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– My next guest is gon’ blow
every bit of your minds. She is the first American boxer to win two consecutive Olympic gold medals. (cheering and clapping) From Flint, Michigan, please
give it up for my girl, Claressa T-Rex Shields. (cheering)
(upbeat music) How does it feel to be champ? – You know what, I’ve been
champ for a long time now. Not just to Olympics but turning pro, my third fight, I won a world title. Fastest woman to do that. But to be undisputed
means you have all of em in the weight class and
the girl I fought against, Christina Hammer, was
24 and 0, 11 knockouts, reigned nine years undefeated
and I was only eight and 0 with two knockouts, so
she’s supposed to come in and you know, beat me to the ground. Yeah, right there, I
knocked her mouthpiece out. She held me a lot throughout the fight. Oh my God, I look so mean. (audience laughing) – How’d you get into boxing? – So you know, just growing
up, my mom had things that she went through and my
dad was in prison for a while. I met my dad when I was
nine and that’s how I got into boxing. My dad used to be a
underground street fighter. His name was Cannonball. People tell me that I fight like him. My dad is the reason why I got
into boxing at the age of 11. My Daddy was a bad man. Still is.
– Yeah, I remember. Still is. (clapping)
(laughing) You’re a true survivor and a fighter. What message do you share with other girls who may have faced similar
situations as you growing up? – You know, growing up, I
did experience being raped at the age of five and you
know, just a lot of neglect from my mom because she’d use alcohol but, my advice to anybody
that goes through that, don’t let the abuser win. Don’t make it an excuse, “Oh, my life turned out bad
because this person hurt me, “this person abused me.” Whenever something goes
bad, you say it’s because of this person. No, it’s because of you. Let the past go, ya know?
(clapping) It’s over with and you have to know that stuff happens and stuff you can’t control. I wasn’t able to control when I got raped at the age of five. I wasn’t able to control
that but what I do control is my life and I’m a champion
regardless of anything. I’m a champion, I’m a winner. – That’s a good message.
(clapping) Claressa, you’ve got a lot of confidence in and outta the ring. Where does that confidence come from? – My confidence come from my grandmother. She raised me. My grandmother was 5’10”
but her attitude was 6’2″. I mean, my Granny had this huge attitude. She was just ya know, so hardcore, but she showed me the
most love that anybody in this world has ever shown me. My grandmother like, if
you ever came to her house trying to hurt me, my grandmother just wasn’t having it. She just was like, I think
that’s where I get that from, just a fighter, you know? She just was a very strong woman and you know, stood up for
what she believed in 100%. (clapping) – Hey, I’m glad to sit down
and talk with you finally. You’re a really, really charming young lady.
– Thank you. – Thank you very much. Hey y’all, please give it up one more time for Claressa T-Rex Shields. – Thank you. – Also everybody, you can
check out Claressa’s last fight against Christina Hammer on Showtime. Just go look it up. It’s a great fight. We’ll be right back everybody. (upbeat music)

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    You better now mess with me 🤕🤼🏿‍♂️👊🏽😂😂😂

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  3. Nice interview, however it's hard to let that stuff go. We have to be empathetic to anyone who has had a past like this. Sad to see the Steve's show go

  4. That's a true champion. .Not only in the ring of boxing bt with good knowledge and wisdom..She inspires many.

  5. She's maintains being very classy and ladylike w/ a good head on her shoulders (no pun intended), despite being a championship boxer. Despite what she's been through at such a young age. And I can empathize with that.

    No excuses for other girls/young women to behave brashly and unfeminine, which is common these days. Some whom haven't been through struggle or trauma. A great role model 😊👏

  6. Good afternoon Steve nice show I much rather hear the phrase who out there want to make some money thank you for sharing have a wonderful work day God bless stay happy

  7. I love see true life stories and goes to show we have choices in life. We could do good or bad. Despite what she went through life. Her past didn't control her. She controlled it. Women and men in this country don't know how good they have it. In this country you can get out of poverty thru education. Other countries, unfortunately don't have this choice. So, we are very lucky.

  8. Flint Stand Up!! Born in Flint…. The best fighters come from the Midwest!!! Period. Good to see her in good spirits! It's a journey always…

  9. In my country achild of 3years was raped.just 2days back.i understand and respect everyone's struggle

  10. When one person give Love to one child can turn the life around Ms. Shields is a excellent women

  11. She is not just a Champion but a Beautiful Lady as such. I like her body built, no muscle, her super strength in within not outside. Good one.

  12. Laylah Ali needs to face the fact that Clarissa Shields is the next best African American female boxer literally the next generation of boxing period. Ann Wolfe acknowledges Clarissa and gave love and support even gave props. Pass the damn torch Ali.

  13. This is a woman with great confidence. Some may interpret as cocky. But when women show no lack, no self deprivation its almost shocking. Her head is held high and she genuinely believes in herself. Good for her. Good for her. Stark difference between this young lady and the other one earlier in the show that is pregnant. We.all.have.choices.

  14. If Harvey asked me how I got into martial arts I would say because my dad forced me and I hated it for 3 weeks now I'm a national champion .

  15. Oh wow, so wise, dignified, humble, classy & resilient…She is beautiful from the inside out and a true role model, that young black girls/women should look up to.

  16. She looks pretty but she is built upper body looks like a Man. Thats why I cant marry a boxee if she that swole. The feminine is gone

  17. they say what doesnt kill you makes you stronger…
    Her story and that of other powerful people out there, especially the blacks in the u.s is evidence of this…

  18. Imagine the beautiful children she'd give you with her genetics….??if I was AJ she'd be having my babies all 6 of them lol

  19. I wish we were friends she such an amazing person, great role model. That’s that black girl magic !!!! ♥️🤘🏽

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