Canelos GEFÄHRLICHSTER Fehler?!  Canelo Alvarez vs. Sergey Kovalev – RINGLIFE Doku

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weight divisions in boxing a regulation that since 1909 not only ensures the fairness of a fight, but also lowers the athletes risk of health while most fighters hold on to these limits throughout their entire career and rarely cross weight classes some special athletes challenge themselves over and over by stepping up in weight to fight bigger opponents. In the past, only a few of them were successful doing that and even fewer managed to clib multiple weight classes to become world champions. Some of those special athletes were – Floyd Mayweather – Roy Jones JR Sugar Ray Leonard and on top of the list Manny Pacquiao, who unbelievably managed to become a world champion in 8 different weight divisions One man is on his way to engrave his name into that legendary list. Welcome to RINGLIFE presents: Canelo vs. Kovalev If you enjoy this video don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. Mexican superstar Saul Canelo Alvarez, who stepped into his professional boxing career at the early age of 15 is currently one of the biggest names in the fighting business and has only taken one loss in his 55 professional fights against none less than Hall of Fame Boxer Floyd Mayweather in their Bout on September 14th. 2013 He developed a lot In the last 6 years since his loss and proved that he would fight anyone who dared to step into the ring with him. At the age of 29 he managed to become a super welterweight, middleweight and super middleweight champion But being a title holder in three weight divisions is not enough for him and so on November 2nd. he wants to face his so far most dangerous opponent and WBO Light Heavyweight Champion Sergey Kovalev to claim his 4th division title. No one can deny that Canelo Alvarez is a tremendous talent and athlete He proved his boxing skills combined with the ability not only to dish out but also take hard shots over and over in the past. Especially in his last two fights against the Kazakh middleweight monster Gennady Golovkin But is Sergey Kovalev maybe too big? His size, reach and punching power combined with his fighting experience of over 250 fights both amateur and professional make the Russian despite his age of 36 years one of the most feared Light Heavyweight Boxers of all time His 29 knockouts in 34 victories prove how dangerous his hands are. Canelo who for the most part of his career fought at middleweight now not only has to step up 2 divisions to make the 175lbs limit but also will fight a man, who as a natural light heavyweight, will more likely weigh around 190lbs and thus will have a big weight advantage. In a Sport that on average costs 13 athletes a year their lives, big differences in weight and punching power can be fatal for the smaller fighter. So on the tragical night of December 5th 2011 Kovalev put his then opponent Roman Simakov trough a heavy 7 round beating that put him into a coma and lead to his death shortly after. If we compare their stats we can clearly see that Kovalev has the advantage in every aspect despite his age But when we take a look at the abilities Canelo takes back the lead. He has the better footwork, combinations, body punches maybe even the better chin. Though, despite his fights with strong middleweight punchers such as Gennady Golovkin and Daniel Jacobs he has never faced a Light Heavyweight with the punching power of Kovalev that allows him to finish a fight with a single punch at any given time. After two back to back losses to Andre Ward and a shocking K.O. loss to Elaider Alvarez in his last 7 fights, this might be just the time to beat a vulnerable Kovalev. Can the Mexican maintain his qualities as an explosive counter boxer with the additional weight to challenge the physical advantages of Kovalev or will the Russian’s precise jab and devastating right hand break him slowly but surely.. After Andre Ward showed that you can outbox and slow down Kovalev with body shots, Canelo should stick to this blueprint and take advantage of his specialties. But if he makes the mistake to underestimate Kovalev because of his age, he will find himself in a very unpleasant situation. For the Russian, this might be one of his last chances in his career to prove himself at an elite level and surely he will grab onto this chance with both hands. No matter who raises his hands victorious Canelo Alvarez has already secured himself the respect of the boxing world with this fight. And if he manages to beat the russian and claim his 4th division title, he will go down in history as one of the best boxers of all time.

12 thoughts on “Canelos GEFÄHRLICHSTER Fehler?! Canelo Alvarez vs. Sergey Kovalev – RINGLIFE Doku

  1. Kovalev ist zwar nicht mehr in seiner prime time aber ich denke das er den Kampf gewinnen wird 2 Gewichtsklassen aufzusteigen und gegen so einen Kämpfer zu kämpfen ohne Erfahrung in dem Gewicht ist nicht meistens nicht gut gelaufen, wie zum Beispiel rigondeax gegen lomachenko er ist auch 2 Gewichtsklassen aufgestiegen oder auch zum Beispiel garcia gegen spence obwohl garcia auch schon in 4 Gewichtsklassen champion war ich denke kovalev macht noch diesen Kampf um sich selber zu beweisen und ordentlich Geld zu kassieren und danach wird er seine Karriere beenden

  2. Super Analyse danke freue mich schon auf deine Analyse AJ gegen Ruiz ich mache mir Sorgen das Ruiz soviel abgenommen hat und ob das Auswirkungen auf seine Schlag Power hat

  3. Sehr interessant, denke Kovalev wird gewinnen.
    Der Unterschied wird denke zu heftig sein von Größe, Länge, Gewicht und Stärke.

  4. Geiler Bericht, danke!
    Kovalev seine besten Jahre sind schon vorbei, meiner Meinung nach, aber er kann überraschen so wie Beterbiev, wie der den Gvozdyk zermürbelt hat, hätte ja keiner davor gesagt. Und Kovalev hat jetzt neue Mannschaft, wird echt spannend sein. Hoffe Kovalev gewinnt, aber Canelo ist wirklich boxerisch gut. Der Gewinner soll dann gegen Beterbiev kämpfen!!!💪💪💪

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