Boxing Training Equipment : Using Heavy Bags in a Boxing Gym

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Hi. The next thing we’re going to talk about
in boxing gym requirements is the heavy bag. And I use that term loosely, use that term
loosely, heavy bag. You should have actually an assortment of heavy bags. The first one
we’re going to talk about here is just your general, average heavy bag which is about
a sixty pounder which is a good weight for the average person. You should have a heavy
bag that’s about half your weight. So, for most of the hundred and twenty pounders which
is your average person coming in to box, this would be a perfect bag. As you can see up
top here we have a spring to keep it a little bit more bouncy, less torque on the wall.
But we also have a swivel, set up on a swivel so it’ll actually swivel around. This frame
where it keeps it away from the wall, because we’re not allowed, we’re not conducive here
to hanging from the wall with a suspended ceiling, so this contraption is a very good
for keeping it away from the wall. But it also allows you to work around it. The average
boxer can work around, it sticks out four feet from the wall so you can actually work
around the ball, the heavy bag as well. In line with our assortment of heavy bags, the
next heavy bag is a little bit lighter. Not only is this one a good one for the youths,
and we would in turn lower it down to about here for the younger kids as they come in,
but it’s also a good one for us adults when we’re working on our speed. What happens is,
you should do approximately nine rounds on the heavy bag, but not necessarily all at
once. You should do three rounds with normal speed and power, three rounds with just speed,
and then three rounds using just power.

7 thoughts on “Boxing Training Equipment : Using Heavy Bags in a Boxing Gym

  1. hey i have an 80kg boxing bag and would like to mount it on my brick wall, where can i get a mount like yours ?? great setup by the way 🙂

  2. @ECHO7AIRSOFT You should start on a lower weight if only 100 lbs but since you've bought that one I advise getting wrist/ankle braces so you don't end up injuring yourself, I weigh approximately 160 lbs and I'm on a 75 lbs heavy bag that does just fine for myself, half you're weight is only a guideline, as long as you strike properly you'll be fine.

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