Cinderella Man (1/8) Movie CLIP – Braddock Begs for Money (2005) HD

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The thing is, I can’t afford to… I can’t afford to pay the heat. I’ve had to farm out my kids. They keep cutting shifts down at the docks. You just don’t get picked every day. I sold everything I got
to anybody who would buy. I went on public assistance. I signed on at
the relief office. They gave me 19 dollars. I need another 18 dollars and 38 cents so
I can pay the bill and get the kids back. You know me well enough to know
if I had anywhere else to go, I wouldn’t be here. If you could help me through this time,
I sure would be grateful. Sure, Jim. Sure. Good luck. Jim. Jimmy. Here you go, Jim. Good luck, Jim. I’m sorry, Joe.
I didn’t… I’m sorry. What in the hell
do you have to be sorry about? Jesus Christ, Jim. How short are you? About a dollar fifty. OK.

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  1. This is really painful to watch as what matters to every person in life is his individualism, self esteem. I've always felt that the second worst thing that anyone can experience is feeling 'helpless'

  2. The minute the eyes welled up.. Oh god, I felt it. I wanted to just jump right through the screen, or back in time, and just hug him. 😢😭💔

  3. This is without a doubt one of the most powerful and underrated scenes in cinema. I liked Cinderella Man a lot, I mean it did have it flaws… but oh man… this scene? It's perfect. Crowe plays it perfectly, Giamatti plays its perfectly. And then the apology at the end and Giamattis response.. Jesus. If someone asked me for the saddest scene in cinema… this is it for me.

  4. Muhammad Ali is still alive and is probably worth millions.
    Joe Frazier lived above his gym with his son and died 5 years ago…

  5. Tears roll down when Crowe approaches Giamatti. The sadness becomes immense when the background music starts at the end of the scene. Howard knows how to play with the nerves of people. And Newman is exceptionally good composer.

  6. "What in the hell do you have to be sorry about? Jesus Christ, Jimmy." That line and the music gets me every single time.

  7. I remember the first time I watched this scene when he said sorry, I never been hit so hard with with emotion like that. Everyone cried in the theatre.

  8. The scene that follows is fantastic. When the kids run into the house, and him and May just take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. Fantastic movie.

  9. How did he not win an Academy Award for this role? He killed it! What an incredible tour-de-force from Crowe and Giamatti. Moves me to tears every. single. time.

  10. Great scene but wha t I never could understand is why did those assholes not give Braddock any money and gave him that dick look? Did Braddock owe them something? perhaps play them wrong in the past? somebody please explain and clear this doubt ive had for many years, id very much appreciate it..

  11. There are so many good scenes……When he gives his baloney to his daughter….next would be when his manager gets him a fight…he didn't care if he took a bating because it paid 250 dollars…"I get to put a little distance between my kids and the street"

  12. That's a heart cruncher of a scene eh.. Fantastic story. Gotta love the ones where the person pulls themselves out of the dumps for their family. Beautiful

  13. when you have to choose between self esteem and your loved ones….one of the saddest scenes I have come across

  14. Fucking amazing movie!! Renee is the best wife ever in any movie…i loved her loyalty and commitment to stand by her man…

    Cunts don't do anything like this today

  15. Dude Russell Crowe's acting….this scene breaks my heart and makes me bawl. Bravo! It's so touching that the real Cinderella Man went back after he made money from the fights, and paid them all back. My heart!

  16. For me it’s when the big guy looks around like “really? This man just poured his heart out and no ones going to step up?…” that was what hit me in the feels.

  17. such a powerful moment – jimmy starting to cry and saying he's sorry for having to beg… and joe basically shaking him saying, 'what the hell do you have to be sorry about….' – that line always makes me tear up, no matter how much i see it…

    we've all went through moments like this, where we've been broke and or unable — and feel totally worthless when we ask for help — all we need is someone to say to us that line — what the hell do you have to be sorry about…..

    this movie scene got me through many bad years..

  18. I love how after Jimmy says he’s short a $1.50, the next scene after Paul Gimatti says “okay” is the shot of the light bulb turning on in their house. As a viewer, I even feel relieved to see the lightbulb turned on.

  19. As my mom says it's ok to ask for help when you need it and you don't know where to go. Everyone gets lost sometimes. That's what makes us human. 🙂

  20. Damn…………. missed the scene on tv was on the phone but caught enough of it to find my face covered in tears and to search for the full scene here. My face is now sufficiently moisturised from this, going to cancelled that scheduled facial!!!! ….WOW!!!

  21. This great movie proved that the Academy of Arts & Sciences in 2005 missed big time by not giving this movie an Oscar for anything ! GREAT work by Russell Crowe, Paul Giamatti, Rene Z., Ron Howard the director. This movie in several spots moves me to tears. Great story about so many things. A man's love for his wife and kids, and to never quit !

  22. This is why we should never call those with disabilities, handicap! The term came from beggars in the street. Hand to cap. No disabled person is a beggar. Not that Gentleman Jim Braddock was, but his cap in hand just reminded me.

  23. This always gets me , because I have been at such a position , and have felt such a shame , to just “hold my hat “

  24. The ending of this scene is perfect. The start should have been little less sentimental in my opinion. Yeah, I know he is struggling with his life and all that, but a strong man like Jim Braddock would have covered his feelings. It feels like crocodile tears to me. If he had done this with a little more pride, the turning point where Jim Braddock sees Joe Gold would have been perfect. This is where his true feelings are coming to the surface. Because they know eachother and there is no longer any point of holding back.

  25. There are three minutes before this clip and two minutes after that re-define and override this clip.

    At the moment….I “am” James Braddock in my own timeline.
    This clip is missing what this movie is about by minutes before and after.
    If you’ve never seen the movie……invest this movie in your life.

  26. Yo to be honest I cried in this scene, at some point a man reaches the lowest he can that he just has to beg.

  27. It’s appalling that only a few people get up to give Braddock some money. Even Braddock’s manager who is down on his luck gives him a lot, and most of the men in there are more well off than him.

  28. He'd never have finished his sentence. As soon as he said farm out the kids, I'm opening my wallet. Whatever I got on me isn't all I got, but it could be all he needs.
    The first guy to help him out, was looking around like "really, nobody else?"

  29. Crowe and Giamatti do great here… but the score is what captures this moment… everyone here is saying they get teary eyed watching the part where he interacts with joe. But that’s when we here the score.

    Thomas Newman is a helluva composer and this and road to perdition are master pieces

  30. The first time I watched this movie was when I was 13, my friend and I ditched school to go see this movie at a theater. I remember watching this scene trying to hold back my tears so that my friend wouldn’t think I was a wimp lol

  31. He got a well deserved Oscar for Gladiator, should have got another for Beautiful Mind but this was his best performance. To play someone so 'nice' and yet so tough at the same time. No other modern actor could have pulled it off.

  32. The Great Depression was one of the great tragedies in American and world history. The resilience of those people would make our soft, modernized society today look like a bunch of wimps. This is an amazing movie and Russell Crow was outstanding.

  33. I know how he felt. I worked hard and ended up getting cutt off of a job when they knew i had kids to feed and they just said good luck. I dont think i have anything to be sorry about either. Yet i still felt sorry. Sorry i couldn't have done a better job for my kids. Struggling with disease is hard. I dont feel like fighting anymore sometimes. But i love my kids too much

  34. A great and powerful scene made even greater later on when, after he gets back in the ring and starts winning, he goes to the relief office and pays back every penny he was given and the joy on his face just makes you smile

  35. Very touching scene. I read in real life it happened a little differently. Instead Braddock had approached his manager Gould and Gould had talked to commission on his behalf. The scene plays out better the way it's shown in the movie, but Gould was a heck of a manager.

  36. Watching this film now, the begging cap in hand part, well that was it 😢😢😢, can imagine the outcome, regains his boxing career, reaches the top, everyone wants to know him, the real friends he had when the cupboard was bare, were there, the turned their backs left with not a care, life in the raw, good against evil, have to watch the rest now 🐔🐿️🐕🐭🐅🐹🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊

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