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Big shout out Bakersfield. [APPLAUSE] Last week I was
here minding my own business. Braun, he tried to make
me look like a fool. I wound up getting chucked out. So tonight, I’m here to demand an apology.>>I was messing around trying to have
a little fun with you last Friday on Smackdown. That is until I saw the way you looked
at me, like you wanted a piece of this. And that’s why I gave you a little
present in Dolph Ziggler. And I don’t know if you heard it or
not, but when security was dragging your [BEEP] out
of that building, I was saying let him go. Because I promise you the last thing
you want is to get in my ring. You have no idea what I’m capable of. I will literally eat you for lunch.>>Well, it’s a good job that those
security did jump on me and take me out. Cuz I’d a got in this ring and
I would knock you out!>>That’s where you’re mistaken my friend. It’d be you laying on your back,
staring up at the lights and not for some slow [BLEEP] ten count
like the last time you fought Wilder.>>I’m a heavyweight
champion of the world. How many heavyweight titles have you won? [NOISE] Wow.>>And Strowman just picked up Tyson Fury. Strowman and Fury going at it.>>Look at the security team
trying to break these men up. They can’t do it.>>Security quickly getting into
the ring trying to separate these two.>>[NOISE]>>Fury just went through everyone.>>And Fury’s got his hands on Strowman. Strowman trying to fight back. Look at Fury and Strowman here.>>But look at Strowman. He’s pinned down by the rest
of the security guards. He can’t break free.>>[NOISE]
>>Rights and lefts from the heavyweight champion,
then look at Tyson Fury, he’s knocking out anything that moves.>>And Strowman now fighting back.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Knock it off.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Strowman and Fury hooking up again.>>And here comes the locker room.>>The WWE locker room emptying
out to try to separate these two.>>Thicke I don’t know if I would be brave
enough to get between these two men. They are dealing out insane combos.>>And Braun Strowman breaks free. [APPLAUSE]
>>Braun Strowman and Tyson Fury wanna rip each other apart.>>[NOISE]
>>But Tyson Fury again coming straight
at the Monster Among Men. I don’t care how many people
you put between them. Nobody will get between Tyson Fury and
Braun Strowman.>>Somebody is gonna get hurt. He busts over to. Showing no fear in the face of Tyson Fury. [NOISE]
>>Look at the size of these two behemoths. [NOISE]
>>And look at Tyson Fury having to be
restrained by the WWE locker room. [MUSIC]>>Braun, now that you’ve shared
the ring with Tyson Fury, how has your opinion changed of him?>>I tell you what,
Tyson’s a tough son of [BLEEP]. But he’s gonna get these damn hands
before it’s over and done with.>>He said he was coming to Monday Night
Raw to demand an apology from you. He didn’t quite get it. Will he get one in the future?>>Of course not, not after that and
coming into my house>>Disrespecting me, my business at WWE. I don’t play that crap, Tyson Fury.>>[NOISE]
>>Do you expect?>>[APPLAUSE]

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