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Hi everyone, Adriana Jimenez here with Eddy Reynoso trainer of Canelo Alvarez & Ryan Garcia who we just talked to, but we’ll get to Ryan in just a moment we are here at the red carpet for Canelo Alvarez Vs Sergey Kovalev a fight that surprised us a bit to see Canelo move up 2 divisions When Canelo told you that he wanted to fight someone much bigger, what were your thoughts on that? We had already talked about it, these are important challenges and great things are achieved by taking on challenges I think Kovalev has been one of the best in his divison He has many achievements and was recognized as one of the best pound for pound So we know it’s a tough fight but we also know the abilities of our fighter and believe we can win, and that’s why we took the fight Speaking of pound for pound, Canelo already has a legacy and Canelo has taken fights with some risk of course this fight has somewhat more risk how important is this fight for his legacy, and how much more can it elevate him? Well it’s very important to win a new division & become a 4 x world champion in different weight classes To win a world title and hold 3 titles simultaneously in different weight classes something that Herny Armstrong did in 1938, and no one has done since then I think it’s something important not only for boxing in general, but to Mexican boxing as well Let’s talk about the game plan to be able to come out victorious on November 2nd we know Canelo is a good body puncher and Kovalev has had some difficulty taking them Will those body punches be a key in winning the fight? Yes of course, working the body is always key in a fight; so is defense and counterpunching We’re going to work all aspects and see what works best for us for this specific fight to use it in training camp Many boxing critics say that Canelo has the advantage in this fight, but that he has to watch out for that big punch from Kovalev How important is the role of defense in this fight to not let Krusher land that big shot? It’s very important, but we also have to walk him back, continue counter punching, and keep having him miss So we have to work the defense, counter punches, and combinations to the body Is Kovalev’s jab what he has to watch out for the most? He has a very good strong jab he also has a very good right hand more than anything he’s a fighter with lots of heart that always wants to be in a fight he also has good movement, but relies mostly on his power Can you put into words what kind of fight we can expect, and what kind of victory it’ll be? A good, interesting fight between 2 fighters that like to be aggressive and the fans will be the winners that night Ryan Garcia just passed here a little while ago. He’s very happy to have cleared the issues he had with Golden Boy He now has the largest contract ever for a prospect What do you see in Ryan Garcia? What have you seen in the gym? He’s a very intelligent fighter that learns fast and is very disciplined he has a lot of great physical abilities, so we hope that he keeps up his discipline and he’ll get very far You will be in the corner of both the main and co-main event that night Ryan Garcia vs Romero Duno. What do you expect to see in that fight against Duno? It’s a tough, difficult fight. But we’re going to work very hard so Ryan can continue winning and moving up Do you see that Ryan Garcia looks up to Canelo, and that he is receiving guidance from him? Well they share the same gym and trainer and when that’s the case things catch on and that’s very good because Saul is a very disciplined fighter that has gotten very far and that helps all prospects that are advancing Eddy thank you so much, good luck.


  1. ahora trae lentes pa poder verle las tetonas 😂 wearing glasses so he can stare them titties the whole tiiimmmmmeeeee

  2. Adriana you’re the best siempre doing excelentes entrevistas! The right questions!! You drive the interview taking your interviewer to the right points!!! And the killer blue dress!! 👍🧸🎯

  3. Could someone please tell this fat fuck that he needs to stop thinking he's an extra in a hiphop video.
    Get rid of the chain, lose the glasses, you're a trainer not a fighter.
    Could you imagine Freddie Roach wearing shades and chains? Yep, ridiculous.

  4. Bien que dice que saben que van a ganar por eso Tomaron la pelea o sea que si kovalev es mas bueno de gueyes aguarran esa pelea Orale que burla para el boxeo pero si la gente se come lo que Les Dan siguanlos manteniendo

  5. All I see is her and that sweater meat. I don’t care but Canyellow’s crony is saying, probably something about ducking Charlo or Andrade

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