By Stevie Adams /

I dont think nothing of it, honestly ive fought against fighters taller than me, stronger than me but him being taller I dont think much of it I have the ability to be able to figure this out and then make a great preparation for the fight. I know this is a BIG risk for me and a very big challenge but we are ready ummm before the fight with Jacobs a little rumor came out that they were talking about the fight and I didnt think it was a bad idea to have a fight at 175 with Kovalev one of the best in the division. After the fight with Jacobs we began to talk and look for the fight and its here No its a risk there is always a risk and in boxing you cant calculate risks. A punch can change anything and more so in a weight thats not yours but we saw a fight that could be a good one for fans and for us and to make history for us as a team Well look im a natural body puncher and I punch well to the body and they say that bothers him so we are gonna see Look im taking risks, important risks in my career and making history and Golovkin in this moment means nothing to me He just fought a nobody practically and is about to fight another nobody practically. GGG doesnt represent a challenge to me at this point I already beat him 2 times and im taking these risks because I want to make history in my career. I already did it with him twice and he doesnt bring anything to me at this point Its always difficult, but we are working thru it and were here

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