100 thoughts on “Boxing with Evander Holyfield & Joel McHale | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Ep 8 | Laugh Out Loud Network

  1. the Indian flag is upside down
    first orange will come, the second white and then green will come
    please correct it !!!

  2. Joel had me in tears…. He burnt Kevin so many times I just loved it…. They're absolutely hilarious… I Just love them together 💖👌🤗

  3. Joel really got under kevin's skin, now that's funny! thought Kevin was going to cry when Joel wouldn't play right.

  4. Oh great child abuse PTSD jokes…
    I miss Joel's shows. He's the only reason I'm watching this. Absolutely hilarious.

  5. What year is it now lmao white people holding things for black people now damn 😂 I’m joking please don’t kill me americans

  6. I've been bingeing these episodes, I've never laughed so hard. How did I not realise Kevin was THISSS funny

  7. @kevinhart the indian flag displayed in this gym has been hanged in wrong manner. Its upside down. It would be really nice of you if you could tell the gym owner to hang it in the correct manner. Thanks.

  8. I remember Joel McHale when he had a show on E! I think it was? He was always one of my favorites to watch, along with Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately! Hope to see him on tv again some time soon (:

  9. This ain’t boxing it’s comedy and playing tag at the same time it is like when Becky steals Jennifers perfume 😂😂😂

  10. Kevin ur like a viscous chihuahua tryin to mate with a punching bag. Were those "back hand punches", punches or were they pats on the back😂

  11. Hi Kevin, I really like your videos and trust me I am a big fan of yours, just one thing I didn't like which was Indian flag which was up side down, it was incorrectly placed, would appreciate if you could correct that.

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