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I dont think nothing of it, honestly ive fought against fighters taller than me, stronger than me but him being taller I dont think much of it I have the ability to be able to figure this out and then make a great preparation for the fight. I know this is a BIG risk for me and a very big challenge but we are ready ummm before the fight with Jacobs a little rumor came out that they were talking about the fight and I didnt think it was a bad idea to have a fight at 175 with Kovalev one of the best in the division. After the fight with Jacobs we began to talk and look for the fight and its here No its a risk there is always a risk and in boxing you cant calculate risks. A punch can change anything and more so in a weight thats not yours but we saw a fight that could be a good one for fans and for us and to make history for us as a team Well look im a natural body puncher and I punch well to the body and they say that bothers him so we are gonna see Look im taking risks, important risks in my career and making history and Golovkin in this moment means nothing to me He just fought a nobody practically and is about to fight another nobody practically. GGG doesnt represent a challenge to me at this point I already beat him 2 times and im taking these risks because I want to make history in my career. I already did it with him twice and he doesnt bring anything to me at this point Its always difficult, but we are working thru it and were here


  1. Canelo, you once used PED's that's a fact – in your entire life, you are the only mexican fighter caugth with that substance. Whatever accomplishments you do, you are once a PED user. GGG is more of a figther than you. You did not beat him – just take a look at your record and compare it to him – remember KHAN? he almost made you an amateur, yes you KYOD him of course, KHAN can be KYOD by anyone. You are nothing compared to Morales, Barrera, Marquez and Chavez Sr. These mexicans will fight anybody just to prove they are the best – if you really beaten GGG and you are convince that you can do that again, then beat him again

  2. Canelo is already the #1 boxer if and when he starts answering in English he could easily market himself as the #1 professional athlete

  3. Canelo shouldn’t even talk shit. He’s fought nobodies as well. I already know his game plan. Slip, slip, body punch & then up top. Touch jabs, slips, body punches the whole night. I’m Mexican & a lot of em are hypocrites! Don’t talk shit abt GGG when hes still your biggest fight

  4. Canelo is so ignorant that thinks he won the first fight too. I seriously do not get it for the second fight either, GGG was ahead on the score cards, and still Canelo wins; RIGGED boxing

  5. All of a sudden canelo cant make a deal with the russian and ggg makes a deal with tue same guy, now hes a nobody? Canelos fighting a slower bigger guy who is at the end of his carrer.point blank.🍒 picker for a life.

  6. What a fuckin coward canelo is! He never defeated GGG fair! He beat you the first fight! The second was clearly a draw taking nothing away from canelo he make some changes. But claiming he fights tough fights and the best! And taking risks! What a bunch of crap! Fight GGG and beat he's ass convincely!!! Puto!

  7. Dude lost that first fight to GGG and rematch was more of a draw than anything with both fighters giving each other too much respect all night.

  8. Orale le "gano" ,y viene de pelear con nadie como el peleo con un Gran y reconocidisimo rocky fielding No , chale pues no que el no anda con mamadas ….gatu mare

  9. Canelo summary:

    Its a risk, and you cant calculate risk in boxing, a punch can change it all. Great fight for the fans and for the team

    Im a natural body puncher and if they say its his weak spot, lets test it.

    Golovkin does not represent anything to me at this point, he just fought a nobody and will fight another nobody. He is not a challenge to me as I had already beat him twice.

    You are welcome

  10. Because 3G is overrated, he can only knockout B level fighters and no bodies. We saw what happened when he fought two A level fighters 1-1-1 no ko's.

  11. GGG pelea con nadie ?? No mames canelo todos con los ke as peleado los agarras de bajada ("MAYWEATHER STYLE" lol) si no fuera por la commision del estado de Nevada asi uvieras echo lo mismo con GGG cuando salistes con tus mamaditas de clembuterol …minimo era un año de "suspencion" para ti lo ke significa ke kerias darle mas largas a GGG ,…te enseño muy bien Mayweather como trabajar el negocio , verda ?

  12. Rocky Fielding was a Champion in 168, Canelo moved up to 168 to fight him! When has GGGay dared to fight out of his comfort zone 160lbs? NEVER! And all the other BUMS in 160lbs that say Kovalev is an easy target for Canelo…. I don't see them Pussy Asses moving up 2 Divisions to face a Champion in that weight class! When Canelo was 21yrs he fought the Best Mayweather, I don't see a prospect now with the balls to fight an Elite champion!

  13. Canelo is getting too cocky smh I guess money does change you . I hope I hope this cash cow gets fucked up … he’s says ggg is fighting another bum but he’s fighting a good fighter

  14. Say what you will about Canelo he is right on this one, ggg fought a nobody last time he fought and is again fighting another no name, if he was fighting say a Charlo, Saunders, Andrade hypejobs or not at least those are names, Canelo on his part is taking a risk fighting a huge monster like Kovalev, and don't bring age into this because Kovalev is still a threat Ward himself said that.

  15. since his loss to mayweather, his only real signature wins are ggg and jacobs. so tell me again how ggg is a bum lol. this guy took it to ggg in the 2nd fight which i admire greatly. that is his signature win in his pro career. all his other fights were pretty easy…just look at boxrec. canelo is an opportunistic fighter. fielding at 168 for a title, now kovalev at 175 for a title. other good boxers past their prime like cotto, khan, chavez jr, kirkland. i want to see canelo and ggg fight andrade, charlo, or benavidez. canelo is taking a test vs kovalev and ggg is fighting a very tough chenko but those are fights no one really wanted to see. canelo vs kovalev is the more interesting of the two but i wouldnt say the more difficult.

  16. Ves lo que dice… Que el GGG peleo vs nadie y que ahora su próximo rival también será nada! o sea canelo no sea hipócrita… Tenías una pelea con GGG para septiembre y dijiste que no te sentías listo para esa pelea!!! El canelo es un miedoso y sólo quiere enfrentar boxeadores fácil y es la única verdad

  17. If GGG mean's nothing to canela why? is he still talking about him. Because it was his hardest 2 fights he wants nothing to do with GGG.

  18. Pedelo AssAlvares VIVA TAINTED MEXICAN TACOS cuntelo still running from ggg because cuntelo Pedalvares lost twice on point and fat ass corrupt Oscar and Cuntelo bribe the judge

  19. El rojo does not want to fight GGG again. One can only take so much from a bruising puncher like GGG. Those punches add up. Canelo wants to prolong his career for as long as possible.

  20. Very funny. GGG means nothing to Canelo. Yeah, bc you fought him in Vegas twice and got BS decisions both times. And the guy he fighting is to get the IBF title back, the one that got stripped from you Canelo. Oh, like GGG cares to fight you either Canelo, he gonna beat Dchenko for the IBF title, then probably unify against Andrade. While you Canelo, are fighting Kovalev, who might have taken fallen money for you to win, bc you know, GB isnt too sure you could actually beat Kovalev. Oh wait, its in Vegas, all you have to do is survive, and the judging will give it to you like always.

  21. You can't say he's nothing when the first time u lost and the second time u barely maybe won.. Ur afraid of getting KO is all

  22. Canelo is just ducking anyone he's intimidated by. Let's see him fight someone around his age that will truly give the fans a fight. How about fighting Andrade, or Charlo? Here comes the excuse that will be used like he uses with GGG. "They're nobody's fighting nobody's." This arrogant piece of sh🤬t forgot where he came from. He's not a true champion giving up belts to avoid fights, and choosing to fight boxers that are on there way to retire just to boost his so called Legacy. Truth is he is waiting time to pass to give GGG another fight, figuring time will be at his side next go round…

  23. Yeah he should be like you and make a career out of fighting old past their prime former champs and lightweights lol 😂

  24. I agree I think Canelo wins the 3rd fight he did not win the first fight and he barely won the second idk why he speaking like he didn’t struggle

  25. What a fucking clown bro, doesn’t he realize that most of the boxing community thinks that GGG won the first fight and that the 2nd fight was close. Canelo is mad because everyone is talking about GGG, he can’t stand it.

  26. It's hard to tell now if canelo has a big head from his ego or the steroids! RED-ROID! canelo is a P.E.D using CHEAT!

  27. In my opinion people over rated him to be one of the pound for pound boxer. GGG mean nothing to him but scared ran. I like to see the 3rd fight.

  28. Just found out canelo ducked derev, lol. Not surprising since he ducks everyone in their prime and moves decisions. Mother fucker keeps going up and down to avoid the best.

  29. Represents nothing? How about a lot of money? Fucking hypocrite! He is making this excuse to let GGG get older! When he turns 40, he is gonna say let's fight now! 😂😂😂

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