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On behalf of Expert Village this is The Boxing
Chef from New York City talking about family fitness. Now to complete what The Boxing Chef
is all about Spencer gets his nutritional meal and today Spencer has choose buffalo
chicken. What this is it is 5 ounces of grilled chicken breast with a hot sauce and some corn.
The vegetables are Brussels sprouts, turnips, mushrooms, onions, collard greens and chow.
A lot of leaky vegetables because when you are working out those are good to have carbs
in them. You don’t need any rice or any potatoes, you get carbs out of the vegetables that I
feed you. This is about a 400 calorie lunch it has about 4 grams of fat. Perfect! All
you need. How is it Spence? Great. I also have a whole variety of different meals we
have turkey meat loaf, turkey meat balls, turkey burgers, oriental style chicken dishes
that are made with natural ingredients and all with organic vegetables and meats. On
behalf of Expert Village this is Bill Feldman for the Boxing Chef thank you for watching.

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