with his gloves.
Touches Jacobs’ body
with the right hand.
First two rounds have been,
in effect,
a war of nerves.– Likely won by Jacobs.
– Time!– Jacob–Daniel Jacobs
seated at ringside, son–
or, Nathaniel, I should say.Daniel’s son,
seated at ringside
next to his mom,girlfriend Natalie.– Stay a little bit
more rhythmic. – Okay.
– You don’t have to run, but just walk.
You’re walking him well. Aim that jab at his chest,
and then at his solar plexus. – Okay.
– All right? You’re missing the one up top,
and he’s aware of that. – Okay.
– He’s wary of the right hand, and it ain’t even hit him yet.
– Okay. – Now, let’s keep boxing smart–
– We winning? – With–we’re winning this fighting power with finesse. – Okay.
– All right? – Deep breath. [whistle blowing]– A small but interesting
contrast early
after the first two rounds.CompuBox numbers have Golovkinlanding 12 punches
to only 8 for Jacobs.
Both fighters throwing
about 40 punches.
Harold Lederman, unofficially,has given the first two rounds
to Daniel Jacobs,
though CompuBox sees Golovkin
landing more punches.
– I’ve seen Jacobs land
all the clean punches.
There haven’t been many.You heard in Jacobs’ corner,
they’re happy
that he’s fighting power
with finesse.
The question is,
can he neutralize
Golovkin’s offense
over 12 rounds?
And Triple G,
thus far in his career,
has been impossible
to stink out.
In other words, eventually,he makes the other guy
really fight.
What happens when that happens?– Well, what we’re looking for
is what happens
when someone lands the first
big, clean punch.
That’s what we really want
to see.
[crowd cheering]Like that.Wasn’t clean–
– Body shot by Daniel Jacobs.
– Wasn’t clean, but it was
close to a big punch.
– Golovkin knocking his head
back with a jab upstairs.
Partial contact
with the right hand.
In case you just joined us
for the main event,
these two fighters have
a tough act to follow.
The fight which preceded them
into the ring
was clearly the fight
of the year so far,
a tremendous knock-down,
drag-out battle
in which Román “Chocolatito”
after 46 consecutive wins,lost for the first timeto an unheralded
Thai challenger
named Srisaket Sor Rungvisai.– And though he climbed off
the deck in the first round,
“Chocolatito” appeared to win
on our cards,
but it was a tough fight,
and as you mentioned, Jim,
number one pound-for-pound
in the world
now as up for grabs as it’s
been in the last several years.
– I disagree with that.– You mean you would still rank“Chocolatito” number one
– No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no.
– Lomachenko.
– Lomachenko is definitely
number 1-B, and then
you got to still
give number 1-A to Andre Warduntil him and, um, Kovalev
fight again.
– Meantime, Triple G is–– Number–number 2.– Has got his hands
full tonight
with a fighter who’s been able
to neutralize him so far.
– And he may be 2-B,
because you’ve also got
to put Terence Crawford
up there in that number 2,
so he may be 2-A.– Well, we could get into
a deep discussion about that.
But it’s better
to simply call this fight.
– That was just my opinion.– Triple G’s jab a little more
untracked in this round.
– Triple G starting to relax
a little bit more.
Starting to fight more
in the kind of rhythm
that we’ve seen in the past.First two rounds were sort offaux-Triple G.
– Break!– Well, he was very cautious
against Lemieux,
who’s a huge puncher,but he was winning
all the rounds
behind his jab
as he was cautious.
Not sure that’s the case here,
and he just
got caught with a good hook.– A very good hook.– Well, he was winning all
the rounds against Lemieux
because he was letting
his hands go
and fired 50 jabs
in the first round.
He may not have thrown 50 hard
punches so far in the fight.
– Break!
– Jacobs is taller,
longer than Lemieux–
[bell dinging] – Time!
– Longer reach. Better boxer.
Bigger.– Good round, you just got to be
more aware, okay? No free shots out there.
You got to be more aware. Ben. Water?
– Yeah. – Okay, here we go. Okay, listen now.
You landed the uppercut. Let’s get in little feints
going with the uppercut, and then land something,
but bring it all the way back, ’cause he’s countering,
all right? – Yes.
– All right. – Son…
– Yes, sir. – I want that jab working
up and down, close the defense
on that side. – Okay.
– And every once in a while, get a little bit closer,
hurt him to the body. He don’t like it downstairs. You hear me?– Here we see
Daniel Jacobs come–
as Triple G landed a jab
coming inside,
threw a right uppercut, but
Danny caught him on the inside
with a good, quick hook,
just more of a slap shot
than power because
they were so close,
so he couldn’t turn
the shoulders on it,
but it was a good shot,
right in the face,
probably the cleanest head shot
we’ve seen to this point.
– CompuBox numbers
through three rounds:
Golovkin 34 out of 101,
Jacobs 26 out of 99.
Golovkin given credit
by CompuBox for landing
15 punches in that last round,
the third.
Harold, how do you have it
through three?
– Okay, Jim, I got it
2 rounds to 1,
29-28 Danny Jacobs.Jim, I thought Danny Jacobs won
the first two rounds.
At least he fought a little.I mean, Triple G really didn’t
start fighting
until round 3;
I thought in round 3,
he opened up, and he started
landing nice shots.
But rounds 1 and 2,
I just thought
Danny Jacobs outboxed him.2 rounds to 1, Danny Jacobs.– Hard right hand by Golovkin!Down goes Jacobs!First knockdown of the fight–
– Three…– Comes in round number 4.
– Four, five…– Everybody wondered
what would happen when
Golovkin unleashed his power.There’s one thing that happens.– Let’s see your gloves.
Okay. All right. Box!– So Golovkin has knocked
Jacobs down.
Let’s see if he’ll cut loose.[crowd cheering]Starting to land
most of his shots now.
These are hard jabs
right on the chin.
– Beautiful jabs.– Uppercut lands for Golovkin.Chasing Jacobs into a corner.Hard right hand.Another jab.Golovkin boxing purposely
and fiercely.
– Critical for Daniel Jacobs
to land something
against Golovkin
to slow his roll right now.
– But Golovkin being very smart
on this attack.
He’s not running in wild
against Danny.
He’s being very calculative
in the way he’s attacking.
Using his punches smartly,
not just wading in there–
– Now chanting
“Triple G” again.
“Triple G! Triple G!”They want to see the damage.Good left hook
by Daniel Jacobs.
Momentarily stops the flow.– This is beautiful maturity
by Triple G as well.
He’s not just running in,
trying to finish the guy
because he’s knocked him down,
he realizes that
Danny is still dangerous,
so he’s still taking his time,
being very smart on his attack.– Jacobs trying
to answer back now.
Got his bearings.
Wants to land something hard
to leave that impression
in Golovkin’s round–or mind–
before the round is over,
but Golovkin is
landing that jab powerfully
and fiercely over and over now.
– Yeah, Danny needs to do
something to either counter
or take that jab away or it’s
gonna cause him some problems,
because if the jab
keeps landing,
the right hand
is soon to follow.
– Good jab from Daniel Jacobs
just now,
and he landed a nice right hand
on Golovkin’s head before that.
[loud tapping]– Left hook lands for Golovkin.Right hand as well.
Jacobs firing back!
– Good right hand
from Daniel Jacobs.
– Firing back, giving a good
account of himself
in coming back from the
knockdown early in the round.
– Time!– But it was a one-sided round
for Golovkin,
who landed three times
as many punches as Jacobs
by CompuBox count
and knocked him down.
– Don’t wait for him. That was totally unnecessary. Deep breath.
Regain control. – I want you back on that jab
walking him. It will come.
– Okay. – Relax. Relax.
It will come. Keep the stick on ’em. Touch him and soften him up.– Here’s the danger
of turning southpaw
against a guy like Golovkin:
he turns southpaw for a minute,
the overhand right landed,
followed by another
short right hand
that put him down.
May have been more
off-balance than anything.
It wasn’t a real big knockdown.Maybe more of a flash,but you see him
in the southpaw position.
This shot was the one
that would have took him
right down right away–
that was the big shot,
then he went down from
the second one, so…
– And here’s twin brother
Max Golovkin,
reacting to the action.First celebration of the fight
for the Golovkin corner.
Now we go to round number 5.– Two well-placed right hands
by Gennady Golovkin.
– This is a huge round
for Jacobs.
Because so far, what he showed
when he had some early success
is that he could
neutralize Golovkin.
Now that Triple G got untrackedand started to really
do damage,
can Jacobs actually
fight with him?
– Golovkin landing
the right hand again.
– Yes.
– And a fierce body shot.
– Break! Break. Break.
– Danny Jacobs
trying to hold on.– And Golovkin doing
a really good job
of punching inside while
Danny’s trying to tie him up.
He’s throwing
really good punches.
– It is impossible
to stink Triple G out
because unlike a lot
of pressure fighters,
even including
a prime Mike Tyson,
he knows how to open up
a defensive fighter
on the inside
and land clean shots.
– But I don’t think
Danny Jacobs
is here trying to stink him up.He’s just looking
for the right opportunities.
He’s not trying to stink
the fight up, that’s for sure.
– I totally agree.
He’s trying to fight him.
– Yes.Good body shot.
– Great body shot by Golovkin.
– And why would Danny turn back
southpaw, I don’t know.
That’s how he got knocked down.
That’s crazy.
– Break. Break. Break.
– Like that, for example.
If your arm is free,
you should punch.
– Why would you turn southpaw
against him?
That’s how you got
knocked down.
– Jacobs complained to the ref,but Triple G’s arm was free.The ref hadn’t said, “Break,”
so Triple G kept punching.
– You heard Andre Rozier
between rounds
saying to Daniel Jacobs,
“That was totally unnecessary.”
– Exactly.
– I thought that was
about turning southpaw.
– I thought so too,
and he’s right back out here
southpaw again.
I don’t know.
– Where’s that double jab?– I don’t understand it.– He opens himself up
to Golovkin’s right hand,
which is every bit as lethal
as the left.
– Yeah.
– If not more lethal.
– Hook to the body
and the straight right hand.
– There you go!
– Okay, break! Back up.– Good body shot
by Danny Jacobs.
Daniel Jacobs.– Golovkin can take
punishment well.
– Of course he can.– It’s regarded as one
of his strengths.
Jacobs fighting out
of that southpaw stance again.
– Maybe he’s trying
to confuse Golovkin.
– Maybe Golovkin
didn’t expect it.
But he certainly knows
what to do against it.
– Walk him! Walk him!
– Fire straight right hands.
– 350 amateur fights, he knows
what to do against anything.
– Good left hook by Jacobs.
Reaching for Golovkin.
Another combination by Jacobs.
Good body shots.
– Landed some good shots
in this round.
– Yes.
– Very much so.
30 seconds remaining
in the round.
– He’s got to be careful
not to run into nothing.
– Jacobs getting a little bit
more offensive,
fighting out
of the southpaw stance.
Now Golovkin puts the pressure
on again.
– Step around him!
Walk a little! Walk a little! [loud tapping] – No punches!
Break, break, break. Back up. [bell dinging]
Time!– And another final flurryat the end by Golovkinas round 5 comes to a close.– All right? Okay. Okay, very good. – [speaking native language] [crowd chanting] He can score on you, son,
is when you stop. Didn’t we talk about this?
– Yes. – I want you to keep walking with that jab, touch him
to the body a little bit. He don’t like the body shots. But be smart.
– Okay. – Be smart.
We can win this round by round. And that’s what I want.
– Okay.– Here we see Triple G come
and counter the over–
counter the jab
with the overhand right,
right on the button, best punch
landed in that round.
Daniel Jacobs was
backing up from it,
so he kind of went
with the punch, it didn’t hurt,
but that was a clean shot.Probably the best shot
that Triple G landed
in that particular round.– Daniel Jacobs took that punch
pretty well.
[bell dings]
CompuBox numbers so far:
through round 6,
Golovkin landing–
or, through round 5,
I should say–
Golovkin landing 88 out of 228,
Jacobs 51 of 159.– Let go of each other.
Don’t hold each other–– So Golovkin has taken over
the offensive flow
for the most part.Jacobs erupting sporadically.
– There you go!– Certainly hasn’t given up
by any means
as he fires a hard right hand.– There’s a mouse under Jacobs’
right eye…
– And here’s
the footwork factor.
Golovkin cutting off the ring.– More than likely that mouse–
– Triple G’s left eye
is also a little swollen.
– Yeah.
More than likely
that mouse from Jacobs
comes from when they get close,Triple G keeps
working his hands
and Jacobs is just
letting his hands go.
So Triple G is getting some
good shots on the inside
when they do that.– That’s it!– Gonna open up Daniel Jacobs’
trainer, Andre Rozier,
and listen to him
as he barks out instructions
to his fighter
during the round.
Let’s see what happens.– Keep walking.
There you go! Don’t pull up! Don’t pull up. – Break! – Hands up, and stay smart. There you go,
just keep touching him.– Hard to say how much of that
Jacobs hears from Rozier.
– He hears it all,
I can guarantee you, Jim.
Good shot.
– Hard right hand by Jacobs.
Golovkin doesn’t flinch.– At all.– Jacobs was winning his fightby a little bit against Pirog,the one loss,
when he got caught
with a right hand
and knocked cold.
But he’s a more mature,more experienced fighter now–– A better fighter.
– And a better fighter.
And seems to be taking punches
better as well.
– He’s got to quit relaxing
on the inside like he’s doing.
That’s a very dangerous place
because Triple G
is deadly inside and outside.– Yes, a better puncher
than Pirog.
– There you go! – Come on, Danny!– Jacobs, at least
ten pounds heavier
than Golovkin
in the ring tonight,
firing hard shots,
and Golovkin treating him
with considerable caution
except at those moments
when he steps forward
and attacks
with combinations like that.Golovkin had focused on the jab
this round,
so Jacobs has an edge
in power shots
here in round number 6.And lands another one
right there.
– It was something like
shoe shining,
but with more on it.
– This is a good-scoring round
for Daniel Jacobs,
who may win it,
as Gennady Golovkin has…
– Ten seconds to the bell!– Sort of put his weaponry
into the deep freeze
just a little bit
in round number 6,
and Daniel Jacobs showing
more confidence…
– Time!
– Stepping up and firing away.
We’re midway through the fight.– An important round
for Jacobs.
Whether he won it or lost it.– Breathe. Control first.
Let’s go. – Good round?
– Good round. Listen to me, and I want you
to remember this. If you box him all night, you win every round.
– Okay. – Do not engage unnecessarily.
– Okay. – Just keep sticking him
up and down, and don’t wait for him.
– Rinse your mouth. Over here.
– Right here. Do you hear me? Don’t wait for him. Just keep walking, touch him
up and down with the jab, and fire that right hand across
when you see him waiting. This is swelling on him.
– Okay. – Take advantage of the moment.– Here you see an overhand
right from Danny Jacobs
now over the top
of Triple G’s jab.
Kind of trading places,
and tried a good uppercut,
but he missed it.Same punch Triple G caught him
with the round before,
he caught Triple G with it
that round.
– Power in round 6:
Jacobs 11 out of 25.
[bell dings]
Golovkin 3 out of 10.
So for whatever reason,
Gennady Golovkin did not
risk much in the sixth round,focusing on the jab,
and more or less
giving the round, or so it
appeared, to Daniel Jacobs.
Harold, how do you have it
halfway through?
– Okay, Jim, I got it
three rounds apiece.
But on points,
57-56 Gennady Golovkin.
I agree with you about
that sixth round, Jim.
I thought Danny Jacobs won it.I thought Danny Jacobs
won the first two rounds
’cause Golovkin didn’t open up
until the third.
So I’ve got it, you know,
all even in rounds,
but Gennady Golovkin’s
up one point
because of that knockdown
in round number 4.
57-56 Golovkin.– The threat of Jacobs’ power
is keeping
Triple G just honest enoughto not give him the bum’s rush,and then Jacobs’ quicknessand combination punching
is scoring.
– And we wondered about
the effect
of Jacobs’ unofficial
– Break.
– Or perhaps ten-pound-plus
weight advantage in the ring.We may just have seen some
of that in the last round,
as Golovkin was clearly
very conservative
in a round in which Jacobs
was throwing power shots.
– What happens to a fighter
like Golovkin, Jim,
is that when you knock a guy
down early in a fight,
it makes you feel like
you have to–
you have no sense of urgency
because all you got to do
is catch him again,
and down he’s gonna go.
But you see Daniel Jacobs tookthat punch very good
right then.
Why does he keep doing it out
of the left-hand position–
stance, I don’t know, because
he keeps getting caught
repeatedly with that same
overhand right,
but he’s taking it better nowthan he took it earlier
in the fight.
– Now Golovkin moves in on
the southpaw-standing Jacobs
and looks for another right,
but it’s Daniel Jacobs
who lands a right hand
over the top instead.
– A right hook–
– Right hand for Golovkin.
– A right hook out
of the southpaw position.
– And now Golovkin lands
another right hand,
driving Jacobs into the corner,and Jacobs fights his way
out of the corner.
– And Jacobs is hitting
Triple G often and hard enough
that Triple G is shaking “No”
after a couple of those shots,
which in boxing is
the universal signal that,
“Yeah, you got me.”– Break! Don’t measure him
with that glove, either.– We’ve never seen
Gennady Golovkin
win a decision,
though it happened
a few times early
in his career.
– How about lose a decision?That’s never happened.– That has not happened.
That’s exactly right.
– That was good defense
by Daniel Jacobs.
– We’ve already seen one–
already seen one fighter
with an epic unbeaten careerlose for the first time
Certainly it’s not out
of the question
it could happen
to Golovkin too.
– An even fight on Harold
Lederman’s scorecard right now.
– With the exception
of the knockdown point.
– Jacobs could be winning
this round.
– He’s just got to be
very careful because
Triple G can change anything
with just one shot.
– Yeah, or he could–
– 12 seconds left in the round.
Now Golovkin seems to–
– Oh, good shot–
– To try to win it–
– Good shot.
– Good shot by Jacobs.
– Yes.
– Charlie Fitch says, “Don’t
hold him behind the head.”
They both fire
in the closing seconds,
and they fight after the bell![crowd cheering] – All right.
Okay? Okay. Okay, that was
a little better round. We cannot just let him
work by himself. We have to be initiating.
Okay. Here, Ben.
Ben. Ben! – Turn him, and short right
hand. You could win this,
easy as pie, son. – Okay.
– Don’t make mistakes! – Okay.
– Give me a deep breath. – You hear what he’s saying?
Stay focused, D. – Consistency is what wins this. We fight fire with finesse! – Control your breathing.
Breathe. – Deep breath. Control it.
Keep boxing his ass off. Attack his left cheek with
the jabs and the right hands. All right, let’s keep winning
round by round. – Round by round, all right?– Power punches
through round 8:
and now that statistic
has reversed.
In CompuBox, Jacobs now
leading Golovkin
60 to 48 in the total number
of power punches landed
through eight rounds–
or through seven rounds.
And you heard a certain
sense of urgency
from Abel Sanchez,
a little bit more volume
than we’ve ever heard before
as Sanchez
spoke to Golovkin
between rounds.
all: Daniel! Daniel! Daniel!– And now the crowd is chanting
“Daniel! Daniel!”
Golovkin with a good one-two.Golovkin with another
good one-two.
– Got to be real careful–
– A series of right hands.
Golovkin touching Jacobs up
along the ropes.
Jacobs fights his way off.Back in the southpaw stance.Golovkin begins to focus
on the right hand again.
Jacobs jabbing well
with the right hand.
– The one advantage I can see
for Jacobs changing southpaw
is that it just gives Triple G
a different look.
– A total different look.
– And so when he goes back
right-handed, Triple G then has
to adjust to that again.
– Right.
– He’s not seeing
the same thing the whole time.
– Very true.
– Well, you got a clue when you
heard Andre Rozier
say, “We fight fire
with finesse.”
– Break!
– So, obviously the plan
is to try to outbox Golovkin
all the way.
– I don’t like the switching
to southpaw too much
because of the fact
that he’s giving up
so many overhand rights,and that’s one of Golovkin’s
best punches.
But if he doesn’t hurt him,
then it works.
– Right, it seems to be when
Triple G does his best work.
– Exactly.– Golovkin attacking
a little more in this round.
Tastes a few body shots
from Jacobs as a result.
Good right hand by Jacobs.– Best combination of the night
for Jacobs.
– Backing Golovkin up.One minute left
in round number 8.
Another very competitive round.– It was the little room
in this building,
The Theater
at Madison Square Garden,
that Daniel Jacobs dominated
the New York Golden Gloves.
Seemed to win every year.And he’s putting in
a very good showing
against the middleweight
champion of the world tonight.
This is a competitive fight.– Oh, good shot.
– Hard right hand by Golovkin.
Jacobs took it perfectly.– Yup, took that very good.Very well, I should say.Good jab by Triple G.– Your old high school English
teacher listening in Pensacola?
– [laughing]She might get mad
if I say that.
[loud tapping]– Good for her.Ten seconds left
in the eighth round.
Uppercut for Golovkin
partially blocked.
Lands a one-two–
– Time!– One more combination to close
the show in the eighth round.
Son, listen to me.
– We got that one? – That was close.
You made it close. – Yo, this round 9 coming.
– Stick to the game plan. I want you moving that jab
up and down. When he gets close to you,
fire a quick two. – Okay.
– And then step around him. You’re still in front of him. Give me that.
All right? Give me a deep breath.
This is– – We’re winning the fight.
– It’s close. – Yes, sir.
– It’s close. I’ma keep it real.
But you– you’re ahead right now.
– Okay.– Here you see Daniel Jacobs
throw one
jab-hook, jab, excuse me, hook,and followed
by a right hand.
Not many fighters can do that,
Jim, on the move.
Jab, hook, jab, hook,
straight overhand right,
that’s pretty good, then–
– Have to be a well-coordinated
athlete to do that.
– A beautiful overhand right,
and that’s where
that extra 100–
that 180 pounds that we’re
assuming comes into play,
because if he was at 160
or 165,
he would not have taken
that shot.
[bell dings]– It was strategic
for Danny Jacobs–
– Unusual territory
for Gennady Golovkin
as we go to round 9.– It was strategic
for Daniel Jacobs
to not weigh in this morning,and therefore not fightfor one of the sanctioning
body belts,
because no one, in the end,
is gonna remember
who won the belt; they’re gonna
remember who won the fight.
– Yeah, the win is much more
important than just a belt.
Good shot by both fighters.– So he made the 160-pound
limit fair and square,
and then decided the advantage
of putting on extra weight
was more important
than fighting for some belt.
– CompuBox numbers show–
– Break!– That Daniel Jacobs
has managed to limit
Gennady Golovkin’s output
and number of landed punches
compared to what
he’s done before.
Last 12 fights,
Golovkin averaged
28 out of 58 per round.Tonight, the average is 17
out of 46.
Landing fewer,
throwing fewer
against bigger,
stronger Daniel Jacobs.
– Yeah, if the idea is that
Triple G will catch him with
something big that will signal
the beginning of the end…
– Hard right hand by Jacobs.– It may be time
to forget about that,
and start winning these roundsbehind more activity
for Triple G.
– Yeah, Max, but the thing is,
is when you’re used
to surviving like that,
that’s been his–
– Clean shot from Jacobs.
– Yeah.
Lately, that’s been
what he’s been doing.
He’s been landing
big shots on guys
and getting them out of there,
so it’s not likely
that he’s looking to outpoint
or outbox nobody.
He’s used to–
– But he’s usually winning
all–most of the rounds.
– That’s not what I’m saying.
What I’m saying is he’s still
used to seek and destroy.
He’s not used to having to
outpoint and outbox nobody.
– Break!
– He’s winning those rounds
by seek and destroy, and that’s
all he knows right now
is seek and destroy.
– Well, the way he destroys
is by moving those hands,and Jacobs is largely
neutralizing that.
– Yes, he is.– In the 23-knockout streak
for Golovkin,
Kassim Ouma, a few years back,made it into the 10th round.Golovkin ultimately
put him away.
Martin Murray made it
to the 11th round
in Monte Carlo
a couple of years ago.
Golovkin ultimately
put him away.
Daniel Jacobs looks
more resilient tonight
than anybody has during
the 23-knockout streak.
– Oh, good uppercut–
– Uppercut by Golovkin.
Right hook by Jacobs!
– Good hook by Danny.
– Left hook by Jacobs!Firing back and answering
everything Golovkin throws.
– Another good hook by Jacobs.
– Really was.
And–and Triple G
is not digging the body
as frequently as we’ve seen
in previous fights either.
– Doesn’t want
to drop his hands.
– We’ve seen him score vicious
one-punch knockouts
with body shots.– Oh, good right uppercut.
– Right uppercut by Golovkin.
Right hand by Golovkin.
He’s going to work.
Showing a sense of urgency!
– Yeah.
– And got a little hop out
of Jacobs’ right foot.
– Oh, good jab!
– Backs him into a corner!
– Good jab.
That might have hurt Daniel.
– Momentarily got him
in trouble.
Great jab. Golovkin.
– Ten seconds to go!– With a chance to do
but the round is gonna come
to a close!
[bell dinging]
– Time!– Jacobs gets out of trouble.– [laughing]– You’re making it hard.
You had that round, and you’re giving it back
by getting careless. I do not want you
pulling back and playing. – Okay. – I want that jab working
up and down. Stick to–right here, come on. – Spit.
– Come on. – You hurt him. He’s hurt–
– Rinse his– – Okay?
Here we go. You throw to that spot,
he’s not gonna slip it. He’s gonna catch it.
It’s got to be here. Okay?
I don’t care where it hits, just as long as
it hits something. Don’t miss over the top.
– Here you see Triple G
land a beautiful right uppercutright up under Danny Jacobs’
left hand
that didn’t cause
no problems yet.
But that started
what this led to.
Here’s the best jab
of the night by Triple G.
A hard power jab right there,
right down the middle.
That shot seemed to have
bothered Danny Jacobs
more than any other
has tonight.
[bell dings]
– Nine rounds in.
We go to the tenth.– When Triple G
hurt Jacobs upstairs,
in that last round,
he went to the body,
and that opened up further
punishment upstairs.
– Let’s see what Harold
Lederman thought about it.
What’s your unofficial
scorecard say, Harold?
– Okay, Jim, I’ve got it
5 rounds to 4.
86-84 Gennady Golovkin.
– Oh, big shots.
– Jim, I think that Gennady’s
winning, you know,
by 2 points because of that
knockdown in round 4.
In other words,
I’ve got him up one round,
but he gets an extra pointfor the knockdown
in the fourth round.
You know, Danny Jacobs had
some terrific rounds.
I thought he won
round 6 clearly.
I thought in round–
he won round 8 clearly.
And he won the first
two rounds clearly,
so I think this fight
is a close fight.
5 rounds to 4,
Gennady Golovkin.
– Watch the head!
– Jacobs landed some big hooks,
both hands, moments ago.– Jacobs, through much of the
fight, has been more active.
He’s more active right now.
– Yeah, he is.
Moving his hands very good.
He’s just got to be careful
not to get caught
with a big shot.
– Golovkin seems to be falling
into the trap
of trying to line Jacobs up
for one big shot.
– And Jacobs is also pounding
Golovkin’s body well at times.
– And as far as we can tell,the tactical ploy
of rehydrating Jacobs
scientifically to get him to
a significantly higher weight,
outweighing Golovkin
by ten pounds or more,
appears to have worked.– And I’ve got to give Danny
Danny does a good job of boxing
out of this southpaw stance.
He’s landing right hooks, jabs,
straight left hands.
He’s very surprising
out of the southpaw stance.
Never saw that really–
oh, good right hand.
Never saw that
out of him a lot.
Good left hand.
– Golovkin is looking
while Jacobs is firing
in this particular round.
– Good block–
– Right hand by Gennady.
A left hook upstairs
by Jacobs.
– And then, because Triple G
is headhunting,
Jacobs is able to avoid
some of those big shots.
– And Triple G has not gone
to the body much at all
against Daniel Jacobs.– Jacobs can’t relax here,
He’s letting Triple G get
a little too close to him.
– You would think that
as the clearly shorter man,
Golovkin might want
to get inside
and throw more body shots.– You’d think so, Jim,
but for some reason–
well, it’s not “some reason,”
it’s because
that’s what he’s used to doing.Most of the time he can
knock guys out with head shots,
and he’s hurt Daniel
with a head shot earlier,
he feels as though that he
always can pull off
that knockout
if he just gets close enough.
– He hurt Brook
with body shots,
but that was an entirely
different fight.
– Yeah, I think he respects
Jacobs’ power upstairs.
And that’s making him hesitant
to go downstairs.
But that’s not the case–
– Jab by Golovkin.
Here we go again.
Closing seconds of the round.
Lands another one.
– Ten seconds to the bell.– Throughout most of–
– Oh, good hook by Danny.
Another good hook by Danny!– Give and take
by both fighters.
Good shots by Jacobs.
– Time!– That was a difficult
to score round.
[crowd cheering]But Harold Lederman
gave it to Jacobs.
– Give me that mouthpiece. Rinse him.
Give me that water. Give me that.
Rinse.– That narrows the margin
to a single point
on Lederman’s unofficial
– I don’t want you
to be careless in round 11 and 12. You understand me?
– Stay focused.– And only 26 body shots landed
in the fight so far
by Gennady Golovkin.We’ve seen some rounds
in the past
where he landed
that many body shots.
Jacobs has landed more
body shots himself.
Golovkin landing more punches,
but not by a wide margin.– Here you see Jacobs
coming forward with his jab,
a right hand again over the top
of his jab,
but it landed high on the neck,
behind the ear this time,
and the knuckles of the glove
did not land,
so it wasn’t really
a significant shot.
– So a lot on the line now
as we go
to the so-called
championship rounds,
round 11 coming up.This is the round
in which Golovkin knocked out
Martin Murray two years ago
in Monte Carlo.
Once again,
23 consecutive knockouts.
That streak very much
in jeopardy now,
looking at the way Jacobs looks
and how he’s fought so far.
– They can’t stay locked up,
’cause Triple G will do
stuff like that on the inside.When he’s not set, Triple G’s
still trying to knock him out.
He’s thinking,
“Lift my hands up and stop,”
but Triple G is still
thinking offense,
so he has to be
very careful here.
– This would be
an incredible upset
if Jacobs could pull it off.And he’s in the 11th roundand Harold Lederman
has it as a 1-point fight.
– Okay, break!
– The knockdown point
is the only difference
on Harold Lederman’s card
after ten rounds.Body shot by Golovkin.
Another body shot by Golovkin.
Maybe Abel Sanchez told him
between rounds
that that’s what
he needs to do.
– Oh, good–
– Uppercut by Golovkin.
– Oh, good hook by Danny.– Break!
No punches.– Triple G has fought and
beaten some solid fighters,
and really beaten them up,
but this is a peaking fighter.
A big, athletic, skillful…
– Don’t hold each other. Let go of each other
and box out of there.– Peaking fighter with a real
amateur pedigree
who’s overcome the odds in his
own life, as we’ve mentioned,
beating cancer.Who prepared for this fight
And is fighting
the fight of his life.
I mean, neutralizing
Triple G’s offense early.
Getting his off–
own offense going…
– Break!
– After being knocked down.
– Fight would certainly appear
to be up for grabs
as Golovkin digs in
and tries to land
some power shots in the 11th.– Middleweight championship
of the world on the line
in a packed
Madison Square Garden.
– Good shots.
– And the local kid climbs off
the deck and does this?– Fantastic.
– Low blow.
– Absolutely fantastic story.
– Keep the punches up.– Charlie Fitch has done
a great job
of refereeing the fight.
– Yes, he has.
– We’ve barely said
a word about him.
– Big left uppercut.
– Yes, it was.
Big left uppercut.
– Jacobs.
– Body shots by Jacobs.Golovkin shaking his head.– What that mean, Max?– Usually it means,
“I felt it.”
– [laughing]
– Right.
– Usually it means,
“Yeah, you got me.”
– For those wondering
if the Kell Brook fight
meant that Triple G
was vulnerable
to a skillful full-blown
who could maybe take his punch,I think the answer is yes.[loud tapping] – Break!
– Mike Tyson came a cropper
against Buster Douglas
in Tokyo.
because of his dominance,
has been compared to Tyson–
– Oh, good hook!
[bell dinging]
– Time! Time!– Both fighters landed down
the stretch.
Jacobs’ hook may have been
the best punch.
– Guys,
according to Harold Lederman
and I think by our own eyes,the middleweight championship
of the world
looks like it’s up for grabs
in the 12th round.
Who wants it?– Harold gave the 11th round
to Daniel Jacobs.
But now he’s had Jacobs
winning two in a row.
– Be confident of the–
of your shots, but be better defensively, okay? Now–now better jabs. Better jabs,
and work into a shot, okay? Don’t be,
“We’re looking for one.” One, two, three, cover, counter.
– Yes. – Okay?– Sanchez is calm.– I’m still gonna ask you for
that shot over here, all right?– Here we see something
we’re not used to seeing.
Exchange, hook by Danny,
hook by Golovkin,
overhand right by Danny,
left hook by Danny.
Three–three punches to one,and Golovkin did not win
the exchange.
Something we never see often
here on HBO.
– Very seldom.
12th round.
Everything on the tablefor Gennady Golovkin
and Daniel Jacobs.
– Okay, break!– Golovkin has been
a methodical fighter.
Can he fight with passion
in this round?
– Gennady Golovkin has had
23 knockouts in a row,
but never
a 12th-round knockout.
– Break!
– 32 knockouts
in 35 fights, unbeaten to this
point in his career.
Daniel Jacobs was regarded
by most experts
coming in as the best opponent
yet for Golovkin.
He’s almost certainly proven
beyond a shadow of a doubt
that that’s exactly
what he’s been.
– He’s got to be really
careful here
’cause Golovkin’s really
throwing some big shots–
– And so is Daniel.
– Yes.
But Golovkin is throwing ’em
when Daniel’s not ready,
like right here.
– Break!– Good jab, good uppercut
by Golovkin.
Jabbing Jacobs back again.Daniel starts to work.– The way Jacobs has taken
Triple G’s vaunted power
is very impressive tonight.– Forcing Golovkin to try
to box his way to a win…
– Oh!
– In the 12th round.
Those kind of punches
right there, on the break
when Danny’s not ready,
those are the punches–
Daniel is not ready,
those are the punches
I’m talking about, Max, when he
gets him and he’s not set.
– Jacobs comes right back.
– Yeah, but Jacobs
has to keep his focus–
– Little left hook inside
by Golovkin,
right hand by Jacobs.
– Good shot by–
– Another little left hook
inside by Golovkin.
– Oh!
Jacobs pulling out
all the stops now.
Stepping over to the side,
throwing the hook.
Catching Triple G on the angle.– Oh, good right hand–wow.
– Great right hand down
the pike by Jacobs!
– Wow–oh, good shot by–
– Urgency as Golovkin–
– Oh, big uppercut by Jacobs!
– Uppercut by Jacobs!
Tremendous fight!
Tremendous fight now.
– No punches, guys. No punches.– Down the stretch
of the 12th.
– One of these big punches
produces a knockdown,
it could seal the fight
one way or another.
– Break!– Less than a minute to go!– Good right hand by Triple G.– Crowd in Madison Square
Garden quite amazed
by what they’re seeing.all: Daniel! Daniel!
Daniel! Daniel! Daniel! Daniel! Daniel! [crowd cheering]– Jacobs’ eye beginning
to close on the left side,
or so it appears.
– Last round,
so it really doesn’t matter
at this point, Jim.
– He needs to close the show
with a rally right here.
– Yes, he does.
– “He” being?
– Danny Jacobs–
well, both guys.
– Without getting knocked down.– I think Golovkin’s ahead
in the round.
– I agree.
– Not getting knocked down.
– Good left hook by Jacobs.Needs another one like that.Right hand by Golovkin.
– Break! No punches.– Ten seconds to go!
– Ten seconds in the fight!– Who’s gonna land
the last shot?
– Break! Break! [bell dinging]
That’s it. [crowd cheering] – Stand up!
I want you to stand up! – Really, really good.– For the first time in
Triple G’s professional career,
the final bell soundedand the outcome is in doubt.– And Abel Sanchez
comes across the ring
to hug Daniel Jacobs and share
a hug with Andre Rozier.
Very classy on the part
of Abel Sanchez.
– Very, very classy on the part
of Abel Sanchez.
Very, very classy on the part
of his fighter.
Very, very classy on the part
of Danny Jacobs and his camp.
What a great fight.
We may as well go ahead
and put this in the books
for number two
because this would be
a great fight again already.
– A lot of affection exchangedbetween the fighters
and the trainers here
after a great fight
in Madison Square Garden.
They had a tough act to follow
after “Chocolatito” González,
and Srisaket Sor Rungvisai
produced the fight of the year
in the preliminary.Now let’s take a look
at what might be
the decisive point
in the fight,
and that is the round 4
knockdown by Golovkin.
Not one of the most thunderous
knockdowns of his career
but enough to get
the extra point.
– Not the most thunderous
but we saw the same thing
kind of in the first fight,
and look what happened.– Harold Lederman, what does
your final scorecard show?
– Okay, Jim, I’ve got it 114-113
Gennady Golovkin.
I just think he outfought him
in that round 12
to win the fight.I mean, I thought it was
a very, very close fight.
The 1-point difference
is that knockdown in round 4,
just like you said,
and, you know,
I think it could go
either way.
I’ve got it six rounds apiece,
but in points 114-113
Gennady Golovkin.
– And we will await
the official scores
from three judges.Harold, who are they,
and what do you think?
– Okay, Jim, Max Deluca
from Tustin, California,
excellent judge,
works all over the world,
well-known judge
who works for the WBC.
Don Trella doing a great job.Every time we see him,
he gets better.
He’s from–
he’s from Connecticut.
And Steve Weisfeld
from New Jersey.
We know him well.
He worked for us.
So three really good judges.I think we’ll get
a good decision.
– Gennady Golovkin’s
23-knockout streak
has come to a close.Has his 35-fight unbeaten
professional career
also seen its first defeat?In the preliminary fight
just preceding this,
Román “Chocolatito” González,
ranked the number one
pound-for-pound fighter
in the world
by most credible
ranking services,
lost for the first time.He’s now 46 and 1.Is Golovkin 35 and 1?Or is he 36 and 0?– [laughs]– Michael Buffer’s ready now
with the decision.
Let’s go to him.
[bell dinging]– Ladies and gentlemen,
here at the mecca of boxing,
Madison Square Garden,
New York City,
we go to the scorecards.A round of applause
for both fighters
in this middleweight contest.[cheers and applause]Don Trella and Steve Weisfeldhave it 115-112.Max DeLuca scores it 114 to 113to the winner by
unanimous decision…
still undefeated and stillthe universally recognizedmiddleweight champion
of the world,
Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin,AKA…Triple…G![cheering]– Well, a smiling
Gennady Golovkin escapes
with another victory
and holds on
to his middleweight supremacyand his unbeaten
professional record,
but faced the biggest scare
of his career
and the most difficult fight
of his professional career
in a route-going performance
against Daniel Jacobs.
Two judges scored the fight
7 rounds for Golovkin and 5 for Jacobs. The third had it
6 rounds apiece, but the knockdown point made it a unanimous decision
for Golovkin. Some observers felt Jacobs
had done enough to score the upset,
but overall, fans and media mostly agreed
with the decision. There was no controversy. So Golovkin’s unbeaten
professional records remains intact,
but the knockout streak has ended as he goes forward
towards his next assignment, one of the most anticipated
fights in boxing in years, the pay-per-view showdown
in Las Vegas between Triple G,
Gennady Golovkin, and Canelo Alvarez of Mexico. If ever a fight predicted
a head-to-head firefight, this is it;
you don’t want to miss it.[dramatic music]♪ ♪

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  8. i had 7-6 for Jacob, that really was a great fight.. But again you really have to take it from the champion

  9. The way to beat GGG is to go the distance. If doesn't knock you out he does not look all that spectacular.

  10. Not sure I'd accept some water from the opposing trainer after the fight like Jacobs did. Might be some dope in it to make you fail a test. lol

  11. That so stupid when fighters get caught with some good punches and decide to deliberately keep their hands down, to show some sort of tough guy BS, and just open themselves up for more shots.?!?

  12. Jacob's was hit with 2 right hands to the chin on the knockdown. No slip. He never cried about it for a reason.

  13. Watched this fight at the time and thought ggg won,watched it again and still think he won but hop Jacobs sparks canelo!

  14. Otra vez perdiò Canelo y otra vez se la dieron ganada….que verguenza para El y para todo el boxeo !!!! 4/5/19

  15. Well I was watching the fight and from my part if I had to knit or make a decision in the fight I would win Jacobs I liked his fight I never let that canelo fight 100% Jacobs is a good fighter from my point of view I did not know much from Jacobs but now I'll have to follow him good peliador good fight Jacobs champion

  16. that was an absolutely great fight. Jacobs and Golovkin are both Champs! i can only respect Jacobs for what he has done in his life and even if he looses a fight here and there hes a real champ and winner in life. golovkin on the other Hand is just an absolutely deadly predator.

  17. i think Jacob in this fight was not the same vs Canelo, Jacob was so good in this fight, if he would of fight Canelo the way he fough GGG he would had won the fight.

  18. I think the HBO commentator is definitely a GGG fan. Jacobs had a much better fight than the way he called it. Jacobs is not the “Buster Douglas” of this fight! I thought Jacobs was much better at combos and technique. But you have to beat the champ definitively. He didn’t hardly get that done – esp after getting caught with the knockdown early.

  19. 115-112 was correct. Agreed with ledermen car except I gave round 2 to dj, round 7 to Ggg and round 11 to Ggg. Great fuckin fight

  20. eso es lo nunca va a lograr canelo tumbar a un mostró como Daniel yeicob nunca y aún así por la corrupción canelo sigue ganando porque son corruptos los jueces hipócritas ya el boxeo no es lo mismo

  21. I like how triple g hit him in the back of the head and was like my bad, then Jacobs got him and he was like ight we good now

  22. I had this fight scored even going into the last round and to be honest that last round was so close, both fighters big shots. I honestly had the last round scored even, 10 to 10 round, it was such a close fight. There were other round that were close and could have been swung either way, but I had this as a draw.

  23. Actually, when Golovkin shakes his head at a "good shot" it generally means "Oh you thought that was an example of your power? Excellent. That means you cannot hurt me. Make your time."

  24. Danny definitely could’ve won this fight. He just gave GGG to much respect, chances/openings. He also let his guard down in the clinch and got tagged to much. Great fight though GGG definitely took it from Dannie’s carelessness.

  25. Its funny how all these fighters talk shit like GGG his power isn't shit he's overrated but they all pack on the pounds before they fight him. That says it all

  26. I'm clearly watching Jacobs at 16:12 landing punches and Compubox is not counting, it must be biased as well.

  27. 116-112 GGG

    GGG winning rounds: 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12
    Jacobs rounds: 2, 6, 7, 10
    11'th even

    Obviously the 4'th was a 10-8 round for GGG.

    Jacobs showed a lot of heart late but the fight wasn't as close as Lederman would have you believe.

  28. GGG gave this guy too much respect. He didn’t let his hands go like he usually does. He made the same mistake with Canelo. He completely underestimated himself in his fights against them. Sucks.

  29. My issue with triple g is that when he goes up against top tier fighters he plays it too safe. He played it safe in this fight and also in the fights with Canelo. He should do the opposite and give a 110% because when you’re matched up with top fighters you need to be on your A+ game not play it safe and give a mediocre performance

  30. If ggg won the 1st fight against canelo supposedly how did he beat Jacob's same way if Jacob's fought like he did after round d 6 against canelo might of got the decision

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