Bray Wyatt returns and attacks Finn Bálor: Raw, July 15, 2019

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[MUSIC] [NOISE] [APPLAUSE]>>There’s something going on in the ring.>>Yeah, what’s going on? [NOISE]
>>My God.>>Is that?>>You know who it is, it’s Bray Wyatt! Bray Wyatt is here!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Wyatt is on Raw.>>The Fiend.>>With a Sister Abigail. There is no doubt this man
is going to terrorize WWE.>>[LAUGH]

100 thoughts on “Bray Wyatt returns and attacks Finn Bálor: Raw, July 15, 2019

  1. Great packaging and even on the ring, despite the brief match, some signs of an improved and coherent moveset.
    The problem now is gonna be the same we have with every monster heel: the management. He could even win the first matches by overpowering his opponents, but then we're gonna need something different.
    And the other problem: the extra-ring – promos and interaction with the other characters. The Firefly Funhouse version on Bray should continue, in order to underline his double nature, but at the same time we need to hear The Fiend talking and doing something.
    If WWE will be capable of giving a depth to Wyatt, it's gonna be great. Otherwise there is the risk of having just a caricature.

  2. Love the corny haunted house carnival sound effects as the lights go down. An easy to miss detail, but fits the character perfectly.

  3. I hate WWE nowadays and much prefer other companies, but I have to admit, The Fiend is easily the creepiest thing in wrestling right now.

  4. Okay, so here's my fantasy booking of "The Fiend"

    Continue to keep the matches as an attraction at PPVS only etc. Promos can still be cut in firefly fun house vignettes, 'signs' can be left, indicating who the next victim will be, or wrestlers simply 'punished' and put into a match with the Fiend.

    To emphasize the importance and impact of the character, make them one match and done feuds for now. Have him wrestle talent who can be written off tv, such as injured talent that need time away or ones who's contract's are expiring and will be leaving the company anyway.

    Each match, have the Fiend walk out with a head lantern of the previous fallen victim to intimidate the opponent.

    At Survivor Series, Luke Harper would be a great story build as a former ally attempting to stop the Fiend's warpath. (contract up, write him out)

    Alister Black built as the next opponent for The Fiend to tease a tweener role. Black asks for someone to knock on his door only to hear "Let me in!"
    Before the match happens, Black to gets into a match with Goldberg, which results in a firefly fun house promo from Bray politely warning Goldberg that the Black belongs to the Fiend now and not to get in his way.

    This leads to a Goldberg Vs Fiend match at Royal Rumble. The finish of the match would be when distracted by his schizophrenic Bray/Fiend spot, Goldberg spears & Jackhammers him, but the Fiend spider walks up out of the jack Jackhammer pin, again solidifying the power of the character.
    Goldberg goes for another Jackhammer, front facelock, throws the Fiends arm up to go over his shoulder but gets a mandible claw instead. Fiend wins, Goldberg can retire.

    On a show following this, Bray cuts a vignette on Black again, saying the Fiend hasn't forgotten about him and is very angry. Bray references how Black think's he's living in the underworld, he's the dark side, he's evil etc, but that's nothing compared the Fiend who is the true demon and personification of hell in the WWE, only to get interrupted by Kane's pyro. This sets up a retirement match with Kane. Hall of fame induction to follow.
    The retirement of Kane would enter the Fiend in a feud with the Undertaker in time for Wrestlemania. At this time, the match with Black still won't have happened but will allow potentially for a 3 way match at Wrestlemania to protect the Undertaker's declining ability's or still allow for a match with Black after Wrestlemania, automatically elevating Black as he has been associated with this huge push, building suspense for months.
    Fiend Vs Black, 6 month build, 2 new main event stars.

  5. I can't wait to see the real demon. I prefer the real demonic entity which is Zozo the beast to possess. Now that is always winning. lol 😀

  6. bray wyatt disgustinggg ,devil is youuuu,,go to hell since the hell fits you . disgusting mask i hate you from the deep of my heart really ……… think that you are the hero bray wyatt you are nothinggg and u don't know fighting. you look like a 👹

  7. Making us of a potential jobber
    What happens to Bray after this storyline gets boring personally I find it stupid but then again at this point he will take anything it’s called alimony payments Lol

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