Cesaro is coming for a “hands-on” look at NXT UK: WWE Exclusive, Aug. 28, 19

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Excuse me, Cesaro. Cesaro, tonight after Monday Night Raw
you’re gonna go to the airport and catch a flight to China.>>Not just China. I’ll also be paying a visit to Wales. Cardiff, Wales to be more specific. See, I heard a lot of things like NXT UK. So I’m gonna go to
NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff to find out firsthand, what it’s all about. Maybe take a little more
of hands on approach.

89 thoughts on “Cesaro is coming for a “hands-on” look at NXT UK: WWE Exclusive, Aug. 28, 19

  1. You know what’s sad ever since left tag team with shamus
    Became single changed the music theme
    Been sucking lately

  2. If the Swiss Cyborg can stand up to Walter we maybe looking at the next United Kingdom Champion🇬🇧😉!

  3. The Swiss Cyborg is targeting NXT UK. Please, please give me Antonio Cesaro vs Walter or Antonio Cesaro vs Tyler Bate.

  4. Wtf WWE is wasting talents he deserve WWE OR UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP bro leave WWE and join AEW they know the importance of real talents cedric alexander defet you so sad😔😔please leave it

  5. I'm glad see Cesaro being push on his own without Sheamus.He is talent wrestler.Sheamus is talent wrestler too.I hope to see him come back WWE soon.🤘🤘👍👍

  6. This is actually great. HHH will put him to good use and rebuild his momentum if this is a permenant transfer and not a guest appearence for Cardiff like Finn did at Blackpool.

    Hopefully Drew can go as well..

  7. Cesaro is the most complete fighter they have in the roster and they don't know how to take advantage of him, he should be world champion or at least mind-card is the best pound for pound. if you are going to nxt uk hopefully it will be well used or you better wait for your contract to end and go to a company where your great talent is well used, such as in AEW

  8. I wish Cesaro would get a push. Despite being a talented big strong dude that Vince seemingly loves, he gets no pushes into the main event scene.

  9. Please Bring back the European Championship as a Secondary Title to NXT UK
    So that RAW, SD, NXT and NXT UK have
    Tag Team
    Championships that can compete for Survivor Series

  10. Damn, I'm still not used to seeing Cesaro without Sheamus. I miss the Bar's theme music. I wonder what happened to Sheamus anyway.

  11. Hmm….I know that this is out of topic from this video but,if Cesaro be able to go to the NXT UK,than why don't Drew?.Who knows,his is far better in the hands of William Regal's management than in US.Just my thought!.

  12. The way he is treated on the main roster I'd be actually happy to see him go to NXT UK at least he'd get a better role

  13. No wwe don't allow cesaro to go to nxt uk make him wwe champ enough of kofi and send wrestlers like Ali, kalisto and others 205 wrestlers to nxt uk

  14. Cesaro should be a universal champion or world champion at this time but WWE gave nothing to you but they took everything from you , what a shame on WWE

  15. Vince doesn't like cesaro I hope triple h can get him for nxt now it's on tv I can see quite a lot of main roster talent wanting to go to nxt.

  16. If Cesaro leaves Main Roster to NXT/NXT UK I'd be fine because he'd probably be treated much better. He should have had a world title with the talent he possesses. Just need to get a manager as a mouth piece because while he is my favorite, even I can admit that he isn't the best speaker, although he is charismatic.

  17. Cesaro vs Pete Dunne at NXT uk takeover Cardiff,that dream match is going to be non stop and cringeworthy to watch, especially for the NXT uk universe.

  18. Others have already addressed both of my hopes, but I really want to see Cesaro vs. WALTER, and I want to see KOW take on the division. Them against Imperium, Grizzled Young Vets, Mustache Mountain, Gallus, etc. would be fantastic! I also want to see them against The Revival, but that's a different matter.

  19. So there is now the bar anymore,no more Cesaro no more Sheamus,no Dean ambrose Chris Jechrico,when you think how many super stars have leaf the wwe is insane when you think about it.The WWE is dying.

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