Breaking down the Quarterfinals of the 2019 King of the Ring Tournament: WWE Now

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Cathy Kelley here for WWE Now. And the King of the Ring Tournament
has entered its quarterfinal stage. So we’re here to break down the next
four match-ups with some bracketology. Starting on the Raw side, Ricochet and
Samoa Joe will square off. Ricochet’s biggest win to date in WWE came
over the Samoan Submission Machine for the United States title at
WWE Stomping Grounds, so can Ricochet repeat history and
route to the semi finals? Also on Raw this Monday will be
Cedric Alexander taking on Baron Corbin. Now Alexander will come into
this contest a bit hobbled after a match with Cesaro last week
on Raw did a number on his leg. So will Corbin exploit the injury to
get one step closer to the throne? On SmackDown LIVE, it’ll be Ali and
Elias vying for a final four spot. Ali won a thriller over Buddy Murphy
to advance to the quarterfinals, while Elias has been bogged down both
with his beef with Kevin Owens and The 24/7 Championship in recent weeks. Can the superstar focus
on the task at hand? And rounding out the first round
will be Chad Gable versus Andrade. Gable silenced all the short
jokes when he came up big versus Shelton Benjamin last week. And Andrade has emerged
as a tournament favorite. So, who will advance? Find out when the King of
the Ring tournament quarterfinals go down this Monday and
Tuesday night on Raw and Smackdown Live.

100 thoughts on “Breaking down the Quarterfinals of the 2019 King of the Ring Tournament: WWE Now

  1. Ricochet vs Corbin and Ali vs Andrade in semis, Andrade vs Ricochet in the final is what WWE will probably do with the tournament

  2. If WWE is going to be predictable in who they give this too the winner WILL BE: Elias or Corbin. If not…. It's an open book on who can win tbh.

  3. So obvious with Corbin and Elias putting on the crown. All for Vince to see what the pop was like. Thankfully the crowd was so disinterested he might change his mind to Ali or Ricochet but i doubt it.

  4. I'm still mad that McIntyre got eliminated in the first round. He should of been the one to win the whole tournament.

  5. Predictions:

    Ricochet beats Samoa Joe
    Corbin beat Cedric
    Elias beats Ali
    Gable beats Andrade

    Knowing my predictions, I’ll get 1 or 2 of them wrong

  6. I think from raw ricochet will face andrade from smackdownlive
    Ricochet :: 👍👍👍👍👍
    Andrade :: comment

  7. I hope that the winner won't get any more push from WWE if someone like Corbin won the king of the ring tournament

  8. Im fine with anyone being king of the ring except Baron Corbin anyone else is fine in my books would love to see either ricochet or samoa joe as king of the ring

  9. The moment drew lost I lost interest.
    Like it's not even about him not winning the competition (altho this thing was made for him) but the fact he lost in the first round and against ricochet of all people 🤦‍♂️.
    SMH wwe

  10. At this point since they have Shane a old guy winning everything with this trashy roster have jerry “the king” lawler win the king of the ring 2019 😂

  11. Chad Gable is so green I’m glad I’m watching him at this stage of his career because I know he’ll be a star one day these are memories of course he will not win this tournament of course

  12. ali vs alexander final,,,, ali win,,,,,,,,what is benifit for winner?only a chain foto session,or any title shot match

  13. The hole universe mad at wwe there making dum moves Drew is out so who's cares but there dum because aew it's dropping in October so they need to let drew lost now

  14. Ricochet, Ali, or Andrade better win.

    Ricochet needs to win because he came up short on AJ Styles. If Ricochet is not gonna win a title any time soon yet, then he should win this.

    Ali needs to win because Raw superstars always gets a big win over these tournaments. Raw superstars got more chances, so Ali should be the breakout star to shine. Plus, this will put Ali on notice on smackdown when he win

    Andrade needs to win because he's been a dominant heel over and over. He even beat Rey Mysterio with a 2 out of 3 falls. If WWE let Andrade beat a legend like Rey, then they better not ruin the chance for him to win the king of the ring. (As his destiny)

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