100 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar mauls Dio Maddin: Raw, Nov. 4, 2019

  1. I can watch Rey Mysterio brutalize Brock Lesnar with that lead pipe over and over and over again and it still won’t get old!!! I can’t stand Brock Lesnar he thinks he’s the best out of that whole WWE roster when in reality he is nothing but a part timing washed up phony!! Thank you Rey!!!

  2. I just want to point out the area where the commentators are sitting (Jerry Lawler etc) is really unsafe. They are too close to the ledge behind them.. ✅🙄

  3. brock has been Layed out in the hundreds. the 1minute goLdberg match is probabLy the most embarrassing. why do they keep pretending it’s new?

  4. Triple H authority's equal Rockstar North Authority Brock Lesnar equal god mode CHIENAH equal Rey Mysterio 😮😳😳😶😶😶🙄🙄🤦💓👊😂😂😭😭

  5. I like how Brock Lesnar can do whatever he wants beat up people the security doesn't comes out when Rey Mysterio beats up Brock Lesnar security comes out and stops them

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  7. I want Rey to win off of Brock so bad, I’m just tired of Brock being champion. Guy doesn’t need the title to attract audiences. Wish people would understand that.

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