Camp Lehigh Training Scenes  Captain America The First Avenger 2011  4K ULTRA HD

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General Patton has said wars are fought with weapons but they are won by men we are going to win this war because we have the best men and because they’re going to get better much better the strategic scientific reserve it’s an allied effort made up the best minds in the free world our goal is to create the best army in this but every army starts with one man again this week we will choose that man be the first and a new breed of super-soldier Roger get that rifle out of the mud Hey personally escort Adolf Hitler to the gates of hell [Music] [Music] that flag means you’re only at the halfway point first man that freaking to me gets a ride back with agent Connor let’s go get bang the formation Rogers I said fall in [Applause] [Music] [Music] faster ladies come on my grandmother’s more life in her god rest her soul you’re not really thinking about picking Rogers are you I have more than just thinking about it it’s a clear choice when you brought a 90 pound asthmatic onto my army base I let it slide I thought what the hell maybe you’d be useful to you like a gerbil I never thought you’d pick just stick a needle in that kids arm it’s gonna go right through and look at that he’s making me cry I am looking for qualities there owns a physical do you know how long it took to set up this project all the grumbling I had to do in front of Senator what’s-his-name’s crowd I know I am well aware of your efforts then throw me a bone Hodge passed every test we gave him he’s big he’s fast he obeys orders he’s a soldier he’s a bully you know when wars with niceness doctor you win wars guts [Music] [Music] is this a test he’s still skinny

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  1. Hmm.. This scene is one of the answers for, "How and why Cap is eligible to lift and use Mjolnir?" .. 😊😊😊😊👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. When he took the flag: LMAO!😂
    When he covered the grenade and sacrifise his self to save everyone in the camp: 😢

  3. 3:17 is the moment when this little kid from brooklyn proved his worth to lift and use a God's weapon

  4. Yet those background soldiers are being deployed to actually fight in ww2, kinda sad if you think about it…

  5. Old guy: the skinny guy isn't fit or willing to make sacrifices
    big guy runs away from grenade while skinny guy is the one that jumps on it

  6. If you don't have a lump in your throat when cap doesn't even blink to throw himself on a grenade… are you really a person?

  7. One of my favorite moments in this scene is when phillips is like we will personaly escort Adolf Hitler to the gates of hell

  8. I watched this movie at least 5 times and this isn’t like the first or fifth time cus of avengers endgame

  9. 3:14 imagine this situation on the battlefield.
    the allpowerfull supersoldier who could single handedly defeat dozens of enemies sacrifices himself by hugging a life grenade where everybody else has more than enough time and space to get to safety.
    big heart but not very smart

  10. " Nobody ever got that flag for 17 years! "

    Well apparently non even used their brains to figure out how to get that flag in that 17 years.

  11. Idk why but I ended up crying after watching this
    I'll miss watching Cap in the MCU and he has truly inspired a lot of people including me as well
    He was and always worthy
    Even without the Serum

  12. Life lesson on the flag scene: work smarter, not harder

    Life lesson on the flag scene: Selfless Service and Personal Courage (great examples of the Army Core Values)

  13. Watched it million times in YouTube Hotstar PC etc… Still gets Goosebumps as am seeing it for the first time… 😍

  14. Steve, my little smart dude! I can relate to him so much!
    It´s usually the badass man and the smartass woman…
    Now the roles are reversed! yay
    BTW Peggy has too perfect hair and makeup for a training camp but this is a small detail.

    Sorry, this is the first time I´m watching anything marvel.

  15. Captain America is a leader, a warrior. He is the real super soldier. He doesn't need serum.. he is the best superhero I've ever liked as a skinny guy but with the balls of steel ❤️

  16. Cant tell but did the serum give him amaricas ass is did he already have that ? The same way he already had heart to be a hero ?

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