Boxing Training Equipment : Using Stationary Bikes in a Boxing Gym

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The next area we’re going to cover is stationary
bikes. Even on a slow day in a gym you can always jump up on a stationary bike and still
get a good workout for cardio. What we like to do, is we like to point them so that they’re
always facing the middle of the gym. Even when you’re having a slow day, you can still
jump on a bike and actually see what’s going on. One of the better things about sitting
still and doing nothing is being able to watch, you can always learn, learn something new
just, just being on the stationary bikes. Nothing extravagant, doesn’t have to have
a dozen of them, a couple is good, this one here actually has the adjustable thing so
you can actually increase or decrease the tension on it, this one here is a fan type
bike where you’re actually getting an arm workout at the same time that you’re getting
the pedal workout or you can just use the arm workout to control the fan type thing.
And as you can see, with the snow outside, the ride on the stationary bike, being able
to see what else is going on in the gym, is sometimes a good ride. Thanks.

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  1. I love this bike.>>> It is compact enough to put behind one couch. When I am watching TV and distracted I ride 20 minutes at a time and don't even realize it. It is very quiet, you don't hear any gears.

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