Chris Eubank Jr: Out of the Shadows | WORLD BOXING SUPER SERIES

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And now we welcome the champions Chris Eubank Jr As a son of a boxing legend Chris Eubank
Jr. spent his childhood and his boxing matriculation in his famous father’s
all-encompassing shadow. But 27 fights into a surging career, the younger Eubank has
burst out to make his very own destructive mark on the world scene. But
despite his genetic gifts, it took the younger Eubank years to build up a
modicum of the overt self certainty that marked his father’s career, with Junior, at
times underwhelming when the lights were the brightest. Harnessing all his
father’s athleticism into his own definitive style, Eubank has shaken off
the uncertainty of his earlier fights and matured into a punishing force. With
his blazing hand speed in nuanced footwork as a foundation, Eubank is now
powered by a newfound assuredness that he does indeed belong in the world stage,
unlike in the past, the Eubank of the here-and-now is engaged from the opening
bell unrelenting until his hand is raised in victory. Once seen as an enigmatic send-up
of his father, Eubank has honed himself into a true athletic power, responding to
his lone career defeat with an 8 fight win streak that has seen him make
exponential leaps into the sports elite tier.
Now on the cusp of a Super fight with domestic rival George Groves, for not only
Groves’ world title, but also a berth in the world boxing Super Series final,
Eubank is riding the momentum of dominating performances that sees him on
the cusp of outshining not only the Super Middleweight World, but, finally, his
larger-than-life father as well

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  1. He's elite level no doubt. he gives EVERYONE a hard night. i would LOVE to see him vs golovkin. thats a dream fight for me.

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